20 positions for sex in the car

A car from a luxury has long turned into a means of transportation, so it’s no wonder that couples are not averse to having fun in the cabin. Here is the only trouble – there is a sorely lack of space for sexual experiments. However, with the right approach, you can do this even inside the baby Smart. Here is a selection of 20 mobile positions that you must take with you on a long journey.

1. Left hand drive

The first stop should be made in the middle of the field, or you should drive into a nearby forest. Your lovemaking should not be interfered with. The location for the action is the spacious back seat. The girl lies down on a half-side , bending her right leg under her, and the left leg stretched along a string – throws it on her partner’s shoulder. He attaches himself and begins the race for orgasm. Keep in mind that the foot may rest against the roof, but this is definitely not an excuse to stop moving.

2. Clutch

Not the easiest, but very effective position in terms of stimulating the G-spot. In the car, it is more optimal to get into the “Clutch” from the “Face to face ” pose . The guy sits on a half-sided leg bent at the knee, the second – he puts his foot on the seat. The girl saddles him, putting her legs behind her partner’s back. She slowly leans back, holding on to the top of the seat, while he, meanwhile, grabs the body of his beloved shin of his free leg. Attention, the position is not very suitable for prolonged intercourse, gradually the body will begin to numb and whine plaintively.

3. Let’s get past!

Now there will be a dangerous maneuver, the driver will have to slip into a narrow crack between two magnificent cars. The girl lies on her back, her legs are lifted up as much as possible, she pulls her knees to her chest. The guy presses lightly on her hips, spreading her legs to the sides. His car rushes forward and reaches the finish line second. Why the second? Because the girl finishes first!

4. Slippery track

Finally, the bridgehead is being moved to the front seat. The guy with a light movement of his hand throws back the chair, puts his partner in the missionary position and slowly enters her hot bosom. However, do not limit yourself to monotonous reciprocating movements. Stir the sensual cocktail with circular thighs, side-to-side wiggles , sliding slow frictions, or frantic shaking.

5. Driver’s seat

I will not argue that this is happening in the rear passenger seat, but this in no way contradicts the name of the position. A lover’s body makes a good driver’s seat. He lies on his back with his knees pressed tightly to his chest. The guy’s penis is slightly tilted and held between the closed thighs. The girl sits down on this ephemeral construction.

6. The lady passed on the right

I see clear sexist overtones. Why are these two happily hugging people symbolizing the successful passing of exams at a driving school, is it because a woman driving is associated with a natural disaster. Okay, let’s drop the ethical side of the position and focus on the execution technique. Partners kneel in front of each other, firmly nestle with hot bodies and rush without stopping to meet to relaxation.

7. Entrance to the tunnel

There are a wide variety of buildings on the tracks, every driver drove into dark concrete tunnels at least once. However, in the context of this article, we are talking about more pleasant places. Partners lie down with a jack, and the man decisively directs his “favorite car” into her narrow and wet hole. Measured flip flops alternating with gentle strokes will spice up your passion.

8. Pedal all the way

Love deeper and livelier, then the position “Pedal to the stop” is an ideal option. The girl rests on the upholstery of the rear seat with her knees and elbows, and the boyfriend leans on her with his whole body and pulls on the most, do not indulge. Suitable for fast and high-quality sex, when both partners are satisfied in a short time.

9. A fine from a traffic cop

Role-playing games are becoming an indispensable tool for bringing variety to our bedrooms. Using a personal vehicle as a backdrop for an erotic theatrical production pays off. With just one wave of the scriptwriter’s pen, doggy- style turns into the payment of a fine to a loving traffic cop.

10. On the opposite

You will need a little more space, or the height of the girl should be very small. As a rule, in ordinary cases, nothing happens with the door closed. Climb into the back seat. The partner lies on her back, throws her hands behind her head, pushes the heel of the left leg close to the priest, and hangs the right leg from the car. The guy moves to his beloved. His knees are pressed almost to the girl’s armpits, and his hips fix her legs. To enhance mutual pleasure, you should move towards each other.

