7 female sex complexes that men don’t care about

Volumes of books have already been written about the different attitudes towards sex between men and women, and things are still there. For some reason, many women still believe that their figure or breast size is a serious factor affecting the quality of sex with a particular man.

We girls love to look for some folds and wrinkles in front of the mirror. And here’s the paradox: if we find, we get upset – and demand that the husband or boyfriend turn off the light before the start of the foreplay. If we don’t find it, we get upset anyway – and we act the same way, being confident that the shortcomings are still with us, we just looked inattentively.

But men selflessly indulge in passion in any form and position. If a man has at least a 30-kilogram beer belly and dirty socks, most of the stronger sex will not be embarrassed if the macho is aiming at sex. And to get an orgasm for guys, thinking about their own imperfection also does not hurt at all! After all, like a classic: I see the goal – I see no obstacles. And how many young ladies could not concentrate on their pleasure in bed, wondering if their partner would notice an annoying pimple on their bottom?

Basta, dear ladies! Let’s put on the shelves those “scary” things in bed that men really do not care about.


1. Breast size and figure

The main female complex, perhaps, can only be compared with the thrill with which a man expects his partner’s first reaction to his penis. Likewise worrying about size, by the way.

So, everything is as simple as two and two. First, there are as many tastes as there are men. I have one acquaintance who loves fragile female figures, and derogatoryly calls all breast sizes larger than the third with a colloquial word denoting a cow’s udder among the people. And there is a friend who, on the contrary, loves folk aphorisms like “We will lie on the boards and in a coffin” or “A man is not a dog, he does not throw himself on the bones.” And my close relative at one time had a boss, a thin man of short stature, who, on the street, did not hesitate, looked around at very curvy women (they are now called plus size ), who were twice his size! Here’s a matter of taste … The main thing is to find your connoisseur! By the way, about the ladies’ experiences that the figure was successfully corrected by linen and clothes, and now you have to undress, and what will he think, ay-ay-ay, watch! The myths about the male x-ray (the look that undresses) are actually not myths at all. Ask any guy. If he has already gone to bed with you, it means that he first undressed you with his eyes and decided that everything was quite appetizing and exciting. But, ladies, you do not need to go too far with the use of excessive push-ups if you are looking for a connoisseur of your natural beauty.


2. Underwear

Usually on dates you wear breathtaking burgundy lace, but in everyday life you prefer cute shorts with SpongeBob? And are you afraid that one day your beloved will see them on you and not get turned on?

Believe me, most women do this, because comfort is much more pleasant than the feeling of one’s “feminine essence”, which many women’s magazines impose, urging them to wear corsets, thongs, stockings and garters almost every day to fuel their women’s self-esteem. For the sake of all the best, what kind of self-esteem can a lady have when she squirms in uncomfortable, cramped and rubbing underwear all day? In my head, there may be only dreams of getting home as soon as possible, after killing everyone in its path, and not ardent desires.

Men are much more aroused by self-confident and attractive girls (even in cartoon panties). And the corsets with garters can be saved for special occasions.

Finally, remember the unforgettable Bridget Jones. Even “grandmother’s” pantaloons did not prevent her from enjoying sex with the man of her dreams. And you, I bet you don’t even wear pantaloons, and so – panties in hearts at most.


3. Bikini area

Oh, how many passionate nights did not take place because the girl, referring to mythical affairs, refused an invitation to come home for a cup of coffee / viewing the collection of records / listening to Mahler’s symphony!

And it’s all to blame for the lack of preparation for such an ending and the epilation of a week ago.

The most original male commentary on this, which I have met, looks like this: “The main thing is that the house is visible behind the hedge. And so that you don’t have to pave the way to it through the lush thickets. “

And there is nothing to add.

4. Ex-lovers

Well, who among us was not tormented in thoughts of comparisons, they say, the ex-boyfriend was curvier, she went to strip acrobatics, and was a regular at sex shops. Probably, sex with her with her beloved was much cooler …

However, at the same time we always lose sight of the most important thing: there were some serious reasons why this ideal girl became an ex. And neither her figure nor sex prowess outdid these reasons.

Appreciate what you have without looking back at someone else’s past!


5. Face during orgasm

For some reason, many ladies tend to restrain the expression of their emotions at the peak of passion because of the fear of looking funny in the eyes of a partner.

Yes, no doubt, the expression on the face of an orgasmic woman is something. Some comment that it looks like the partner is about to sneeze or cry. Or at the same time.

However, any expression on a woman’s face at such a moment is simply nothing compared to a man’s! If you have never paid attention so far, we strongly advise. It’s scary to even comment on (just kidding).

But seriously, the sight of your face at the peak of pleasure, no matter how strange it may be, is a balm for the soul of a man who understands that he is the owner and ruler of the very Miraculous organ that lifts his lady into heaven.


6. Subtleties of oral sex

There are many of them, and everything is individual, but the main question that young ladies torment themselves with on numerous women’s Internet forums boils down to a Hamlet-scale dilemma: to swallow or not to swallow?

We hasten to please: the overwhelming majority of men do not bother about this. Although he considers it a little strange the situation when a girl with a full mouth and round eyes rushes to the bathroom. Guys who have had such situations say that on the part of the girl it is better then not to direct the eruption into her mouth at all, than then defiantly get rid of the seminal fluid.

If for some physiological reason you do not want to taste your man’s ejaculate, just bring a towel or napkins to bed. At the decisive moment, you can direct the eruption to your chest or stomach (this turns any man on), and then gently wipe it off.

7. Body sounds during sex

Have you ever blushed with characteristic sounds reminiscent of physiological awkwardness or the voice acting of a porn film? Probably yes.

They are explained by simple physiology. For example, in a face-to-face position , an air pocket forms between the ribcages and abdomens , which generates strange sounds. During sex in some positions such as ” doggy style” air enters the vagina, which can then come out with an unpleasant sound.

Relax: this is the norm, even according to doctors! And men are well aware of all this. So don’t blush over every uncomfortable sound in bed.

As for the characteristic squelching sounds that occur during sex with an abundant release of female lubricant, they sound like music of real passion for any male ears! After all, the excitement of such a level in a woman is the work of her beloved. So he has something to be proud of. And to be ashamed of this sound is like tense because of the growl of a motor in an expensive sports car.

The only thing that should really excite your partner in bed is your pleasure. Against this background, all women’s complexes and anxieties fade!

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