A journey into the world of sex: its types, rules and attitude to the sex of men and women

The variety of types of sex allows and encourages us to discover new facets of love, facts about sex. Multiply them by individual sexuality, and this mechanical act turns into a real sensual symphony.

We invite you to take a short journey into the world of sex and its importance for men and women. It hardly makes sense to paint the definitions of “what is sex” and aim at the loud headlines “All About Sex”, but we want you, after reading this article, to fill in the gaps in knowledge about the seemingly familiar types of erotic intimacy in order to diversify and improve intimate life.

Types of sex by number of participants


The most accessible form of love, and at this spicy moment, you can add variety. One way is to touch the genitals on a stable surface. Some girls can even bring themselves to orgasm without any external physical influence, strong compression of the pelvic muscles, hips (sometimes it even becomes a problem, for example, for athletes).

Another method that women usually resort to, but men can adopt it, is to shower themselves with a powerful stream of water, usually under the shower.

Also in sex shops there are a lot of toys, for women – vibrators and dildos, for men – masturbators. There are sex dolls of varying degrees of realism, designed for both men and women. For lovers of anal entertainment of any gender – plugs, balls and other devices.

Couple sex

This is a “classic” act involving two. Usually, when they talk about sex, it is assumed that it is paired.

Group sex

More than two people are involved in this sexual interaction. The most common is threesome sex (scientifically “triolism”). A mass phenomenon in a group act is called an orgy, and there are no boundaries how many people can participate in it.

Swing sex should be singled out separately: a group practice in which lovers participate in a couple. There is a popular stereotype that swingers necessarily engage in couples and exchange partners, but in reality such a relationship includes a whole palette of interactions. These may include polyamorous alliances and adventure-seeking loners.

Love for specific areas of the body

Everything here, of course, is very conditional. Usually, in such intercourse, attention is paid to some particular area of ​​the body, for example, the penis or female genitals, and sometimes the focus of attention can be transferred from one erogenous zone to another.

Vaginal sex

This includes all types of sex with vaginal penetration. The only exception: if the tongue penetrates it, then this will apply to oral practices.

But this type of sex can involve fingers, a penis or sex toys, any oblong solid objects. To increase the sensitivity of the vaginal walls and for a greater girth density (which enhances the pleasant sensations of the partner), there are Kegel exercises that can be done either without everything or with vaginal balls.

Contrary to stereotypes, not all women give preference to exclusively vaginal sex. Someone cannot relax enough, which is why the process may be associated with inconvenience and pain, someone does not have enough of their own lubrication, and someone is simply carried away by other practices.

Anal sex

It can involve fingers, a penis, sex toys – only the point of influence changes. On the one hand, anal sex is available to everyone, regardless of gender and orientation. On the other hand, there are many complexities in it, it requires more thorough preparation and has more safety requirements.

  • First of all, they should not be practiced too often, otherwise it may threaten health problems in the future. Proctologists recommend having anal sex no more than once every 1-2 weeks. Experiments with the expansion of the anus are especially harmful. It is undesirable for women who practice this type of sex to immediately switch to vaginal sex immediately after it in order to avoid the introduction of pathogenic bacteria from the intestines into the vaginal microflora. Of course, there is always a danger of contracting STDs, so the principle “you cannot get pregnant, so you can do without a condom” only works with regular partners in whom you are 100% confident.
  • The second point is hygiene. Someone just needs to wash, while someone resorts to enemas, which need to be given no later than 3-4 hours before intercourse.
  • The third is the complexity of the process itself. The anal opening does not release lubricant, and in order not to injure the partner, the use of lubricant is required. Silicone-based products are incompatible with condoms, while water-based products require relatively frequent “renewal” – during the process, you will have to periodically make stops to add lubricant. Like vaginal sex, anal sex requires relaxation skills. Therefore, for the first experiments, be patient and choose the slowest pace possible.
  • And finally, the psychological moment. First, many are hindered by homophobic attitudes. Secondly, the anus is associated with the act of defecation, in connection with which there are associations with something dirty. And this is not to mention those who consider any sex, except classic, perversion.

Despite the prejudice, anal sex has not lost its popularity throughout the history of mankind. For some, the area around the hole belongs to the erogenous zones. Someone likes the feeling of being filled up inside.

For men in the passive role, prostate stimulation brings additional pleasure. In an active role, the feeling of a tight grip on the penis can be attracted (however, not all men like it, some do not accept this kind of sex). In heterosexual couples with constant trusting relationships, anal sex is attractive with a wide range of sensations without the risk of becoming pregnant.

Oral sex

This is the stimulation of the genitals with the mouth. For men – blowjob, for women – cunnilingus, plus rimming – oral interaction with the anus – stands alone.

Such practices cause shame in some. In their minds, this is often associated with something humiliating, since the “clean” (mouth) is in contact with the “dirty” (genitals). Sometimes the feeling of disgust does not apply to the whole process, but to a certain part of it.

For example, a girl is not against giving her partner a blowjob, but against any interaction with sperm. Or, these interactions may strictly exclude some options from themselves (for example, ejaculating on the face or swallowing semen).

Partners in heterosexual couples are worried about a lack of knowledge and experience, are afraid to make a mistake and be branded as a bad lover. If “classical” sex seems to many more or less understandable, then oral seems to be something akin to high art. As in any business, everything comes with practice, and in contact with a partner, and with his personal preferences.

Manual sex

A bit of confusion might arise here. Some people call manual any sex in which the hands interact with the genitals. In fact, it only refers to the stimulation of the penis.

Many consider this kind of love “not real” and consider it only as a prelude or alternative. At its core, it is no different from any other sexual practice: it, too, can lead to vivid orgasms; there are many techniques that can be used to diversify the sensations. Just like any other intimate process, manual sex will help to bring partners closer and strengthen their feelings for each other.

Other types of sex

We have listed the most common types, excluding rare ones, for example, the interaction of the genitals with other parts of the body (feet, chest, buttocks, elbow or knee bend, etc.). If you continue to explore your sexuality, there are many other interesting types of intimate pleasures for you:

  • role-playing games – costume or not;
  • extreme types of sesca – in public places, in dangerous conditions, with the risk of being noticed, etc .;
  • BDSM is a whole stratum of culture based on obtaining acute sexual sensations through rough physical pressure;
  • virtual sex – by phone, video communication or correspondence;
  • contactless sex is an unusual practice that can be carried out separately or be part of any of the above. The main condition is not to touch the genitals, but to experience sexual pleasure (in some cases, orgasm).

An important point: any sex can be healthy and unhealthy. Healthy sex is a voluntary interaction of adults.

Talking about unhealthy sex (deviations), modern sexology works only with those cases that harm either the patient or the people around him. If even one clause in the “voluntary interaction of adults” rule is violated, criminal liability is imposed on it: we are talking about pedophilia, bestiality and rape.

The importance of sex for modern lovers

Sex today is not always associated with love and childbirth. Often its main function is to safely have fun and share it with others, and for this, respect for a partner is enough. Therefore, in the civilized world, the censure of one-night relations and sex for friendship is gradually disappearing.

The role of sex in romantic and family relationships has changed. Increasingly, spouses are moving away from the concept of “marital duty” towards the concept of “Better sex with someone with whom it is good and without him.”

Psychological literacy is in trend: when partners notice that sex is becoming a marker of relationship problems, they go to family psychologists with this question, and not to the trainers of the “Give him / her unforgettable pleasure” courses. More and more people are realizing that sex is not a means to manipulate, pay for something or compensate for inner feelings.

Have sex wisely, enjoy it, share it with others, and don’t judge those who do it differently from you.

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