10 sultry sex positions to welcome the new year

They say that as you celebrate the New Year, you will spend the whole year. Let’s tune in to love by meeting the holidays in the arms of a loved one. We propose to embark on passionate experiments, enriching intimate life with these positions of sex.

1. Rider vice versa

A creative position for those who are tired of commonplace positions in the bedroom. This position will give you the deepest penetration and will surprise you with an unusual angle of entry of the penis. Winter is a time of colds, and if one of you in a pair is sick, then the pose will help protect against the exchange of bacilli, because you will not breathe on each other. This is a good position in sex if your partner has a cold.

2. Iron

Comfortable position with close penetration. It is worth taking a closer look at women who experience pain and discomfort during vaginal sex. Lie on your stomach and ask a man to give you a relaxing massage. Let it penetrate when you are completely relaxed. This lazy sex position will delight you with sensuality after a hard day before bed.

3. Iron throne

If you love stimulation of the back and the back of the neck, then we recommend choosing positions while sitting in a chair or on the couch. Plus the pose is that you can actively use sex toys to stimulate the clitoris. By the way, sex toys will be a great New Year’s gift if you and your partner have long dreamed of pleasant experiments in the bedroom.

4. Spoons

A wonderful and sensual sex position for couples in love. This option is just fine if you cannot live without breast stimulation during sex.


One of the most popular positions in couples, where respect for the desires of the partner reigns. Position “69” seems to be a symbol of equality in the bedroom, when a man gives a woman oral pleasure, and she reciprocates. Do you want bright, mutual and powerful orgasms? Then choose this pose. Another plus of the pose is that you can actively use erotic fingering techniques.

6. Ballerina

Dreaming of stunning sex? Then try making love while standing, for example, in the so-called “Ballerina” position. To keep your balance, stick to the back of the chair as a ballet bar.

7. Waterfall

How about an experiment in which you give pleasure to each other in a yoga-style sex position? This sultry option will suit the most flexible couples and lovers of everything extreme.

8. Doggy Style

There are so many variations of the Doggy Style pose that everyone will find the ideal pose for themselves. This position is suitable for lovers of spanking – erotic slaps on the buttocks. Spanking allows you to relax the muscles, so that penetration is not so painful, and also increases blood flow in the pelvic region, from which sexual arousal builds up faster.

9. Slingshot

Slingshot Sex Position

A comfortable option for couples looking for close contact, deep penetration and the opportunity to look each other in the eyes. By changing the position of your partner’s legs, you can influence how the entrance to the vagina will be: narrow or wider.

10. On the table

A festive feast in an intimate tete-a-tete setting will be remembered for a long time if you move from a romantic dinner to rough caresses and sex on the table.

Be original, try new positions and new sex techniques, delighting yourself and your loved one with an extravaganza of sensual pleasures. All love and Happy New Year!

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