14 big facts about small penises

As you guessed from the name, this article will talk about the genital organs, which can only be called “dignity” at a stretch. Today I will touch on micropenises (no matter how trivial it sounds).

Many men are concerned about the size of their penis. And this is confirmed by statistics (45% of the stronger sex dream of having a large-caliber revolver in their arsenal). And to be honest, our publication dedicated to sex positions for miniature penises was read by 2 times more people than a similar selection, but for impressive farms. Particularly brave comrades mystically found my VKontakte page and cast a personal  

messages. Instead of overtime consultations, especially at the request of discerning readers, I will cover the most interesting questions about little dicks.

1. What size is considered critical?

Let’s be realistic, deviations from the average statistical parameters are already included in the “mini” category. Researchers from BJU International chased 20,000 men with a ruler . Based on the measurements, the scientists built nomograms that made it possible to calculate the normal dimensions. Guys, if your boyfriend has a length of (13.2 ± 1.6) cm, then exhale – you are not in the risk zone. 

2. Why are some men so small?

I was surprised to learn that there is a diagnosis of micropenis in medicine . However, its exact symptoms are still at the stage of formation. The latest research results are helping doctors more accurately determine if there is a problem.

The final size of the penis is influenced by many factors. The main one is the lack of testosterone in a pregnant woman. If this important indicator is underestimated, then her future sons are guaranteed not to have an intimate life. But there is no need to inject the mother with an additional hormonal complex in an attempt to grow a third limb to the fetus. Excessive amounts of testosterone lead to miscarriage and / or fetal freezing.
The child’s consumption of food products treated with pesticides also causes a slowdown in the growth of the penis and an abnormal formation of the reproductive system as a whole. According to the Articlein International Journal of Andrology , of a two-year sample of 2,710 Brazilian newborn boys, 0.66% had an underdeveloped penis, and all of them were born in regions where agricultural chemicals are actively used.

3. How common are small members?

If you are a girl and have never seen genital sparrows in the wild, then you are not alone. Micropenis occurs in only 2 out of 10,000 men (a study conducted by the Department of Urology at the University of Michigan). This is the average value. The density of “babies” is not the same in different regions (remember Brazil from the previous point). 

4. What is the advantage of a small penis for its owner?

In addition to providing the opportunity to wear lingerie, a small penis allows you to get incredible pleasure from masturbation. The same number of nerve endings is concentrated in a meager area as in a vast territory. As a result, the sensitivity is much higher.

The miniature scion fits easily into the fist. For individual virtuosos, it is enough to use two fingers in order to bring themselves to orgasm. Some guys prefer not to jerk off the traditional way at all. They rub against soft objects, stick the penis into food. Want to know the details of male masturbation – click on this link. 

5. Can you enlarge your penis?

For adult men, I have bad news – no amount of cosmetic and medical products will help them become sex giants. Teenagers and children are lucky – special treatment methods have been developed for them, involving intravenous hormonal injections and the use of special ointments.
For boys who have reached puberty, plastic surgery called ” phalloplasty ” is performed in clinics in the USA, Israel, and Canada . During surgery, external defects are corrected and additional centimeters are added.

6. Is a man with a small penis doomed to loneliness?

Not unless the guy dwells on the problem. Many guys, dissatisfied with the size of their own dignity, furiously master other ways to satisfy their partner. They use hands, lips, sex toys. On behalf of all women on the planet, I will say that it is absolutely not important for us how we were brought to orgasm. The main thing for a woman is to love and be loved.   

7. How do men live with small members?

There is an unspoken admiration for hyperparameters in our culture . In porn, they take actors with horse gear (I’m not taking into account specific genres). An exaggerated picture adds fuel to the fire of the complexes. It is only natural for the owners of small penises to feel uncomfortable. They are afraid to be naked in the locker rooms of sports clubs, to visit public baths, to relieve the urinals of public toilets. An understanding partner, who is not so easy to find, often helps to overcome the fear.

8. How is a small penis connected with being overweight?

For owners of modest units, excess weight is put on by a solid pig. With the rise in popularity of fast food in America, there has been an increase in penile burials. This is a truly creepy phenomenon. Fatty tissue envelops the trunk and literally sucks it into the body. I saw this horror with my own eyes. Unfortunately, censorship does not allow me to attach a video, so just google it for “competition for the smallest member.”

9. Does a small penis affect your sex life?

I will delight men (not all I do to drive them into melancholy and scare). Erectile dysfunction is in no way related to size. Pretty much every technique used by good lovers is available to guys with nanotubes. Troubles and inability to satisfy a partner arise due to psychological barriers and the cultivation of complexes.

10. How should a woman react to a small penis?

As befits a well-mannered lady. If the man did not warn you in advance, but simply pulled his pants down at hour X, then there is no need to voice your disappointment aloud. Give him a chance to prove his own sexual worth, maybe a pleasant surprise awaits you and you have never had and never will have a better lover.
The use of diminutive-affectionate epithets is strictly prohibited. Equally, you shouldn’t be overplayed by calling his buddy “Giant Lannister .” It sounds corny, but treat his dick just like a dick.

11. Can sex toys make up for the lack of size?

Of course they can! Many men with micropenis enjoy stimulating their partner with various devices. Even if he did not think of offering to introduce special equipment into the erotic game , you have the right to take the first step. Start small and gradually expand your arsenal of auxiliary equipment. 

12. Is it okay for men with a small penis to use a condom?

Why not? Evil tongues have spread the rumor that condoms are slipping from miniature genitals. Condoms do not hold only on non- erect penises and very tiny joints. For the latter, there is a special line of rubber products available for purchase in regular sex shops.

13. In what positions is it better to have sex for men with a small penis?

I will say in a few words whoever is interested will read it in this article. The pose should either provide the maximum possible insertion depth, or act on the G-spot, or open access to stimulation of other erogenous zones (clitoris, perineum, anus, nipples). 

14. Is it worth starting a relationship with the owner of a small penis?

Personal experience gives me the right to answer this question in the affirmative. For a long period of time I dated a man who was worried about the size of his personal belongings. You still need to look for a larger entertainer and experimenter. He opened my eyes to the delights of sex, for which I am infinitely grateful to him. By the way, our parting is not connected with problems in the intimate sphere.

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