45 sex positions you should definitely try

Intimate life is a very important part of a love relationship. And in order for the spark of passion never to fade away, it should be nourished with something new, unusual and interesting. We have already published an article on how to properly combine sex positions and sex toys. In this article, we will look at 45 poses with their possible options, which will not only allow you to maintain passion and interest in each other, but also bring truly fantastic moments and emotions into your intimate life!

1. Waterfall

Benefits: Blood rushes to his head, causing new sensations.

Move to the edge of the bed and have him lie on his back with his head and shoulders on the floor for you to straddle him. The blood will rush to the head, creating a mind-blowing sensation as it reaches its climax.

2. Stairway to Heaven

Advantages: A good opportunity to support yourself with your hands, and you do not have to wait until you come to the bedroom!

So, you sit on it while it settles down on the rung of the stairs. The ladder provides good opportunities to sit comfortably, and the handrails can provide additional support.

3. Spin

Advantages: Additional vibrations.

This is a variation of the sitting position, when you are sitting on his lap, but this time he is attached to the washing machine, which is set to the most intensive spin mode.

4. Swiss ball

Benefits: All the benefits of sitting postures. Also, adds elasticity to his jerks.

Do you have a home workout ball? Then use it (but be sure to firm!) To add some bouncy bounce. He sits on a ball, feet on the floor. You should copy your partner’s pose while sitting between his legs. Now all that remains is to move!

5. Elevator

Benefits: Great for outside bedroom blowjobs.

She kneels in front of you, covering her teeth with her lips, and gently wraps her lips around your head. Then she slowly moves her lips up and down, alternating speeds and sometimes stopping to caress the head with her tongue.

Now try this:

Stand next to a large mirror in which your bodies are fully reflected so that you can enjoy the view of your woman not only from above, but also from the side.

6. Sitting on the face

Benefits: Comfortable position for a woman. Erotic for a man.

Place a pillow under the woman’s head and then straddle her shoulders. Support yourself by leaning against the head of the bed or against the wall.

7. Pose 69

Benefits: Simultaneous oral pleasure.

When the woman is on top in position 69, she can control the intensity of oral stimulation of her clitoris by raising or lowering her pelvis. In this position, it is easy for her to work with the sensitive area of ​​the man just below the testicles. Also try pose 69 with a man on top.

Now try this:

Roll onto your side in position 69!

8. Air Butterfly

Advantages: It can guide the position of the tongue and the strength of its touch, going up or down.

She climbs the man with her knees on either side of the head. The woman can lean against a wall or headboard for support. While the partner is doing their thing, she can use her fingers for additional stimulation.

Now try this:

Press her clitoris with your tongue as she makes circular motions with her hips.

9. Spider

Benefits: Both of you can maintain eye contact while watching the main action.

Both partners sit on the bed with their legs towards each other, place your hands behind, behind your back to support yourself. Now move together, the woman is also moving towards her partner. Her thighs will be between his spread legs, knees bent, and her feet are on the bed behind his thighs.

Now try this:

She grabs the man by the arms and moves on his haunches while the partner lies. Or he can sit upright and just help her move in an easy position for him.

10. Merger

Benefits: Faster orgasm for her; lighter movements.

From the Spider position, she can lift her legs onto her partner’s shoulders, thereby increasing muscle tension, which greatly speeds up orgasm. Due to the fact that her butt in this position rises above the bed, it will be easier for her to control her movements.

11. Snow angel

Benefits: As a reward, she gets a view of the man’s ass.

This is a difficult task: she lies on her back, while he must saddle her, but in the opposite direction. She raises her legs and wraps them around her partner’s back, in order to raise her pelvis so that he can enter it. She can then place her hands on his ass to help him move up and down. Alternatively, you can add some massage.

12. Position X

Benefits: Long, slow sex, allowing arousal to build up gradually. Shallow slow thrusts stimulate the nerve endings in the head of the penis.

