7 sex discoveries every man makes

A man’s views on sex change with age. And he makes several important discoveries for himself. They change attitudes towards life, shape certain behavior. Some of them are found in adolescence, others only after 30 years. Perhaps after 60, others appear, but so far about earlier conclusions.

1. Girls in life and in porn are very different

What is happening on the screen does not look like reality. Most girls are not always ready for sex, rarely agree to anal sex and swallow sperm on a regular basis. The differences in behavior are very noticeable, but they are not the only ones.

Many more women look far different from the models in the films. Bodies are very different, and “reference” are rare. And sometimes character is much more important than breast size.

In general, adult films and real life are only partially similar. And you should not rely on the experience gained from the cinema. It doesn’t help.

2. Opportunities are limited

This revelation comes with age. In youth, you can make love a lot and often, but then this opportunity disappears. And it becomes clear that perfect will never happen.

The first setbacks, weakening of erection and inability to come will happen to everyone. And no one can be a “sexy giant” all the time. And therefore, it is important to take care of health in order to maintain libido as long as possible. And it will depend on the right lifestyle – whether sex will be retired or not.

And along with this discovery, something else happens – it suddenly becomes clear that women love men not only for sex, that there are other qualities that are very important to them.

3. You can seduce any woman

Even if it seems inaccessible, you can find an approach to it. Even a very beautiful woman can be lonely. And the ability to joke, talk on interesting topics is very conducive to acquaintances.

Today there are many courses that teach seduction. And all these tricks work. And it is self-confidence that is important, and not appearance or physical ability in bed, in order to find an approach to any lady.

4. Sex in a car is dangerous

Beautiful shots from films, where she gives him a blowjob while the car is moving – this is a bad plot. In life, it can lead to negative consequences. And it is better to choose another time for love pleasures.

Many of the plots shown in the films cannot be translated into reality. And so sex on the plane, on the train, or on the roof is not something worth dreaming about.

5. Sex on the first date is rare

If a couple meets only for sex, everything happens at once. But if the goal is acquaintance and further communication, and building relationships, on the first evening, intimacy does not happen often. Usually, partners want to get to know each other better.

And the older people get, the longer it takes to get to bed. In youth, you could meet in a club, or after 6-8 hours you could wake up together. At a more mature age, meetings take place in different circumstances, and the rules of the genre often involve lengthy foreplay.

6. Physical pleasure in sex is not the most important thing

The discovery is that physical contact alone is not enough to satisfy. Sex is an emotional process, and it is interesting when all this is accompanied by feelings, conversations, trust. In a permanent couple, not just sex is formed, but something more.

And it is the relationship that allows you to start interacting in a completely different way. And the longer they last, the closer people get. And sex is only one component of the union, and it is important, but not the only one.

7. Sex can be boring

In adolescence, any sex seems exciting and desirable. But over the years it becomes clear that intimate activities can become boring. That gradually everything becomes predictable, and it’s boring.

To keep things going, you need to work on diversity. It is important to try something new, experiment. And this is the only way to keep interest. And for this you need special accessories: from vibrators to whips. Only they will allow you to try something new every time and not repeat yourself. Happy couples go to sex shops. They visit such stores, knowing that any purchase will give new emotions, will re-enable curiosity. 7 sex discoveries every man makes. And they all change his life. At 40, he looks at sex completely differently than at 20. And this is a normal process that cannot be stopped.  

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