10 celebrities who gave up sex before they got married

There are many celebrities who have decided to give up sex before they get married. The reasons for this are very diverse: from religious motives to the desire to find your only love for life. You will learn about the reasons for this decision and about love stories where sex was far from the first place.

1. Adriana Lima A
Victoria’s Secret Angel made a public statement in 2006 in which she explained the reasons why she wants to wait until the wedding: “I believe that sex should only be in marriage, with her legal husband.” In addition, she added that her man should respect this decision. She is convinced: “If a man does not respect my principles, then he does not really love me.” In 2009, she married NBA star Mark Jarik, but their marriage soon fell apart.

2. Jessica Simpson
In 2000, Jessica Simpson made a statement to anyone who decided to abstain from sex before marriage: “Virginity can be something beautiful and even sexy.” Simpson has never hidden her reasons for not having sex before marriage. “As far as the question of my virginity is concerned, I do not doubt for a second that my decision was correct,” said the actress. Her then fiancé, and now ex-husband, stressed: “It’s not easy for me, but I respect Jessica’s decision.”

3. Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel The
American model and creator of the Snapchat network also decided to abstain from sex until marriage. In 2017, Miranda Kerr shared the couple’s secrets: “We give up sex before marriage. My fiance is very conservative in this regard. We cannot … I mean, we will wait.” Shortly after the wedding, Miranda Kerr, who already had a child with Orlando Bloom, announced her pregnancy. Therefore, it remains a mystery whether they remained true to their principles or violated them.

4. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
Both are very religious people, so the decision to maintain celibacy was easy and mutual. “We have the same views and principles. Nick and I thought it would be great if we didn’t have sex before we got married,” the singer said in a 2008 interview. For both, this decision was special and important in building a marriage.

5. Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff has spoken out many times about intimate relationships before marriage. She believes that for people who have sex, it becomes something mundane, ordinary. This is one of the reasons why she wants to wait for the cherished question: “Will you marry me?”

“It is not easy to strike up a relationship with someone who is older than you, because everyone thinks that you are in a sexual relationship. In fact, I am very proud of my decision to keep my virginity until marriage. Not that I never think about sex, but I try not to succumb to public Of course, there is a temptation. When it comes to sex, it seems that this is not such a special occupation as you imagined. One gets the impression that the whole world slept with the whole world … “, – said the actress in a 2006 interview.

6. Lisa Kudrow The
heroine of the series “Friends” did not want to know anything about sex before marriage. In 1995, she married Michael Stern. In an interview, she said: “I don’t know if I had any problems with this, but the fear of sex and my sexuality definitely haunted me. I still know that I did everything right, because I wanted to be a worthy man. your dream. “

7. Selena Gomez
When Selena was 13 years old, she asked her father to buy her a chastity ring. Thus, Selena wanted to seal her vow of virginity before marriage. Of course, when Selena started dating Bieber, the ring disappeared from her finger. It cost her a lot of criticism from fans. Gomez replied in an interview, “It’s not hard for me to admit that I wore a purity ring … But it’s just as easy for me to say that I don’t wear it anymore. I made that promise when I was 13 and still respect my decision. But now I have changed my mind about sex. “

8. Sarah Drew
Actress Sarah Drew, known for the series Grey’s Anatomy, very easily got used to the image of her heroine April, an avid Christian woman who condemns intimate relationships before marriage. “The first thing I thought about April was that she was a virgin,” the actress explained in an interview. “She is waiting for marriage to surrender to her only man. In this regard, I understand her perfectly. The writers thought it was necessary to introduce this storyline into the series so that many girls and boys think about loyalty before marriage.”

9. Georgina Sparks
The winner of the American Idol contest was a virgin before she was married. She is now married and has a son. Sparks grew up in a Catholic family, so she received a very strict upbringing. Additionally, she wore a ring that symbolized her vow of virginity. Georgiana declares: “I don’t want to meet different guys and give myself to each of them. I want to give all of myself to my husband, the man who is intended for me by the Lord. It was only on my wedding night that I was ready to do it for the first time.”

10. Kevin Jonas
American actor and singer also decided to abstain from sex until the wedding. He proposed to Daniel Delice after two years of relationship. “We got married almost the day after the engagement. We would just go crazy if we waited even longer,” – said the actor.

Although this seems like real wildness these days, even celebrities sometimes decide to abstain from sex until they get married. Whether it’s a principle, a religious belief, or a desire to take a break from sex to make the marriage stronger and more sacred. The reasons are different. The main thing is persistence in your decision. Perhaps right now you are thinking about abstaining from sex? Or are you one of those passionate women who cannot live without it?

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