12 ways to get your husband on fire with sex toys

You are married or in a long-term relationship, you have perfectly learned your man up and down, the spark of passion is gradually fading away … You can put up with it and stoically wait for old age, retirement and separate bedrooms, or you can turn the fire on, especially since the sex industry today offers a lot of options for any, even the most demanding, taste. And you don’t have to coax your girlfriend into a tee or buy tickets to Thailand for a sex trip. It is enough just to choose the right toys so that your husband, after a night of love, looks at you with adoration, and you again feel as if you were dating.

1. Vibration stimulators

The basis of the foundations, the king and god of your bed, an artifact capable of awakening the magic of passionate and vivid sex is a vibration stimulator . This little thing will completely change the idea of ​​sex, and I am truly sorry for those couples who are shy or afraid to buy it. Contrary to popular belief that a bullet or egg can be used solely to stimulate the clitoris, the vibration stimulator is universal. There are models that give pleasure to both you and him at the same time. There are those who, at different speeds and with different intensities, affect the frenum of the penis. A woman’s hand and even oral sex cannot be compared with this miracle of technology.  

2. Electro-lasso

A modern and advanced gadget is a real breakthrough in the sex industry. Multifunctional toy ELECTRO LOOPS is unusual, interesting, and its use is limited only by your imagination. Two fairly large, adjustable hinges allow the lasso to be used almost anywhere. You can use it as handcuffs, but your man will experience real pleasure if you attach the device to his penis. Exciting tingling, sparkling pleasure, flashes of passion. Call it what you want, but the result is the same – you will drive him crazy. The core is a conductor of current, with the help of the remote control you can adjust the intensity of the discharges, from gentle and insinuating to demanding and hard. Flexible wires allow you to apply the lasso pointwise on any erogenous zones.  

3. Vacuum pumps

Many narrow-minded ladies believe that vacuum pumps are needed for those men who unsuccessfully want to enlarge their penis. I sincerely feel sorry for them, because they deprive a partner of incredible pleasure. Yes, indeed, you are doing better for yourself, because a high-quality pump can increase an erect penis by 8-10 times! But more importantly, at the time of use, blood flow to the genitals increases, the cavernous bodies are cleansed, and the elasticity of blood vessels increases. Not only is it good for men’s health, it also increases the sensitivity of the penis. Therefore, all further sexual games will make your stallion experience incredible and previously inaccessible sensations.  

4. Vibro -nasadka

The perfect accessory for couples to quickly excite and stimulate the husband’s penis without feeling left out. The EMBRACE LOVERS RING is a simple yet ingenious breakthrough in sex toys. This device vibrates, pulsates and escalates at the same time. It has 7 speeds for different types of pleasure. Putting a ring on your beloved’s penis, you will give him a lot of sensual, vivid moments, because he will simultaneously enter you and at the same time feel the vibration. And the special removable element also stimulates your clitoris. The perfect toy to make you and your husband moan with delight.  

5. Prostate stimulants

Alas, the bigots are left without pleasure, new sensations and violent orgasms. Leave them their favorite missionary position and weekend sex, and your job is to convince your husband that a prostate stimulator is essential in the house. Many men with horror and anger perceive the opportunity to shove something into themselves. But you have science on your side, sex toys and the promise of an incredible high. A partner who has tried prostate stimulation is unlikely to give it up in the future. Small accessories are absolutely painless and do not cause discomfort. Their anatomical design is such as to precisely act on the prostate. Without even touching your partner’s penis or causing him to get an erection, you can give him a fabulous orgasm by gradually increasing the speed on the stimulator.  

