11 ways to please your man in the bedroom

Do you want to give your chosen one an unforgettable night? Then don’t miss 11 ideas that will help you easily add variety to your intimate life, giving your beloved man voluptuous hours of true pleasure!

1. Seductive lingerie

This is perhaps the most common option to please your man in the bedroom. Erotic lingerie with all these lacing, tight corsets and panties in the ass was clearly created for the aesthetic pleasure of men. Yes, it’s hard to breathe in tight corsets, but that’s a plus. Mild asphyxiation increases sexual desire, the waist seems thin, and the chest looks larger than usual. Don’t like a corset? Then put on your split underwear with stockings.

2. Dance of Fire

Do you have a fireplace in your bedroom? Make love against the background of dancing flames by all means! The danger and heat of fire warm up the most passionate feelings in us, the flame hypnotizes, the firewood crackles pleasantly – all this relaxes, fascinates and excites. For women, sex by the fireplace is extremely beneficial, since the dance of light and shadow helps to emphasize the figure advantageously: all the curves become clearer, all the bulges seem larger. Of course, the partner will also like this kind of sex. Perhaps, in any man, a primitive savage slumbers, taking his girlfriend in the darkness of a cave by an open fire. No fireplace? No problem. Start recording the fire in the fireplace on your laptop monitor. The effect, although not absolutely identical, is generally the same.

3. Passionate massage

Massage is one of the best types of foreplay and it is not at all necessary to massage a man’s body with only hands. You can playfully rub against it with your chest, stomach, bite lightly – all these actions raise your mood and set you in the right mood. After such a massage, he will forget about all the troubles of life. It will not be superfluous to find out in advance the erogenous zones of a man. 

4. My light, mirror …

Men love with their eyes – this postulate is known to everyone. And what could be more pleasant for a man’s eye than seeing his beloved in his arms and in reflection? Install a large mirror in your bedroom so that the bed reflects in it. A man will be happy to admire you from all angles while having sex.

5. What’s for dessert?

How nice it is when a guy brings breakfast to bed, right? But after all, men also like it when their loved ones delight them with sweets in the morning. Moreover, the way to the heart of any guy is through his stomach. It is not necessary to arrange a whole feast, it is enough to prepare light meals, preferably containing aphrodisiacs. After breakfast, a man should not have a heaviness in his stomach, so that it does not prevent him from moving on to dessert – to the body of his chosen one.

6. Camera, motor!

Many men, at least occasionally, watch porn, although they are often embarrassed to admit it. Invite your loved one to make his own film with your participation. You don’t need an operator, just place the camera in front of the bed. The filming process is pretty exciting, and the video will be a great memory of your love. However, this should be done only if you have a serious relationship and you are confident in the moral bonds of your partner.

7. Dirty dancing

What guy can resist the sight of his beloved’s body wriggling in passionate steps? There is no man in the world who would refuse a striptease performed by his chosen one. Inspiration for dance can be found in erotic films: “9 1/2 weeks”, “True Lies”, “Elvira – Lady of Darkness” and so on. It is important for a girl to enjoy the dance herself, and the right choice of musical accompaniment will help to tune in the right way. Choose passionate tunes!

8. Erotic portrait

This option is suitable if the guy draws beautifully. Become a muse for your man and invite him to capture you in a spicy look. You can recreate a scene from the movie “Titanic”!

9. Wumbling – incredible new sensations

If you have never used wumbling techniques during sex, I strongly advise you to urgently correct the situation. Squeezing the vaginal muscles will give you a range of indescribable feelings. And in men, from such movements, the partner simply blows the roof off – checked. The fact is that not only friction is pleasant to the penis, but also compression, which is achieved with the help of wumbling .

10. Role-playing games

Role-playing allows you to grow passion during foreplay and sex. Be sure to stock up on an unusual suit that will delight a man. There are a lot of images for sex with role-playing games and you will certainly pick up something that will emphasize your figure.  

11. I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything …

Touch is one of the most important human senses, but we get the most information from sight and hearing. Try using partial deprivation to focus the man’s attention solely on tactile sensations. Blindfold your loved one and ask to cover your ears with earplugs. This will help him focus on what you are doing with his body. However, such games are appropriate only if the man trusts his partner. You don’t need to be blindfolded and so on if you’ve only recently started dating. Otherwise, he will think about whether you will rob his apartment while he lies here with a bandage, earplugs and chained to the bed.
Feel free to experiment in the bedroom to enrich your relationship not only physically but spiritually. Sex shouldn’t be a routine! Enjoy your chosen one and let your life shine with all the colors of love.

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