10 ways to prolong sex

According to statistics, the average duration of sexual intercourse in a man is about five minutes. However, for a woman, this is often not enough. If the partner remains dissatisfied, quarrels and scandals begin, but this can be avoided if you try to correct the situation.


If the partner has any health problems, then in this case, doctors cannot do without the help of doctors. In all other situations, everything is in your hands. Compare intimacy with playing sports and try to stretch the pleasure.

Take toys

Do not be shy and shy. If your partner has reached orgasm, and you are still far from it , use, for example, a vibrator. While the man is resting and gaining strength for the second round, you can maintain your arousal.

Spend more time in foreplay

Foreplay plays a very important role in the intimate process. Don’t be lazy to take the time to warm up before sex. The stronger the state of arousal, the faster and brighter you will get satisfaction.

Offer your partner to masturbate before intercourse

There is logic in this, because due to the peculiarity of physiology, the partner ends up much faster for the first time. Everyone knows that after the first ejaculation, a man needs more time to get an orgasm. Use this to your advantage.

Repeat entry

You should not take long breaks between intercourse. After the first orgasm, your partner can very quickly return to arousal state. It will be more difficult with relaxation, but you will win – you will have more than enough time to enjoy the process . 

Try new

Perhaps the classics are no longer so interesting to your man, so he is not interested in the lengthy process. It is easier for him to get satisfaction as quickly as possible. Try to add something new to your intimate relationship (games, dressing up, toys). The partner will like it, and he will no longer rush to the final so quickly.

Stop it

If you see that your partner is ready to have an orgasm, stop him for a short time. By interrupting the act, you distract the man from the climax, giving him time to reboot. This technique can be used several times during the night.

Squeeze the base of the penis

To stop a man’s premature ejaculation, it is enough to squeeze his penis with a hand at the base. You can also use a special ring for these purposes. Only it is necessary to act very carefully so as not to cause discomfort.

Use dense condoms

If your partner has increased sensitivity, then a dense condom will help to dull it a little and delay the moment of ejaculation. If one doesn’t work, try using two at once .

Train your intimate muscles

Men can also train the muscles of the intimate area, which helps control ejaculation. Like women, yoga, p ilates, or Kegel exercises will help them with this . Dear ladies, remember that with a fleeting intercourse, a man also feels inferior. You should not bring yourself and him to a state of nervousness. Remember these rules and help your chosen one extend your pleasure together. 

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