6 reasons for self-doubt

In the wake of your questions, I will describe in more detail the main causes of self-doubt.

An insecure person constantly doubts himself, his actions, shows indecision and passivity, does not believe in himself and his future.

To overcome this feeling, you must first understand the causes of insecurity. And as usual, first we will look for roots from childhood. Don’t forget to like and comment on the post. And now let’s go:

Influence of Relationships with Parents.

Excessive control and pressure from parents, excessive severity even to the slightest misconduct, will gradually form in the child the feeling “I can’t do anything”, “I’m bad.” When a parent from childhood inspires such attitudes to a child, he feels worthless. And this will certainly be reflected in adulthood.

Pressure And Bullying At School.

There is nothing to even comment on. When from childhood the environment rots the child and his self-esteem, such a person will certainly have problems with socialization in any society.

Failures and Unfortunate Life Experiences.

For example, a severe break in a relationship can seriously affect further communication with other members of the opposite sex, make you feel insecure, and set the wrong vector in building new relationships.

Uncertainty Because of Your Appearance.

This uncertainty increases if someone broadcasts doubts about their beauty from the outside: parents, sharp remarks of a girlfriend (friend), comments from a partner (partner).

No Life Purpose.

Clearly defined goals and the desire to achieve them make a person look for opportunities and form a sense of confidence. Absence is the opposite.

Ignorance of Self and Self.

When a person does not know how to hear his feelings and understand what is bad and good for him, does not know his personal boundaries: all this can lead to the fact that others can use this weakness.

If you find familiar features, don’t give up. With each item you can work and fight at any moment of your life.

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