6. BDSM goods

A vast and unplowed field for sexual games is BDSM. Gradually, the attitude of society is changing, and this direction is no longer associated with perversion. Lucky for your sex. Many experienced dominants and subordinates note that often without knowing it and trying games for the first time, couples change their sex life forever. It even happens that BDSM transforms a person, he fully reveals himself, finally can get rid of the tightness and get maximum pleasure. If you are a beginner, then try changing roles. Let the husband be the dominant one day and the slave the second. Evaluate in which role he is more comfortable, and you can always drive him crazy. Fetish has a lot of advantages. Sex toys are completely different here. These are the appropriate clothes for you, and gags, and stacks, whips, handcuffs, masks. There are also more “hard” toys for advanced and thirsty for exactly new sensations – clips, clothespins, expanders, stimulators with current. In general, you can entertain a man for many nights in a row. 

7. Ring with stimulation of the head and urethra

A toy for those sophisticated couples who constantly surprise each other and are completely open to experimentation – the PLUNGING PETE ring. It has an unusual and comfortable design. You put a ball and bend harness on the head of your penis. Small stimulations in the form of discharges and vibrations with currents of different intensities are unexpectedly pleasant and deliver long-lasting pleasure, making a man lose his mind and composure. Three balls point and gradually stimulate sensitive skin, but the greatest pleasure is provided by the diversion for the urethra. It is very small in size, so pain is excluded, but at the same time, the girdle pulsation comes directly from the depths of the body, waves bringing the partner closer to orgasm. 

8. Lubricants and sprays

Many couples who want mutual pleasure and variety in bed forget about such a small but important detail as lubricants . They immediately rush to order vibrators and stimulators when an ordinary gel can already become a bridge to male and female pleasure. For a partner, gel is generally the first ally. It is much more enjoyable to provide excellent intercourse without complications using vaginal or anal lubrication. But your man will experience a real thrill if you use stimulating sprays. Even if everything is normal with an erection, such a composition is able to prolong sexual intercourse, make the penis become more sensitive, enjoy every movement. It is very easy to discover new facets of sex for a husband, if you do not forget to apply a lubricant . 

9. Special condoms

If giving birth to as many babies as possible is not your goal, then you naturally use contraception. This item is suitable both for those men who claim that condoms are not for them, and for partners who want to experience new sensations. Firstly, a large selection of special condoms makes it possible to choose the ideal, almost imperceptible option on the penis, which affects the quality of sex and the ability to relax. Secondly, there are also models that can prolong pleasure, stimulate the penis and vagina, and excite. It would seem such a small detail, but it can surprise and drive a man crazy.  

10. Pheromones

You don’t have to buy toys for him at all, but buy a new scent for yourself. A scent with a secret, a scent with pheromones. Scientists are still arguing over all the subtleties of this stimulation, but there is no longer any doubt that it works. With the help of pheromones, biologically active substances, you can awaken the ancient instincts of your male and make him experience a madness of desire. A long and passionate night is guaranteed. For one hundred percent effect, apply perfume not only to the neck, collarbone and arms, but also to the pubis.  

11. Male set of fidelity

Drive your partner crazy even when you are not having sex and are away. A set of fidelity for a man is a great option to constantly keep your husband in sexual tension, remember the night of love and stimulate him in any situation. For example, tightening and fixing rings and rods can really be used when you are in society, at a party, in a cafe – this is a dirty secret that is available only to you two. And it is very exciting. The set includes a lot of interesting attachments and accessories that do not hinder your movements, but at the same time allow you to experience all the facets of pleasure as a foreplay.  

12. Electrical stimulants

We are talking about a large range of pads and bullets, with the help of which you can easily find all, even the most unexpected, erogenous zones on your partner’s body. Shall I explain to you, girls, what a shift for the better takes place in bed when people are not too lazy to work with their tongues and hands. Nature has given us not only a vagina and a penis, each individually has a mass of areas that will drive you crazy even without sex. Place the pads on the erogenous zones and then just enjoy the reaction of your loved one. The control panel allows you to adjust the stimulation, teasing and driving into a frenzy. And remember, the longest and happiest relationships last for those who have achieved full compatibility, and this primarily concerns the bed. And since your man needs variety, try, experiment and amaze!  

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