11. Reverse horsewoman

Well, what – under the hood you already have enough horsepower, so why not add another one, but in the cabin. A tireless lover acts as an Arabian horse, and a beautiful horsewoman acts as a brave tamer. He settles down, lounging lazily in the back seat. She sits backwards on her partner’s reared flesh and begins the jump.

12. Double afterburner

Moving forward. To move freely, it is better to take the passenger seat next to the driver’s seat, but if you want to steer, then feel free to sit in the crown seat, but be careful in a fit of passion, you can accidentally damage the steering mechanism or pedals. The guy sits down more comfortably, and the girl settles down on top with her back to his face. Along the way, the partner can caress the clitoris of the other half, fiddle with the nipples and kiss the delicate neck.

13. Absolute security

It is simply not realistic to get even closer to each other than in this position. The boyfriend sits in the back seat in the lotus position, the Girl falls on his penis, wrapping her legs around her lover’s waist. When partners are in the ideal position, they wear a seat belt. It’s important not to overdo it with the bondage, because you need to breathe at least once in a while.

14. Mission doable

Where are we without recognized world classics. The girl lies on her back, the partner kneels in front of her. The mistress slightly raises her hips, wraps her legs around the boyfriend’s waist. That’s it, very simple and affordable. Even in a very low car, you can easily indulge in erotic games.

15. Street racers

To sit like this in the cramped space of the cabin, you will have to resort to certain tricks. The position is suitable for slim and flexible partners. The man sits down in a chair, the girl saddles him and finds herself facing her lover. In the first stage, her legs hang down to the sides of the seat. The guy makes a docking and, without removing the penis from the vagina, very carefully transfers the partner’s shins onto his shoulders. She holds him by the neck and leans back slightly.

16. Roof nose

It is not at all necessary to spend all the time within the interior of your vehicle, because the body can also be perfectly adapted for love pleasures. If you do not want to be filmed on a mobile phone and fall into the category of popular videos on YouTube, then it is advisable to move away from crowded places. It is necessary to climb onto the roof of the car. The guy and the girl get on one knee facing each other and do It, breathing in the fresh suburban air.

17. Hold on tight to the steering wheel, chauffeur

A variation of the reverse cowgirl position, only the girl lies down on her partner’s outstretched legs. He regulates the movements of her buttocks, holding the lady of the heart by the ass. The position does not allow you to “jump” too quickly, but due to the tilt, a tension is created at the base of the penis, increasing sensual pleasure.

18. Toad on the gear selector

Remember, during the perestroika years it was extremely fashionable to install a rose-shaped knob in a glass sphere on the speed selector knob. In this position, the partner’s rod is decorated with a “toad” from the partner’s body. The reclined seat is the guarantor of successful posture performance. The guy lies on his back, his feet firmly on the floor. The girl sits on his penis with her back to her lover, rests the legs bent at the knees in the chair on the sides of the boyfriend’s hips.

19. Passenger seat

It is very similar to the previous position, only the toad is turned sideways. Both of the girl’s feet are on one side of the partner’s body. A little advice to a man – he should stick his hand under the knee of his mistress and so he will be able to reach the cherished button. Everyone knows that a clitoral orgasm is much more intense than a vaginal one, so take every opportunity to rub a “pea”.

20. Roadside Sandwich

The guy sits down with his legs outstretched, the girl kneels in front of her partner and leans back. He lays down on top and gets a kind of ” sandwich ” of two excited bodies. In this position, the lover’s face is right between the mounds of the breasts. Be sure to try making a motorboat, this will add a playful note to the standard coitus.

Tired of having sex in bed and have your own car? There is no need to hesitate – start the engine, comrades! God himself told you to try at least one of the 20 poses presented above. And as they say, neither a nail, nor a rod;)

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