Are Pickup Courses Alive?

How did they appear

Today, starting to surf in a smartphone, you will definitely come across an advertisement for some kind of training: on business, on motivation; in messengers there were videos from very specific trainings for women, there they also handed out bananas to everyone. At the dawn of the information business , pickup courses were quite popular among a certain male audience. The reason for the popularity of such services lies on the surface: men in our country are brought up mainly by women with all the consequences. Men disappear at work, participate in wars, build factories in the North, while their wives raise their sons. Such guys grow up infantile, irresponsible, and their fear of girls is very great. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a demand for pickup courses.

pickup kitchen

So what are pickup courses? If you watch a video on Youtube or chat with the “old guard” of pick -up artists or read a few books on the topic of dating, everything becomes clear.
So, at the heart of the pickup courses is the Guru or the main personality that all recruits look up to. Trainings have a certain set of rules, which often does not take into account the personal success of the participants. If you met a dream girl and are already running to order a limousine for a wedding, then don’t rush – you don’t follow the rules, which means you can be kicked out of the training. Also, remember about the competition – the competitive atmosphere is heated by the Guru himself and the newly minted “seducers” are forced to lie about the number of sexual victories. But, as they say, you can’t run away from yourself, and such “deals” with yourself can lead to neuroses.

Unmet Expectations

Among the people and, in particular, among girls, pick -up artists are unpopular. This is due to the fact that the pickup does not imply large-scale changes in personality and character, so the girls are led to some manipulative tricks, in vain thinking that from yesterday’s average guy he became Stethem . And this is the main drawback of pick -up courses – if you change, then only in a very meager amount.

What to do to make everything work

Today, some of these harmless educational centers have mutated into real sects, whose members “perform” for the sake of hype. Everyone remembers Rybka with Grass and other interesting adventures of these characters. The rest of the pickup market players continue to use outdated techniques and hackneyed tricks.
Unlike the classic dating courses and the sectarians described above, we offer a complete reboot of your masculinity. We pump charisma and self-confidence, teach you to set goals and achieve them. Only in the format of a complete study of the personality, we give the rules for the seduction of girls. Men’s School will not force you to dial the maximum number of phones, we want you to make your own choice and when you see the one that you like, you will be 100% ready.

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