10 serious mistakes in handcuffed sex

Handcuffing during sex is not uncommon. But it is important to approach the process responsibly and not make mistakes that can cost health. The experiments should be thought out, there should be no threat to life and the psyche. Yes, and special attributes must be used so as not to suffer from traces on the body and surrounding objects. 10 major mistakes that occur when using handcuffs.

1. Broken items

It’s more convenient to chain to something. But in a modern house there are not many things that are suitable for this. Furniture may get scratched and the battery will break completely. Plastic pipes, chipboard items are not suitable for holding a person. A few awkward movements and a sexual game turns into a repair or a grand cleaning. It is better to hold hands together or with legs than to use cabinets.

2. Key loss

At the moment when the action needs to be completed, the keys suddenly disappear. And this is a problem, since it is impossible to remove many objects without them. Therefore, do not throw them away, throw them somewhere. They should be nearby so as not to get lost. The problem of the lack of keys was described even in the books of Stephen King, when the girl had to cut her hands to get out. If a partner becomes ill, she may not have a chance to break free.

3. Lack of a stop word

What is happening may cease to be related. And he should be able to stop everything. For this, a special phrase or gesture is used, when you use it, you immediately need to stop practicing and remove all the shackles. Volunteering is an important principle of such games.

4. Real handcuffs

Accessories from the sex shop are created for pleasure, real police handcuffs are needed for other purposes. With their use, serious traces remain, and addictive options can also lead to injuries. It’s better to use game options, but not children’s ones, they do not withstand resistance. And if you don’t want traces, choose wide leather bracelets.

5. Inconvenient posture

To tie a person in a certain position convenient for sex is interesting. But it is precisely such experiments that lead to injuries. Chained hands do not allow to soften the fall, as a result, sprains, dislocations and even fractures occur. It is important to fix a person in a comfortable position, with a reliable point of support so that he does not lose his balance. And you can never leave a person in an uncomfortable position alone.

6. Accurate release

For some people, trying to get out of their shackles is a fun game. But in this case, you need to carefully choose the materials for binding. A person flirts, tries to throw off handcuffs by his favorite ways, and even teeth are used. Injury may result. For such games, it is worth choosing ropes, not metal objects.

7. Piercing

Handcuffs should never be attached to piercings. Any punctures in the body are not suitable for binding. An awkward movement can tear the tissue, and it will be an injury that will require recovery from a plastic surgeon. There is no need to hope that there will be no drastic actions; this is unpredictable.

8. Handcuffs not allowed

A person should not be suspended, relying only on these fetters. This is fraught with serious injuries. There should be several points of support, it is important to balance them correctly. Bracers cry into the skin, not only leaving traces, but also disrupt blood circulation. This is a dangerous practice that does not need to be repeated.

9. Handcuffs are not for insertion into the body

Do not try to enter an attribute for fettering into the body. At the time of foreplay, you should not try to use them for other purposes. Buy a phallus or vibrator for sensitive areas, and leave the fettering things only for binding.

10. Do not twist

A very common habit among thousands of people is twisting handcuffs on their fingers. It looks impressive and sometimes frightening. But very often they suddenly fly off to the side. And they can get into the partner’s body, sometimes in the face. At the same time, metal things can leave marks, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

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