Sit on the bed facing each other, feet first. Lift your right leg over her left leg and she also raises her right leg over your left. Move closer so that you can enter it. Now you need to lie on your back, forming an X with your legs. With slow, unhurried vibrations, do not jerk.

Now try this:

Stretch your arms towards each other and hold hands to move your pelvis together. Also, alternatively, sit and lie in turns without changing the rhythm.

13. Spoon, face to face

Benefits: This is a very cozy face-to-face position that allows you to hug and kiss your loved one.

This is the ideal position if she is pregnant or if any of you have had a knee injury because you do not have to support your body or your partner’s weight. To get into position correctly, first lie on your side closer to each other. She spreads her legs slightly to allow the man to enter her, and then squeezes her legs and thus presses the penis so that he can work on her clitoris. It is very easy to kiss in this position.

Now try this:

Since pushing in this position is a bit difficult, use a variety of techniques such as friction, circular motions, and up and down movements for additional stimulation.

14. Wrapped gift

Benefits: Relaxing position for deeper penetration and increased intimacy.

Both of you are lying opposite each other. She leans over and spreads her legs. He lifts her legs and enters her partner, and she wraps her legs around the man’s back.

Now try this:

The woman can use her legs and feet to pull her partner in order to achieve deeper penetration.

15. Fiery spark

Benefits: A natural and more creative attitude is at your service.

She lies on her back and raises her right leg so that he can fit between her legs at an angle of 90 degrees and enter her. A woman can change this position by rolling over on her back.

Now try this:

If she is flexible enough, lift her left leg up to increase the depth of penetration.

16. Spoon

Benefits: Comfortable position, great during pregnancy or if the man is heavy enough. Also ideal for extended lovemaking.

Both of you are lying on your side, facing in the same direction, the man behind the woman. She flexes her knees and bends to provide more comfortable access to the vagina. Adjusting the tilt of your body will change the angle of entry and help your partner choose the movements that will bring the most pleasure.

Now try this:

Try to synchronize your breathing. One of you becomes the leader and the other follows his breath in a way that you breathe in and out together. A well-coordinated rhythm opens an unspoken dialogue of special intimacy.

17. Missionary

Benefits: Possibility of prolonged eye and body contact.

The most commonly used position in the world, the missionary position, is a particularly intimate position in which you are face to face. You like it because you can control the depth and speed of penetration. The woman enjoys feeling the weight of her beloved and maximum skin contact. Please note that it is quite difficult for a man in this position to keep ejaculation due to intense friction and deep penetration. To prolong your lovemaking, at some point change your position to one in which the pressure will decrease slightly.

Now try this:

Raise yourself a little to create space between you and the small vibrator, massage the top of her mound.

18. Faster and higher

Benefits: A little variety if the missionary position gets boring; good upper body workout for a man.

Place a small pillow under the lady’s back or buttocks so that the tilt of her pelvis changes the angle of penetration for a different sensation. Leaning his hands on the bed, as in a push-up position, the partner takes the weight of his body on himself.

19. Cat

Benefits: Strong stimulation of the clitoris. In one study from the Journal of Marriage and Family Therapy, women who were unable to orgasm in missionary position reported a 56 percent increase in orgasm with the technique.

The cat looks like a missionary, except that the man’s body is taller and slightly off to the side. Instead of lying chest to chest, your partner’s chest is next to her shoulders. The woman bends her legs about 45 degrees, which will lift her hips up. This leads to the fact that the penis will constantly be in contact with her clitoris.

Now try this:

Let the woman straighten her legs. The partner will slightly lower her pelvis down while she pushes up.

20. Climber

Benefits: Allows you to maintain eye contact. The weight of a man does not put pressure on his partner.

There is a reason women faint when they see six cubes. They know that a beefy man will be good in bed. The climber position will demonstrate your strength to her. The partner is on top and raised above the lady, holding himself with the strength of his hands.

