7 ways to achieve sexual compatibility with any partner

When we are told about sexual compatibility, the first thing in our head is an association with an erotic horoscope. However, the true meaning of this concept has little to do with the signs of the zodiac. Many women underestimate the coincidence of tastes in bed. I was repeatedly accused of promoting base passions, commentators tried to prove that for a stable relationship it is enough to “just love each other.” I am of the opinion Beigbeder and believe that elevated feelings live only 3 years old. But sex lasts much longer. Mental closeness is certainly important, but you can’t go far without eroticism. Today I will give 7 effective ways to sync with any partner. 


What is Sexual Compatibility?

Sexual compatibility is a physical attraction based on the similarity of erotic preferences, in most cases leading to sexual release (in other words, orgasm).

Sexual compatibility is different from banal sexual arousal. The latter occurs as a result of the release of hormones in response to the contemplation of a sexual object or as a result of stimulation of erogenous zones. This is commonplace chemistry. In a long-term relationship, the irritant (read – your partner) remains unchanged. After a certain period of time, your body gets used to the same type of stimulus. The body does not pay attention to the hormonal cocktail, moreover, the endocrine system calms down. You are less sensitive to your partner’s affection.

Romance spices up sex in the first years of marriage. When the veil of love falls, the roughness in the bed is invariably found. Now the couple cannot do without building bridges between two opposite points of view on sex.

What do you need to know about sexual compatibility?

1. Sexual incompatibility exists

The supposed experts scream that the problem is far-fetched. However, they are not entirely correct. Indeed, in almost any situation, points of contact can be found. However, smart readers emphasize the “practically” clause. If a girl prefers vanilla sex, and a man is a pronounced dominant , with a craving for violence, then the couple will not get along. There are only exceptions in “50 shades …”. Another illustrative example – a woman needs daily stimulation, and her partner needs 1-2 times a week. This kind of incompatibility will be the death knell for marriage. 


2. You can determine sexual compatibility before intimacy

To do this, you just need to talk frankly with a potential lover. Approach the conversation as responsibly as you would your interview for a high-paying job. Make a checklist – a list of questions that reveal the candidate’s preferences. Introduce the most extreme erotic techniques there. Divide the questionnaire into 4 categories: “excellent”, “acceptable”, “acceptable, but …”, “never in my life.” If a man’s sexual tastes concern exclusively forbidden topics, then such a partner is not suitable for you. 


3. Women suffer from sexual incompatibility more than men

For women and men, sexuality peaks at different ages. Guys turn into rabbits at 20, and girls put on rabbit ears closer to 30. Dissatisfaction in the ladies’ bed turns into a bouquet of gynecological diseases. Erosive phenomena, cysts, inflammations are just a small list of the consequences of underuse . But it seemed to nature that bodily torment was not enough. In addition to physical changes, psychological trauma occurs. Women cannot voice their claims to their soulmate and carry problems inside. As a result, complexes and self-dissatisfaction are formed. 


4. Divorce is a consequence of sexual incompatibility

Dissatisfaction in bed is unconsciously sublimated into other aspects of the relationship. Women who are not comfortable with sex become irritable, picky. Men do not strive to return home from work, and within the walls of their native monastery they are like castrated cats – fat, lazy and flabby. Low-quality sex provokes infidelity. Divorce is the logical ending of incompatibility.

5. Signs of sexual compatibility

A short list of signs of sexual compatibility is as follows:

  • both of you think sex is an integral part of a relationship;
  • both of you enjoy the same sexual activities;
  • you have formed a certain schedule of sexual intercourse, and it suits you;
  • you strive to bring your partner to orgasm, and he wants to satisfy you;
  • you like the process, but the rush is not an end in itself;
  • your partner turns you on, and you turn him on;
  • you try new things in bed;
  • you do not shy away from intimacy;
  • you talk about sex;
  • you communicate after orgasm.

In principle, compatibility can be developed. And then I will tell you how to do it.

How to achieve compatibility in bed

1. Try what he likes

To get something, you need to give something in return. Take the first step, show wisdom. It is inappropriate to yell about sexual incompatibility if you have not gone beyond the missionary position in joint experiments. In addition, the future gratitude of your man is difficult to describe in words. He will come out of his skin, so that you are not disappointed.

2. Customize techniques to suit individual preferences

The mistake of novice erotic researchers is to blindly follow the prescribed methods. After reading an article on the Internet or watching porn, they try to repeat the advice of experts step by step. And this is not correct. Do not forget that your body is unique, and sexual techniques are good because they can be adjusted to the individual characteristics of lovers.

3. Get rid of prejudices 

In bed, loving people should not have inhibitions. Everything that happens in pairs is automatically classified as “Secret”. If you find it difficult to get rid of all the prejudices at once, proceed step by step. The “Could be worse” method has proven itself very well .

For example, let’s say you are shocked by a classic blowjob. To break a taboo, you watch group porn in which a dozen men are lowered into the mouth of an actress. The first videos will be disgusting, and then you will happily eat mayonnaise sandwiches to the accompaniment of the sounds accompanying ejaculation.  

4. Try new things

Don’t dwell on your favorite techniques. Foie gras every day is boring too. Master new positions, different types of sex, test sex toys with your loved one. Include your significant other in the process. Make a plan for erotic labs for the week and follow it.   

5. Get sex out of the bedroom

The scenery also contributes greatly to the intimate performance. Coitus in the bedroom is notoriously associated with routine. Run around the apartment, test the strength of various surfaces. Make love wherever you need to – at home and outside. Jump on top of each other at different times of the day and night. I suggest taking a look at the article about the most unusual places for sex. 

6. Spend more time together

Having a hobby together has been shown to help eliminate problems in bed. You spend more time together, talking, sharing thoughts, and getting closer emotionally. The barrier of mistrust is being destroyed. 

7. Think positively

You will not be able to immediately synchronize your intimate biorhythms. Don’t get discouraged and don’t stop trying. Give up negative perceptions of reality. 

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