5 Signals That A Girl Likes You

Even if you and a girl communicate closely and spend a lot of time together, you can not always be sure how she treats you. Does she like you as a young man or just as a friend? How not to become a victim of misunderstanding and not destroy a good friendship, and when you can safely take the first step towards a relationship, we will tell in this article.

Top Signals That She Likes You

1. You Are Her Priority.

If a girl likes you, you become more important to her than many others. She is happy to spend her time on you, many people and events fade into the background for her. It is especially easy to understand this by correspondence. See how quickly she answers you. Any girl has a dozen correspondences every hour. And if she responds quickly to you, is always online when you are online, this is a very important sign that you are not indifferent to her.

2. Online communication

A girl who is more interested in you than in a friend responds with long messages filled with emotions. Asks counter questions, constantly develops dialogue. Can pretend to be embarrassed, does not spare emoticons and stickers.

3. Attention & Reaction

In a personal conversation, she listens attentively to you, laughs at your jokes, does not ignore them. At a good joke, she will laugh much more than she deserves it. So she plays along with you and wants to attract positive attention to you.

4. Lets You Touch Himself

It is very important if the girl reduces the distance between you, looks for possible contact, allows you to touch herself and touches you.

5. If You Are Work Colleagues

The same can be said about the girls at your work. If you often make eye contact with a colleague, often meet with her in a smoking room (or any other common place), if she supports any work or non-work topic, believe me, she is interested in you more than just a colleague.


A girl’s interest is always a reaction to your actions: when she responds to your messages, to your topics of conversation, to your rapprochement. If her reaction is fast and positive, then we can confidently say that this girl likes you.

There is always one big NO. The signals that a girl gives can quickly disappear if you don’t take a step forward in time. The girl could change her mind without finding feedback from you, thoughts about you could burn out, or she managed to meet someone else.

Follow one simple rule with a girl who makes it clear that you are not indifferent to her. Constantly communicate and check how far you can go in communicating with a girl. And if there is a rapprochement, it is obvious that the girl is interested in you and will continue to play along. Do not miss this opportunity, be attentive and courageous. Good luck!

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