Now try this:

The partner goes down to kiss her, teasingly, nudging with his shoulders and pelvis.

21. Fast fixing

Benefits: More powerful penetration, good for quick sex in the kitchen, especially if the woman is wearing a skirt.

The partner should bend at the lower back and place her hands on furniture, knees, or on the floor for support. The man enters her from behind and holds her hips, making thrusts.

Now try this:

Let your partner drop lower so he can fondle her clitoris for extra stimulation.

22. Couch surfer

Benefits: Convenient for quick sex and adds zest outside the bedroom.

The partner lies on the sofa armrest, while the partner enters her from behind. It can rub against the firm yet comfortable handles for multiple stimulations with minimal effort.

Now try this:

Have the lady cross her ankles. Thus, her vaginal and gluteal muscles will tightly squeeze her partner’s penis.

23. Toilet companion

Benefits: Good for quick sex at a party.

Slip into the bathroom, the woman faces the mirror, and the man enters from behind. This will allow you to have eye contact during the back position.

24. Standing Dragon

Advantages: Ideal position for stimulating the G-spot. Seeing the curves of the partner’s body from behind, as a rule, the man is very aroused.

The partner stands and enters her from behind, and she stands on all fours on the edge of the bed and arches her back to lift her buttocks.

Now try this:

Since the man has his legs to the sides of his partner’s legs, he can squeeze the knees, tightening the muscles of her vagina around the penis.

25. Wheelbarrow, standing position

Benefits: Calorie burner because it is very athletic. You can walk around the house in this position, but still move in the shade.

The partner enters her in the same way as in a standing position, from behind, but he lifts her by the pelvis, and she wraps her legs around his waist. Summer camp car racing has never been so much fun!

Now try this:

A woman can rhythmically contract muscles to speed up the climax.

26. Wheelbarrow sitting

Benefits: Less strenuous than the standing position, but at the same time it offers a particularly intense sensation.

Now try this:

Try a wheelbarrow sitting on the edge of a bed or chair. The movement is limited, but the penetration is deep.

27. H2Ooo Yes

Advantages: Great opportunity to have a good time outdoors “in a hurry”, while at the same time avoiding prying eyes.

Variation for the position of a ballerina. The buoyancy in the water makes this position easy to hold. And all you have to do is slide part of the swimsuit off certain parts of the body.

28. Iron Chef

Advantages: Good position for quick sex with deep penetration.

Another variation on the ballet theme, in which she lifts her legs up and wraps them around her partner’s buttocks or hips. Your kitchen table is the ideal height for this snack.

29. Stand and do

Benefits: A man can enjoy the sight of his penis coming in.

The partner stands at the edge of the bed or table while the partner lies on her back and raises her legs to her chest. Her legs are bent at the knees, as if she were doing a bicycle exercise. The man takes her ankles and enters her. But this should be done slowly, since deep penetration can be painful for a partner.

Now try this:

Have him put his partner’s legs on his shoulders. This will open up her hips so that her labia will create additional pressure.

30. Ballerina

Benefits: Erotic position for fast sex in a narrow aisle. A good option for active sex. Facilitates penetration. She can control the strength of the shocks, their depth and angle.

You are facing each other. She raises her legs up and wraps them around his buttocks or hips and draws the partner to her.

Now try this:

If her leg gets tired, have the man take his partner in his arms. And if she is very flexible, you can throw her legs over your partner’s shoulders.

31. Churn

Benefits: Additional blood flow to the head, which will greatly increase its ecstasy.

The partner lies on her back with her legs raised above her head. The man, squatting over her, introduces his penis into her. Be extremely careful, the thrusts must be gentle to avoid putting too much pressure on her neck.

Now try this:

Let the partner remove the penis completely, so he will give her an extremely pleasant sensation, entering into her again and again.

