7 reasons to buy lubricant for sex

All people who have sex need lubrication. It’s worth at least once to try to understand what is more convenient with her. There are 8 reasons to buy a lubricant today.

High-quality lubricant is created specifically for the genitals. It does not cause irritation. It is a safe compound that makes proximity more convenient. Unlike materials at hand, it does not affect the mucosa, does not lead to dysbiosis.

1. Glide

Smooth movements and ease of penetration are achieved precisely thanks to the lubricant. A small amount allows you to forget about the difficulties of entry, and the loss of a member happens less often. In this case, the movements become smooth. It is especially necessary to try a lubricant for couples where there is not enough natural secret to lubricate the genitals.

2. Odor masking

Many people are shy of the aroma of their genitals. But if you choose a lubricant with a pleasant smell, it will completely eliminate biological odors. This is an opportunity to completely cope with embarrassment.

3. Injury protection

They happen often, are invisible in the process, but then they can lead to inflammation. Especially often they accompany anal sex. A lubricant protects delicate skin.

4. Elimination of pain

With a lubricant, women are less likely to complain of pain during sex. Comfort increases, pleasant sensations intensify. Even a very long sexual intercourse does not seem complicated and brings pleasure to both participants.

5. Sensation enhancement

Sensuality enhancement occurs with exciting lubricants. They cause a rush of blood to the genitals, which activates the nerve endings. It increases arousal, brings orgasms closer. Warming, cooling, stimulating lubricants expand experiences, make them brighter.

6. Add flavor

Oral lubricants can be eaten and they are designed for blowjob and cunnilingus. It’s getting better and better with them; And the process is more like eating dessert. The sweet taste is very pleasant, while the lubricants do not contain calories, as they are made on the basis of sweeteners. There are hundreds of different tastes, you can choose fruit, flower or the taste of a delicious dessert.

7. Extension of sexual intercourse

There are lubricants that help control sex time. Prolongers slow down a man, help control arousal and delay ejaculation. With the cream, it will be possible to lengthen the act by 5-15 minutes, while the orgasm will not become less intense.

With high-quality lubricant, sex can be more interesting! It will protect the skin, facilitate the insertion of the penis, make the glide smooth. And if you choose a composition with special effects, then the sensations will be sharper.

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