5 sex toys for scrotum

Men also like vibration, and it can and should be used for oral sex. The caresses of the scrotum allow him to get much more pleasure in the process and finish faster. But which sex toy to choose so that he likes and does not resist? We found the 5 most suitable vibrators.

What kind of vibrator is needed for a man?

Not everyone is ready to try prostate massage or have a full-sized phallus next to them. Such things often scare and repel. But there are objects that seem harmless, they meet several important criteria:

  • Not like a dick. Do not remind him even indirectly. 
  • They are small in size , it is better to buy up to 10 cm in length so that the man does not feel competition.
  • With several modes of operation . Someone will like monotonous vibration, and someone will prefer alternating pulses, and it’s good if there is something to choose from.
  • Waterproof models. An ideal blowjob is done with a lot of lubricant, and it is important that the toy was not afraid of moisture and did not deteriorate during operation. 

In fact, any vibrator is suitable if the man does not mind. But if he doubts, then it is better to follow these recommendations so as not to frighten him.

Ring vibrator

The ring is conveniently put on the finger and is used to stimulate any parts of the body. They just complement the massage or blowjob. At the same time, a girl can combine different caresses, which enhances feelings.

Luxeluv Santiago Play – a ring with 9 different functions. It doesn’t fall off the finger, it helps to find new erogenous zones of the partner. 


Any massager is appropriate for caressing the scrotum. You can take the one that works from the network, or the one with the battery. The more powerful it is, the more convenient. Such a thing is also suitable for muscle recovery after a hard working day.

Gvibe Gbulb is a powerful light bulb shaped massager. It looks very stylish, controlled by a button at the base. And it works without interruption up to 4 hours . 


This is a small thing of oblong shape. A bullet in length from 5 to 13 cm. Most often it is used for the nipples, clitoris, but why not try it on the scrotum? This is an affordable thing, while the functions may not be inferior to full-size options.

Svakom Daisy is a large vibratory bullet made of quality material. In a stylish box, it looks very expensive. Ideal for a gift that will work together. 

Clitoral vibrator

Many models of vibrators for the clitoris are equipped with soft antennae, legs or processes that seem to “hug” a delicate organ. But they are suitable for men. Fluctuations will be no less pleasant when touching the scrotum, perineum and the penis itself.

Svakom Cookie – Three delicate tentacles are created for a very stormy sensation. They are very pleasant to the touch, and their movements are unique. An ideal thing for fans of vivid experiences. 

Mini vibrator

Small sex toys are created specifically for the caresses of external erogenous zones. They are universal, suitable for scrotum. They look harmless, take up little space and do not attract attention. Ideal solutions – with built-in battery and multiple speeds.

Layons Purple Pleasure is a budget sex toy from the German company Satisfyer. Stylish design, many modes, great shape. You can stimulate the scrotum with any vibrator. We offered 5 models, but thousands of excellent options. 

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