Bee stings against prostatitis, or apitherapy

Bee stinging in the treatment of inflammation of the prostate refers to non-traditional methods, but has long been successfully used. Apitherapy for prostatitis is commensurate with taking a number of drugs. You will learn the procedure for the treatment of prostatitis with bees, its effect on the body.

General information

Apitherapy is a complex of sessions with the use of bees and their waste products:

  • honey;
  • propolis;
  • bee bread;
  • subpestilence;
  • pollen.

Bee venom in this case has a positive effect. It acquires the properties of poison when bitten by at least 50 insects at a time. Getting 250-500 bites at the same time will be fatal.

Important! Bee stinging is harmless as long as you follow the recommendations of an apitherapist who has the knowledge of the right sting points, which will give the maximum beneficial effect.

Carrying out apitherapy assumes that the specialist knows the sting points for prostatitis. Without this knowledge, therapy is useless. The features of the procedure are known only to specialists, therefore it is highly undesirable to independently carry out such procedures.

With regular therapy, the human body gets used to bee venom. In this case, individual reactions can be different, so the supervision of a specialist is necessary.

Healing properties of apitoxin

Studies have shown that the poison has a wide positive effect on the body, strengthens the immune system. This is achieved due to the content in apitoxin of a huge number of active components (more than 250), the combination of which has a number of positive effects:

  • normalization of blood circulation, decrease in the tone of blood vessels;
  • lowering cholesterol levels;
  • improvement of metabolic processes;
  • restoration of normal hormone levels;
  • positive effect on the central nervous system;
  • increase in mental and physical activity.

With prostatitis, adenoma, apitherapy reduces pain, relieves inflammation.

With bee therapy, blood clotting slows down, its properties improve, due to which the reproductive organ regenerates faster and restores function.

The effect of bee venom on the male body

The composition of bee venom has a complex positive effect on the prostate:

  • Hyaluronidase increases the degree of cell permeability, which facilitates the entry of beneficial substances. Under its action, the elasticity of tissues improves, the adhesive process decreases, hyaluronic acid is split, drugs penetrate faster to the affected tissues;
  • Mellitin has an even broader effect: dilates blood vessels, prevents convulsions, relieves inflammation, and prevents the spread of pathogenic bacteria;
  • The MSD substance fights foci of inflammation, improves capillary permeability;
  • Serotonin, also known as the “happiness hormone”, is a neurotransmitter that transmits impulses between the hemispheres of the human brain;
  • Protease inhibitors limit the synthesis of enzymes responsible for the activation of inflammatory processes;
  • Formic acid anesthetizes, destroys bacteria, eliminates inflammation.

An important element in the composition of bee venom is zinc. It helps to increase the production of testosterone, stimulates the formation of spermatozoa, increases potency, normalizes the functioning of the prostate gland and improves immunity.

The scheme of treatment of prostatitis

The scheme of apitherapeutic procedures is prescribed by the attending physician. Favorable time for procedures is summer. The duration of one procedure is approximately equal to 15 minutes, until the bee venom is completely absorbed.

Prostatitis is treated in one of two ways:

  • reflex – point effect on acupuncture points;
  • biological – a bee sting near the affected area.

At the beginning of treatment, a trial procedure is carried out in order to check the occurrence of an allergic reaction.

In the absence of allergy to bees, a course of bee treatment is prescribed . The number of insects is calculated specifically for each patient, based on the reaction of his body.

The choice of the foreskin as the point of application of the sting is the most favorable. Thus, apitoxin reaches the cavernous bodies and the prostate gland faster.

With the acupuncture method of prostatitis apitherapy, the doctor takes a bee with tweezers and applies it to the sting point. It can be a thumb or index finger, a point on the elbow, coccyx, armpit, or solar plexus. In this case, the impact is carried out first according to an increasing, and then according to a decreasing schedule.

Important! Manifestations of prostatitis will gradually disappear after the first session.

Possible Complications

Probably a short-term increase in body temperature after the session. There may also be a drop in blood pressure, itching or swelling on the body, swelling of the face.

Based on possible reactions, it is preferable to conduct sessions in the evening or on weekends. If the observed reaction is negative, the procedure should not be carried out within the next 3-4 days.

During treatment, it is not recommended to drink alcohol, go to the bath or sauna. It is also better to temporarily stop the use of allergenic foods, if possible, switch to a hypoallergenic diet.

Local swelling and slight redness of the sting site are normal reactions and are not considered a complication.


In addition to hypersensitivity to bee venom, which is especially pronounced in older men, and allergic reactions, treatment with bees is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • tuberculosis;
  • mental disorders;
  • infectious diseases;
  • benign, malignant formations;
  • the presence of renal failure;
  • cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure;
  • certain diseases of the heart or lungs;
  • transferred hepatitis;
  • type 1 diabetes mellitus;
  • age less than 14 years.


If you have the time and opportunity to contact a good specialist, you should try the treatment of prostatitis with bees. This method is completely natural, safe, its effectiveness has been confirmed by studies and many recovered patients.

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