10 sex toy role play based on the best movies

To be honest, I’m really sick of the traditional approach to role-playing games. All these nurses , plumbers and pizza delivery guys are in the throat (and this has nothing to do with blowjobs). In the vastness of the network, you rarely find a worthy plot to be played in the framework of a shared bedroom.

Agree, it’s incredibly cool to take a fresh idea and adapt it for erotic experiments. Last weekend, my comrades and I ran a marathon of 2016’s highest-grossing films. It turns out that almost every one of them can be altered in a sexual way. I have already managed to implement some of the stories, and the rest are planned for the near future. Verdict – it turns out funny and exciting.

I want to share with you some bright ideas for role-playing games. The only condition is that for the best effect and mind-blowing orgasms, you need a minimum set of equipment and the active participation of a partner. Well – the sleigh rushed off the hill!

1. Deadpool

You will need: erotic underwear for a guy or a suit for a girl, makeup products. Scenario. The chatty mercenary loves unicorns. He has a toy that he does not part with even in intimate moments of masturbation. If the ugly Deadpool prefers to satisfy himself, then we will cling to the unicorn theme in the context of couples sex. To begin with, I will voice a banal version of the performance – a girl dresses up in a costume of a sexy mythical animal. Further – either play according to a pre-written script, or improvise. A sleeker and more fun idea is to make a Glitter unicorn out of your boyfriend. Dress the boy in a white thong (note – he already has a horn). Cover his chest generously with a cosmetic shimmer , you can take courage and make your loved one a shining make-up. What could be more exciting than a man with shiny, hairy breasts?  



2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

You will need: suits, strap-ons or red and green vibrators. Scenario. I shamelessly stole the plot from homosexual porn. Batman and Superman inspired LGBT people to make a pretty decent strawberry. I advise you to look (the editor will not miss the link – search for yourself, Google will help you). The light version for home playback involves dressing up in Batman and Kryptonian costumes . Then you pick up two vibrators – green (symbolizing kryptonite – Supsa’s Achilles heel ) and red (think of it as Superman’s laser gaze). During intercourse, do not hesitate to use a weapon. The hard version completely duplicates the above porn. The girl puts on a strapon , the guy is satisfied with the presence of a penis. Partners fight like Batman against Superman. Who will win the mortal battle – the Man of Fade or the Dark Knight of Gotham ?  



3. Zootopia

You will need: a dildo or vibrator, butt plug with a tail Scenario. If your partner is ready to experiment, then it is better to buy two tailed anal plugs – a lily and a hare. They will completely replace animal costumes. And now, instead of Olenka and Sasha, we have in front of us the ambitious rabbit Judy Hopps and the impudent swindler Nicholas Piberius Wilde. I remember that the main character had a multifunctional carrot pen. This device can be easily replaced with a dildo, or even better with a vibrator. I liked the models for clitoral stimulation, designed under the bunny ears. The plot is as follows – a girl “records” dirt with a magic stationery. After a small chase of the foxes, Nick selects the device and the matter naturally turns to intimacy using a vibrator for additional stimulation of the erogenous zones during the penetration process.  


4. Captain America: Civil War

You will need: any high-tech toys (vibrators with a video camera, We- vibe , Hi-Tech vibrators ), wooden and rubber dildos or toys with wood-like elements. Scenario. It is more convenient for me to call the film “The First Avenger: Confrontation” in the classic literal translation from the comics – “Civil War”, so I ask connoisseurs of Russian adaptation to come to terms with my view of the film adaptation. The essence of Citizen is the conflict between Stark and Rogers. Tony is a technical genius, he always has the most advanced devices. Steve is a child of the early twentieth century (he was born on July 4, 1920, and if there were vibrators at that time, they were made from natural materials). Choose inventory according to the principle of historical fit and the tastes of your favorite hero. Decide who in your pair acts as Iron Man, and who will fight on the side of Captain America. Distribute sex toys. The winner is the one who first brings the partner to orgasm.    


5. X-Men: Apocalypse

You will need: lidocaine lubricants , means to prolong sexual intercourse, penis rings. Scenario. For those who watched the film or periodically went to social networks, the identity of the key character in the picture “X-Men: Apocalypse” is not a secret. This is not Professor Charles Xavier or the beautiful Jean Gray. The Internet has torn to shreds the image of speedster Peter Maximoff ( aka Mercury), played by the consummate Evan Peters. However, in real life, super speed is not always a virtue. Premature ejaculation is the scourge of millions of couples around the world. But don’t worry, this unfortunate flaw can be played up innocently. Let your quick-firing partner dress up in a Mercury suit (silver panties are enough), after taking a means to prolong sexual intercourse or rubbing your penis abundantly with an external prolongator . Penis rings also do the trick.  


6. Suicide squad

You will need: a latex suit for a girl, a BDSM set, toys for electro-sex . Scenario. On November 15, an extended version of Suicide Squad was released, which is 13 minutes longer than the original. In the extended film, the relationship between the Joker and Harley is paid much more attention. This couple can be taken as a standard for BDSM experiments without a twinge of conscience . The field for imagination is truly endless – here you have elements of bondage, latex costumes, harlequin outfit, straitjackets, and even the use of electrostimulators . Mr. Jay regularly taps his sweetheart. Pick up the flogger and spank the mischievous Queen.  


7. See you

You will need: unusual stockings, equipment for a bandage, a set of toys (the more varied, the better). Scenario. Let’s vulgarize the most romantic premiere of 2016. Girl Lou, dressed in unusual stockings (bee, rainbow, latex – you got the message), gets a job as a nurse for a paralyzed handsome millionaire. For reliability and realism, the partner should be tied to a chair. The ward has become disillusioned with life, he is in severe depression. Laughing Louise uses a set of sex toys to bring joy back to the guy and make him happy again.   



8. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

You will need: a deaf mask, massive shoes, leather gloves, G-spot stimulants. Scenario. In the film, the passage to the time loop was hidden in a through grotto. Does that remind you of anything? In order to find the notorious G-spot, you also need to go into a wet cave. You cannot do without a special curved device. As an idea for outfits, you have the right to choose the image of one of the characters. For example, deaf masks will turn you into twins Rama and Ha, platform or wedge shoes will give you the power of air, leather gloves will inflame your boyfriend’s sexual appetite.  


9. Doctor Strange

You will need: steel and glass toys, vacuum pumps, doctor and nurse costumes. Scenario. I promised at the beginning of the article that we would not have “hospital games”, but when it comes to Benedict Cumberbatch, I can break any oath. Doctor Strange allows you to use three types of sex toys. Unlike standard medical examinations, there will be an element of magic in the role-playing plot. First, you are able to play the operation simply by dressing up in themed costumes. Secondly, you are given a unique opportunity to use anal probes and hooks, vaginal speculums, steel plugs, Wartenberg wheels . Remember how Strange straightened his fingers – this is a great excuse to try extreme products. To make Steven’s genitals face after an accident, you will need a vacuum pump (just don’t overdo it with the intensity of the stimulation).  


10. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
You will need: anal toys , fitting devices, dildos and vibrators of unusual shapes. Scenario. Since this movie came out relatively recently, I don’t want to spoil the plot. The title of the film already suggests a number of vulgar associations. We will build on the naming and trailer. Imagine your partner as Newt Scamander – he has a suitcase full of supernatural “critters”. You are the dark magician Gellert Grindelwald. Let the main character release his pets and show you where they can live. 

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