32. Iron

Benefits: Enhances vaginal pleasure

She lies face down on the bed, knees slightly bent and hips raised. For comfort and an increase in the angle of the hips, she can place a pillow under her stomach. He enters her from behind and holds his weight, resting his hands on the bed. This position creates a snug fit, and in addition, it allows the man to feel much more than a lady, creates a sense of superiority.

Now try this:

You will stay longer in this position if your partner slows down a little and begins to breathe deeply.

33. Man’s Best Friend or Doggy Style

Benefits: Deep penetration and erotic look.

It enters her from behind and can penetrate so deep that the tip of the penis touches the cervix, which tends to become an ignored pleasure zone. But this should be done slowly and carefully. Some women think it hurts.

34. Stimulation G

Benefits: Allows deep penetration and is geared towards the G-spot.

She lies on her back. He puts his knees between her legs and lifts them, resting his calves on his shoulders. The partner makes up and down movements so that the head and shaft of his penis are in direct contact with the front wall of the vagina. Since this position creates all the conditions for deep penetration, the penis should be inserted slowly at first in order to avoid causing discomfort to her.

Now try this:

The partner lowers the lady’s legs a little down and rests them on his chest. This will allow her to control the pace and depth of the thrusts.

Hot tip for him:

Notice her approaching orgasm. Her breathing becomes short and shallow. You may notice reddening of the skin, in addition, slightly swollen breasts also indicate that they are approaching their peak of arousal.

35. Pretzel

Advantages: Deep penetration like in doggy style, only face to face.

He is kneeling on his left leg while it is lying on his left side. The partner bends her right leg and wraps her around his waist on the right, which will give you a great opportunity to enter her vagina. For many women, back penetration is accompanied by back pain. This position will allow her to sit comfortably while enjoying deep penetration.

Now try this:

Let your partner stimulate your partner with your fingers. Or you can withdraw the penis and, holding it, massage her clitoris with the head to bring her to the brink of orgasm, and then he can enter her again as soon as she wants him to be inside her.

pretzel pose

36. Closed on business

Advantages: Option suitable for slow swinging.

Some women find direct clitoral stimulation uncomfortable. Her closed legs during oral sex can help alleviate this problem. The man touches his fingers to her clitoris with light pressure, and fondles the area around the mound with his tongue to add indirect stimulation.

Hot tip for him:

Have the knuckle of the index finger of your free hand follow your tongue during oral sex. The contrast between the soft flesh of the tongue and the hard bone of the finger will create a pleasant sensation.

37. Heir to the throne

Benefits: Basic position for on-the-go oral sex. Use it to please the woman and help her relax.

The woman sits on a chair and spreads her legs wide. This is a good position for either rocking slowly or for the ultimate peak of pleasure. It is easy for a partner to get to women’s sensitive areas, and a partner, in turn, can see a man who gives her pleasure, which will greatly arouse her.

Now try this:

Use a swivel chair and swivel it left and right while keeping your tongue still.

Hot tip for him

Insert your index and ring fingers and use them to strike, as in a “come here” gesture, to wake up her G-spot. From the outside, press your fingers or tongue against her pubic bone. This double stimulation will bring her to an indescribable euphoria.

38. David Copperfield

Benefits: This position is a tidbit for women who prefer strong stroking movements.

Place a pillow under her thighs to lift her pelvis. Bend her knees so she can place her feet on your shoulder blades.

Now try this:

Increase your impact on your partner with one simple trick: while you are on your knees, lightly press down on your partner’s belly with your hand, pulling the skin over her pubic bone. Then the head of her clitoris will peek out from under the hood.

Hot tip for him:

Let your tight tongue be in her vagina, snug against it. And then she starts to move slowly and rub against him.

39. Lazy Man

Benefits: Gives her control, maintains closeness.

The man puts pillows behind his back and sits on the bed with outstretched legs. The partner hugs his waist, her legs are on the bed. She then transfers her weight to her knees and guides the penis with her hand. Simply by resting on her feet, she can rise and fall, slowly or quickly, as she pleases.

