5 secrets of condom sex

Nowadays, the topic of sex interests everyone. As soon as young creatures reach puberty, they rush to plunge into the world of intimate pleasures and learn the opposite sex. However, in the carelessness inherent in youthful excitement, young people often forget about contraception and safety. The older generation knows that the condom is one of the most famous and widespread means of protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. By the way, the opinion that a condom dulls sensitivity and reduces the brightness of sensations is deceptive.

Choose the right one

Now there is a huge selection of rubber contraceptives. It only depends on you which species to give preference to. Try different options: with tendrils or ribs, glow-in-the-dark or scented, etc. As you try and experiment, boredom and monotony will recede into the background, and the condom will cease to be an obstacle to pleasure.

Use a lubricant

Opponents of condoms are found not only among the male half. Often, women are in solidarity with their opinion. This is due to the fact that during intimacy there is not enough natural lubrication or lubrication applied to the contraceptive. The partner begins to experience discomfort or pain. But this is fixable. Try additional lubricant available from pharmacies and supermarkets.


Take the initiative. Try putting the condom on your partner in some unexpected way. For example, use the cleavage of the chest or lips. This kind of improvisation can be very exciting for a partner.

Foreplay and correct postures

To achieve the maximum level of pleasure, the degree of arousal plays an important role. Therefore, do not rush to use a condom. Pay attention to each other. You know what to do to sharpen your partner’s instincts. When it’s time to move directly to intimacy, help your partner put on the condom as described above. Now you can experiment with poses. Pay attention to those in which the genitals are tightly squeezed and the G-spot is stimulated.

Safety engineering

Don’t be careless and remember that condoms also have an expiration date. Pay attention to this to avoid unpleasant situations. After all, an expired product can be damaged at the most inopportune moment or cause an allergic reaction. Try to get them in places where storage rules are observed (pharmacies, sex shops ). Saving on condoms means putting yourself and your health at risk.
Remember these recommendations and try to apply them in practice. You yourself will understand how badly you were wrong about rubber contraceptives. After all, if you use a condom correctly, it can make your intimate feelings more vivid and unique.

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