10 weirdest places to make love where it’s best not to be seen

If you want to diversify your sex life and romantic sex no longer delivers its former pleasure, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the most unusual places to make love. Intercourse in the most strange, at first glance, places will lead to a burst of adrenaline, bring a lot of pleasure and burn the maximum amount of calories. Of course, in addition to positive aspects, you can also find several negative ones. But the relationship is for this and is tied to actively work on them later. And monotony and boredom are the main enemies of all sizzling passion and lust. If, lately, you notice that sex is in bed, in the living room or in the kitchen    

  does not bother you as much as before, then a visit to one of the places we have proposed may be a good alternative.

1. Ferris wheel

Are you interested in erotic adventures at altitude? Making love on the Ferris wheel can be very addictive if you approach the question carefully. Choose a ride with a safe design, few passengers and an adult audience. And, of course, it is very important that you are alone in the salon.

If your grandmother and her grandson suddenly sneak into your love gondola, your swim may end as soon as it starts. It is also highly recommended that the duration of the trip is as long as possible and that the Ferris wheel does not spin too fast.

Remember that penetration is not necessary to achieve orgasm . If you’re short on time, get right down to business and play with your imagination. Make sure no one is looking at you and enjoy the moment!  

2. Igloo

Snow, ice and freezing temperatures. In the igloo, slow and gentle sex is out of the question. We recommend movement, movement and movement again! The body must work at full capacity so that love games do not turn into an unpleasant attack of hypothermia. A thermal sleeping bag, in this case, is a must. And this time, close your eyes when your partner forgets to take off their socks.

3. Tunnel car wash

Steam, water noise and foam can be a great stimulus for hot copulation in a car wash. Foam gives you and your partner moments of privacy to enjoy each other’s bodies without having to be on the alert. But be careful, because you need to correctly calculate the time and complete the process before the car again leaves for the foreseeable space. Although some couples find rushing to be one of the best stimulants for a superior sexual experience.

4. Cable car

If you loved the idea of ​​having sex on the Ferris wheel, why not continue your exploration along the way and try cable car intercourse? In this case, the biggest difficulty is probably not being distracted by sightseeing. You should also take into account that making love on a cable car, in the direct sense of the word, is too risky, but remember that there are many ways to please each other without the help of the wildest and most active sex positions. If you are afraid of heights, or feel dizzy easily, do not make sudden movements or panic. Better give control of the situation to your hands and lips. 


5. A secluded place

This is perhaps the easiest sexual fantasy to fulfill on our list. You just need a brave guy and a new place to improvise. You can make love while walking in your hometown or when you go on an excursion to a new settlement for you. And only you decide how far you are ready to go. If your couple maintains an intimacy and modesty in their relationship, you should find a place where you can hide from bystanders. If you love risk and you are worried about the very thought of danger, then you can decide on more extreme options.  


6. Prison

Don’t worry, you don’t have to commit any crime to feel like the star of Orange Is the New Black. The creators of modern hotels with prison décor have already taken care of the realization of the necessary atmosphere, and you just have to turn on your own imagination and develop this idea. Use additional accessories: handcuffs, whips, uniforms … If you are a fetishist or passionate about such novels as “50 shades of gray”, you can actively practice erotic games: dominance and submission. 


7. House for sale

If, before buying a home, you need to assess its sexual energy, then your couple will have to work very hard to keep the matter a secret. After all, it is necessary to get rid of annoying intermediaries, landlords and other persons
interested in buying.

If you are lucky enough to get hold of the keys to the house to visit alone, then you are the real lucky ones. This doesn’t happen often, but anything is possible. Sometimes the owners are not averse to you taking a leisurely stroll through the house and discovering it for yourself. And it’s up to you to decide from which side you should better know your proposed new home.

8. Horror Train

A carriage, two people and a train journey in pitch darkness. Sex in a horror room can be very exciting and fun, if you like ghosts, skeletons, and company. Anyone who thinks that on this trip he will be able to copulate in all the most popular sex positions is deeply mistaken. Better to use your hands and lips. And remember that the main thing is your safety, if the train makes very sharp turns and you are required to hold tightly to the handrails, do not ignore the instructions. The main advice about sex in this case is to preserve prudence, life and health. 


9. Parking

There are two options here: make love while standing or do it in your own car. Underground parking can be a great spot for lovers if you find a corner where very few people pass by. Standing sex is a great option if you don’t want to get dirty but want to spot an unexpected guest in time. On the other hand, if you prefer to make love in the car, along with a sense of security, you will find the possibility of variety and relaxation. You can even turn on music (although it is better not so that you cannot be heard, because in this case someone may come to the sound). But be careful not to get caught in the camera lens lest you unexpectedly end up as a porn star. 


10. Photo booth

If you are attracted to the presence of other people and danger, a photo booth is a risky and fun way to dive into the maelstrom of adventure. Most likely, keeping quiet and calm, you will not attract attention, because, these days, few people take pictures in photo booths .

But you need to be careful, because your curtain may be too short and someone might be watching you. You have the opportunity to try many sex positions and even take a couple of bright photos as a souvenir .  

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