10 positions in sex for deep penetration

You lived for yourself, did not know grief, and then you managed to fall in love with a guy. And he seems to be all so wonderful, you are happy with him, not life – but a fairy tale. The first night of love comes, you are ready to fall into his arms and enjoy each other until dawn, shaking all the houses in the block with groans. He takes off his clothes and then you see … a little pipirka ! All, goodbye to dreams of a bright orgasm. The fairy tale is over. In fact, a small penis is not a sentence, because the main thing is not size, but posture! So let’s look at 10 positions for maximum penetration.

1. On the edge of the bed

He: stands in front of the edge of the bed, holding the partner’s pelvis.
She: lies on the edge of the bed facing him, throwing her legs over her partner’s shoulders and raising her pelvis.
This position provides deep penetration of the penis. It is believed that this stimulates the G-spot. To be honest, my experience has not confirmed this , but suddenly you are more fortunate.
Disadvantage: the partner’s hands quickly get tired of holding the lady’s bottom point. Solution: For a prolonged act, it is recommended to place pillows under the buttocks. You can also buy the guy a couple of dumbbells for her, so that he is not such a squishy . 

2. Doggy-style with flattened legs

He: kneels behind a partner.
She: gets on all fours with her back to her partner, tightly bringing her hips together.
Thanks to the flattened hips, the penetration of the penis inside the girl becomes more noticeable, even if its diameter is modest. The rhythmic slaps of his scrotum on her labia increase the pleasure of both partners.
Disadvantage : Carpet burns, as the skin on the knees suffers from friction against a hard surface.
Solution : To avoid skin irritation, have sex on your bed. If you do decide to move to the floor, place a soft blanket under your knees.

3. Lazy

He: lays down on a partner.
She: lies on her stomach with her back to her partner, placing pillows under her pubis.
The high hip lift allows the man to fully enter the girl, while covering her neck and shoulders with kisses.
Disadvantage : the posture is for the lazy, therefore it is inconvenient to make active shocks.
Solution : ask your partner to transfer some of the weight to his hands, this will give him more maneuverability.

4. Demolition hammer

He: falls behind the partner on bent legs.
She: goes down on all fours, her back to her partner, bringing her legs together.
The position is suitable for lovers of violent (albeit brief) intercourse. The man inserts the penis into the vagina at an angle, as if directing its tip towards the floor, and then makes a series of quick and deep thrusts.
Disadvantage : This pose is incredibly difficult. A guy with weak calves shouldn’t even try to portray an eagle over prey.
Solution : Create an additional fulcrum. If you really want to try this pose, but you don’t have enough strength, let your partner sit on a low stool or ottoman, catching his breath before the next “arrival”. In order not to lose balance, the couple must hold on to a friend.

5. Bad girl

He: kneels behind a partner.
She: pressing her cheek to the bed, kneels down, raising her pelvis high and spreading her legs wide.
Entering in this position, a man can simultaneously apply rhythmic slaps on the buttocks of his chosen one. As a result of the slaps, her internal muscles will contract, which will delight both. In between spanking , you can caress the girl’s clitoris.
Disadvantage : back pain. The muscles of the back are under stress due to strong deflection and sharp jerks.
Solution : You can reduce subsequent pain with a couple of simple tricks. You will be helped by:
1) a little pre-exercise with stretching the back (bends, bends, turns, etc.);
2) a hot shower or relaxing bath before sex;
3) back massage.
The last two points will be a great prelude.

6. Playful scissors

He: kneels down facing his partner, lifting her pelvis.
She: She lies on her back with her crossed legs raised.
You can make both fast and smooth jolts. The penis penetrates deeply thanks to the raised pelvis. The partner’s crossed legs allow her to contract the muscles, creating additional friction and increasing the stiffness as the penis penetrates.
Disadvantage : the angle of entry is not convenient for everyone.
Solution : A pair of pillows will adjust the angle of entry of the penis.

7. Perpendicular

He: lies on his side, perpendicular to the partner’s body.
She: lies on her back with her legs raised and bent.
The partner can keep her legs in the air, throw them behind her partner’s body, or cross them. The good thing about the pose is that it completely changes the usual angle of penetration, allowing you to enter deeply. Additional pluses: a man can enhance the orgasm of the girls’ ears by caressing her erogenous zones.
Disadvantage : again, the angle of penetration is not always convenient if the penis is non-standardly curved. With active sex, a man can quickly get tired.
Solution : To reduce the risk of soreness, use lubricants and avoid violent jolts. To keep your partner from getting back pain, choose a calm rhythm. Sensuality is important here , not aggressiveness of the act.

8. Half turn

He: kneels behind the partner, between her legs.
She: lies on her stomach with her back to her partner, turning her shoulders. Legs wide apart, one leg bent at the knee.
A wonderful pose in which a guy is able to bring his beloved to ecstasy, forcing her to bite her lips and tear the sheets. The penis goes deep, it is better to alternate thrusts (slow and fast). You can caress your partner’s back with one hand (occasionally applying spanks), with the other, her genitals. Please note that in this position it is easy for a man to reach the woman’s chest. The panorama will open to him a seductive one: legs, ass, breasts and a flattering face will be visible. The position is suitable not only for vaginal but also for anal sex.
Disadvantage : the girl’s large butt (a feature so beloved by men) can become an obstacle to deep thrusts, since the guy will simply rest his stomach on his buttocks.
Solution : for owners of Brazilian butts, it is better to bend as much as possible , placing a pillow under the pubis.

9. Frog

He: kneels down facing his partner, holding her hips.
She: lies on her back, bending her knees, pressing her hips to her chest and resting her feet on her partner’s chest.
The position is far from the most stable, however, it also diversifies your intimate life, adding new sensations. The position of the girl’s body allows you to enter as deep as possible. Like the previous version , it is suitable for anal sex.
Disadvantage : the load on the partner’s explanation.
Solution : and again stock up on pillows – they will raise the pelvis and soften the friction of the back on the bed.

10. Horsewoman

He: lies on his back, facing his partner, putting a pillow under his pelvis.
She: sits on steam , as in an ordinary rider.
It’s time for the girls to give orders. Thanks to the pillows, the man’s pelvis curves closer to the woman, allowing deep penetration. A very comfortable position for tired gentlemen and naughty young ladies. The partner can caress the belly, thighs, clitoris and chest of the girl with his hands, as well as guide her movements, holding on to the buttocks.
Disadvantage : little sensation with too narrow a penis.
Solution : the partner should take the situation into their own hands, in the truest sense of the word. To do this, he needs to draw a victory sign (V) with his hand, clenching all his fingers, except for the index and middle. The hand should be brought under the partner’s labia so that the penis fits snugly between the spread fingers. Making rhythmic movements with his hand, a man increases friction, caressing both himself and his chosen one.
A small penis is not the end of the world. Certain positions for deep penetration will make your intimate life simply unforgettable. Anyone with a small penis is unbearably complex about this, even if he doesn’t show it at all. Personally, in my opinion, a compact jade shaft is much better than a huge log, because the small size allows you to experiment with different poses, without causing painful sensations Show originality, try different positions and let each intimacy give you untold pleasure.

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