10 sex positions for multiple orgasms in women

Sexological research data show that about half of the female population of the planet can have multiple orgasms during one intercourse, if everything is properly organized and the right position is chosen. We decided to study this issue in more detail in order to open 10 ways for our readers to increase statistics. Do you think every woman is capable of multiple orgasms? Do you think this is a privilege that only a select few can take advantage of? No one but yourself can answer this question. But the statistics, let’s say, are more than rosy. According to a study by the Indiana University School of Public Health and the Kinsey Institute   

 , about 47% of women admitted that they had already experienced multiple orgasms. Let’s find out in what poses they managed to do this.  

1. Checkmark Oral sex is a great way to provoke multiple orgasms in women, since during this activity it is not at all necessary for the partner to maintain his erection for a long time. The “tick” pose is performed as follows: the girl is comfortably located closer to the edge of the bed, so that the man can kneel down, and, drugged by the magnificent view, immediately began work. In this case, it will be better if the partner begins to smoothly caress the partner’s clitoris, and slowly bring her to the first orgasm. And further, he can continue stimulation in two synchronous ways that will lead the partner to multiple pleasure. Firstly, the man must continue to gently lick and suck on the female external intimate area, and, secondly, slide his curved finger into the vagina, while maintaining constant internal stimulation thanks to oral sex. 


2. Fetus
This position is ideal for the partner to experience multiple orgasms. The couple lies on their side, the man hugs the woman from behind, who is in the fetal position. The degree of penetration will depend on the angle between the partner’s buttock and knee, which can be increased or decreased as desired.

Advice for professionals or for those who have a need to improve what has been achieved: a man can, at the same time, stimulate a woman’s clitoris, use a vibrator or caress her nipples.

3. Attack from below The
pose is very simple to implement, but, at the same time, it is most effective: the woman spreads her legs, and the man penetrates into her, but the woman’s legs remain in good shape and capture the partner’s limbs. The partner should firmly squeeze her legs, raise and lower them so that the penis can act on the area that gives her the greatest pleasure. In addition, with the help of such a kind of slide, a woman can touch the clitoris, thanks to the movements of the pelvis, which will give her a guaranteed orgasm.

4. Massage The
clitoris occupies a significant part of the external erogenous zone of a woman, because it is located at the entrance to the vagina and around it. Therefore, the way to multiple orgasm is cherz impact on the clitoris from different sides. Therefore, one of the simplest positions for achieving multiple orgasm is one in which a woman lies on her back and spreads her legs to the sides, and a man stimulates her clitoris with his penis. The partner then gently inserts his fingers into the partner’s vagina. The process can also be accompanied by any sex toys, if the couple wishes.  

5. Arc de Triomphe
To increase your chances of getting multiple orgasms, lean on your hands and arch your back while sitting on your partner’s face. This will allow you to focus on stimulating your erogenous zone, and also take the most comfortable position for yourself. Adjust your hips so that your partner’s tongue is in the most comfortable place for you.

6. Unhurried enjoyment
In the race for multiple orgasm, the slow and calm explorer wins. You can arrange with your partner to drive you frantic by slowly drawing circles around your clitoris with your finger and then using a curved finger to move to a slightly more intense rubbing from the inside. After that, it finally enters you as you continue to fondle yourself or use sex toys. This could be one of the options for the development of events. 

7. The Princess and the
Top Hat To have sex in this position, you will need a cylindrical pillow, you can simply roll the towels tightly or even transform a regular sofa cushion to give it the look you want. Move a little away from your partner and start intercourse by rubbing your clitoris on this cylinder. You can also use a vibrator that fits perfectly between you and the pillow. Here is such an interesting warm-up option that can lead to multiple orgasms. 

8. Rag doll
If you want or crave a different kind of stimulation in the same position, and besides, your goal is multiple orgasm, then feel free to lie on your side and put a pillow under your head. The partner, at this time, kneels between your buttocks, saddles your lower leg and slightly lifts your upper leg. At the same time, he erotically touches the partner’s pelvis and holds her ankle in his hand. Concentrate on stimulation, and if, or more precisely, when you experience an orgasm, switch to another option for sexual interaction and start over. Options: Penetration plus clitoral stimulation, anal sex plus vibrator, etc. 

9. Compass A
good position for mutual stimulation. Your partner is positioned on top, like in a missionary position, only in this variation, you place your legs inside his limbs and press them tightly against each other. In the second round, a man can lean on his hands, like in a plank exercise, and a woman can snuggle up to him, in order to make it easier to push forward. Super sexy and super vantage point for both parties.  

10. Glass
If you remain hypersensitive after orgasm, this sitting position is your best guide to multiple orgasm. Sit on your partner’s knees, with your back to his face, after you’ve reached your goal once. Let him hug you around your waist so that he can fondle your erogenous zones. When you feel that the excitement after the first orgasm begins to subside, and all parts of the body have calmed down a little after voluptuous excitement, give a sign to your partner that you can start new affection. In this case, you need to make progressive movements up and down. So you will again experience a surge of excitement and everything will be repeated all over again. 

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