3 binding games scenarios

Tying in bed can be very interesting. But it’s better to turn it into a game, so that it is easier to implement the plan. There are thousands of scenarios where linking is appropriate. But we offer the three simplest. It’s worth showing your imagination, and out of three you can create dozens of interesting scenes.

Prisoners in cell

The scenario where one person is a prisoner and the second is a policeman. The arrested man is handcuffed. And he really wants to go to the toilet. To realize this, you need to exit the camera, and also remove the “bracelets”. And just at that time the bargaining begins, the policeman wants to get something valuable, for example, blowjob or cunnilingus, and only then will he remove the shackles.

The game can be humorous, but can be quite tough. The process will be complemented by various humiliations. And the fulfillment of a desire is not a guarantee that the bracelets will be removed.

What is needed for implementation? Handcuffs, a suit of a policeman. You can complement the image with a rubber club. A special place is not required, it’s possible to arrange such a game even in an apartment. 


One character in the story is kidnapped and confined to a chair. Using tape or rope, hands and feet are securely tied. The second participant is a security guard who does not give food and water. In addition, you can use the gag for the related one so that he can not say anything and does not make noise.

The guard cannot kill the bound, but it is permissible to mock. And any violence is possible: both moral and physical. He can cut pieces of clothing, exposing a person. It can touch any part of the body or even defiantly masturbate, embarrassing the bound. In the future, he can change the poses of the bound one, confining him to a bed or a battery. And if resistance begins, this is a new reason for punishment.
What is needed for implementation? It is ideal to use a special adhesive tape for binding, it does not hurt to remove it. A bondage rope or leather handcuffs and a gag will not be superfluous. To make it more convenient, tie a person to a chair. 

Connected by one chain

Partners find themselves tied with one rope for 6-12 hours. They are connected by the ankles or wrists. Cord length no more than three meters. And now they have to do everything together: go to the shower or to the toilet, eat together, sleep.

Watching your loved one can be very exciting. It blurs the boundaries, makes people closer. But it only works if you remove all the gadgets and the TV. It’s worth leaving sex toys, lubricants and other attributes for sex. But turn off smartphones. For some couples, this will be a real erotic adventure, for others – torture.

What is required? A rope or bracers with a long connecting chain. A set of sex toys, and the more of them, the more interesting. Massage oils that stimulate creams will not be superfluous, they will complement what is happening. What else can you play with binding? From a primitive man who stole a woman from a neighbor; a pimp and a prostitute who refuses to work; into the naughty concubine of the harem and the sultan, who decided to subjugate her by force. You can come up with many scenarios, and to implement them, you will need attributes for binding and special costumes. 

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