6 interesting facts about female orgasm

Female sexuality is still one of the most interesting research subjects of scientists. In particular, British experts have taken up the issue of female orgasms and identified several interesting features of the physiological phenomenon. These facts are interesting both for women themselves and for members of the opposite sex.

1. Age affects the quality of orgasms

Contrary to popular belief that only young people get the brightest and most violent orgasms, in fact, everything is exactly the opposite! Scientists have proven that women over 40 have orgasms in 70 cases out of 100, while girls under 25 years old – only in 60 cases. With age, women get to know their bodies better and it is easier for them to reach the peak of pleasure. These are no longer spontaneous orgasms , but conscious and high-quality ones.

2. Condoms do not interfere with orgasms

Men often argue their reluctance to use a condom with decreased sensitivity and difficulty with orgasm. In reality, this is a myth. Women are able to experience the pleasure of intimacy with or without condoms. This does not affect the quality of the organisms.

3. Orgasms relieve pain

It has been scientifically proven that orgasms can reduce the sensation of pain. Intimate satisfaction can even help with arthritis and labor pains! This is explained by a large dose of hormones that enter the bloodstream when the highest degree of bliss is achieved .

4. Stimulation of erogenous zones contributes to obtaining the most vivid orgasms

If you simultaneously stimulate several especially sensitive points of the female body, you can accelerate the onset of orgasm, as well as significantly improve its quality. To do this, you can use intimate toys in order to influence the clitoris at the same time during vaginal contact .

5. Almost all women can have an orgasm.

The inability to experience an orgasm is very rare and a consequence of the physiological characteristics of a woman. In most cases, the problem lies in other aspects: psychological trauma, complexes, insufficiently prolonged sexual intercourse. Spending more time on foreplay can increase the chances of an enchanting climax.

6. Faking an orgasm is easy

Very often, women stage orgasms in bed so as not to upset their partner and not to give rise to conflicts. Unlike men, it is easier for the weaker sex to simulate orgasms if you have perfect control of your body and have basic acting skills. Scientists have found that almost all men fail to recognize real or fake orgasms. At the same time, such a practice can hardly be called useful and harmless.
The benefits of orgasms have been proven for a long time, but, unfortunately, not all women have access to this pleasure. If you set yourself a goal, get to know your body better and become more relaxed in bed, you can certainly achieve success in the love field. Love yourself and get maximum pleasure from sex – it is incredibly beneficial for both body and soul. 

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