Now try this:

From this position, you can go to the spider position or a more difficult variation of it – the X pose.

40. Head-on collision

Benefits: Allows you to be face to face, creating a sense of closeness; comfortable for long sessions.

Sit on a chair or the edge of the bed. Then the partner, turning to the man, wraps her arms around his back, climbs on top of him and sits on her knees. After she “straddles” the partner, the lady can move up and down on his penis. Want to add pace? Then he can help her by taking her buttocks.

Now try this:

She can sit astride him in a rocking chair. Old wood parquet or stone floor will provide you with the greatest variety of positive emotions …

Hot tip for him:

There is plenty of room for creativity in this position. You can stimulate the erogenous zones of her upper body: head, neck and face. If she loves it when her ears are caressed with her tongue, do it!

41. Electric chair

Benefits: Excellent stimulation of the G-spot.

The partner sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair with their feet flat on the floor. She turns away and sits between his legs. The partner can move back and forth, pushing off the armrests of the chair with her hands or simply pushing off with her feet. She can control the angle of entry by arching her back and pressing her buttocks against your groin. This is doggy style with a female domination, this pose gives her a steering wheel.

Now try this:

It can bend over slightly and stimulate the base of the penis, scrotum, and perineum. Meanwhile, he can caress her breasts and nipples.

Hot tip for him:

The best way to get her interested in sex is to surprise her, say the last thing that can come to her mind: offer her a bubble bath, give her a massage, wrestle.

42. Polish position

Benefits: Double stimulation for her; for him – a gorgeous view of his beloved and exciting picture of an incoming penis.

The partner lies on his back and bends one of the legs, the other is straightened. She stands on either side of the bent leg, with her back to her partner and sits on him. She should hold onto his knee and use it for support, moving up and down.

Hot tip for her:

In this position, you can massage the raised leg or reach out and caress the man’s crotch.

43. Reverse Cowgirl Position

Benefits: Putting a pillow under his head will give a man an amazing view of her butt. She can control the depth and rate of penetration.

He lies on his back with his legs stretched out. She kneels down next to him, then turns and spreads his legs. Kneeling, the partner drops down on the penis and starts riding.

Now try this:

She can bend forward or backward in order to change the angle of the penis for more stimulation.

Hot tip for her:

In this position, you can easily bend over to stimulate yourself or guide the penis in a way that suits you.

44. Cowgirl Pose

Benefits: Gives her control. Great for stimulating the G-spot.

The position where the woman is on top gives a lot of interesting sensations and gives her a psychological advantage, because she can choose the pace and depth of penetration. Alternate shallow and deep thrusts. “Small ones will stimulate the anterior third of the vagina, which is the most sensitive,” says sex therapist Rebecca Rosenbalt, author of Seducing Your Man.

Now try this:

The woman lies down on the man, chest to chest, and rests her legs on the legs of her partner. Then, pushing off with them, she makes swinging movements. Thus, her vulva and clitoris will be in contact with her partner’s pubic bone for more pleasure.

Hot tip for him:

It will be easier for her to cum if you stimulate her manually and orally until she is very aroused. From the woman’s top position, she can squat on your face and you can orally stimulate her.

45. Advantage of One

Benefits: This position is suitable for women who have a particularly sensitive side of the clitoris.

He kneels on the floor, she lies on the edge of the bed. Lift one of her legs, and let the lady hold her, wrapping her arms around her thigh. In this position, she will be able to add any movements to help you navigate correctly and get to ideal places.

Now try this:

The man should encourage the lady to squirm a little so that she helps him get the right rhythm.

Hot tip for her:

Let him know how much tongue pressure and what technique you prefer. Show it to your partner on their earlobe!

Hot tip for him:

Have the knuckle of the index finger of your free hand follow your tongue during oral sex. The contrast between the soft flesh of the tongue and the hard bone of the finger will create a pleasant sensation.

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