Benefits of Tennis Ball Prostate Massage

The problem of prostate diseases is relevant for most men who lead a sedentary and sedentary lifestyle.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the causes of pathologies, modern methods of treatment, as well as the technique of prostate massage with a tennis ball and the effect of sexual activity on the results of therapy.

Why do prostate diseases occur?

The prostate gland is an organ responsible for sexual function, psycho-emotional state and general health of a man. Here that special secret is produced that nourishes and protects spermatozoa.

In addition, the muscles of the prostate during contraction ensure the ejection of the seed into the urethra. Therefore, most of the vital functions of the body depend on its performance.
The problem is that the gland is located in a specific place in the male body.

The access of blood, and, accordingly, oxygen and other important components, is not always sufficient. As a result of a deficiency of nutrients, the productivity of the prostate decreases.

Stagnant processes in the capillaries give rise to inflammatory reactions and provoke serious diseases. Sedentary work and low physical activity, characteristic of a modern person, contribute to the development of prostate diseases.

Frequent hypothermia, vitamin deficiency and promiscuity also have a negative impact on its proper functioning.

How to understand that there is a threat

The main symptoms indicating problems:

  • pain in the groin area;
  • difficulty urinating;
  • general weakness and decreased performance;
  • burning and itching of the genitals;
  • painful ejaculation or impotence;
  • sometimes – fever, chills.

The main ailments of the prostate are prostatitis, adenoma, carcinoma (cancer of the gland), cysts and stones. In the absence of proper attention and timely intervention of professionals, the consequences can be very serious – from infertility and impotence to loss of working capacity and death.

Effective Treatments

Stimulation methods are widely used to prevent and treat diseases of the prostate.
Prostate massage is an effective method of treating male pathologies. It is used both in complex treatment and for preventive purposes.

The main indications for the appointment:

  • chronic pelvic pain;
  • prostatitis;
  • infertility caused by inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • impotence associated with diseases of the prostate.

Distinguish between direct and indirect methods. The greatest efficiency is achieved when using the direct method, in this case the massage is performed rectally by an experienced massage therapist directly with his hands or with the help of equipment.

The peripheral zone of the gland is palpated by the direct method, it is in it that oncological diseases are diagnosed in 70% of all cases.

Prostate massage with a tennis ball is considered one of the methods of indirect influence.
The main advantage of indirect massage is the ability to perform it yourself at home, using improvised means. Official medicine considers this method less effective, but its positive effect has been scientifically proven.

Indirect massage promotes the flow of blood and nutrients into the massaged organ, as well as the removal of harmful microorganisms. For the prevention of prostate diseases, this is enough, but in the fight against pathologies, massage should be carried out only in addition to the main treatment.

Indirect massage is performed with special devices, hands or using improvised means. One of the varieties include sets of exercises that help reduce the prostate:

  • squats;
  • press exercises;
  • bridge and birch;
  • swing your legs;
  • exercise “bicycle”;
  • ball exercises;
  • breathing exercises;
  • run.

Can massage cause complications?

There are situations when an indirect effect on the gland is contraindicated:

  • prostatitis in the acute phase;
  • bacterial diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • purulent foci;
  • cysts and tumors of the pelvic organs;
  • bowel disease.

Independent massage should be started only after consultation with a specialist!

The urologist, before giving a review, should exclude the list of contraindications above and conduct a number of studies, including blood tests, urine tests and ultrasound.

Tennis Ball Prostate Massage Technique

For example, consider one of the simplest massagers, which has collected the largest number of positive reviews.

You will need one large tennis ball, which can be purchased at sports equipment stores. The tennis ball massage technique is simple – the patient sits with the perineal area (between the anus and scrotum) on the ball and rolls it back and forth with translational movements.

You need to start smoothly, gradually increasing the load to reasonable limits. This is followed by a transition to circular movements with a small amplitude. The session lasts 3-5 minutes. The norm is a feeling of discomfort that does not turn into a sharp pain – this is usually due to the sensitivity of the massaged organ and inflammation inside it.

If the exercise is difficult for the patient, for starters, you can simply try to keep your balance on the ball, helping yourself to hold on with your hands. Prostate massage at home with a ball should be carried out with a full bladder and empty it immediately after completion. Because harmful substances are excreted along with urine, it is advisable to do this as soon as possible after the procedure.

The course of massage recommended by doctors lasts about two weeks. Then you should pause for another one to two weeks. If necessary, the course is repeated after a break. During the procedure, you should monitor your feelings. The appearance of sharp pains is considered the norm only during the first sessions.

If over time the pain increases with exposure, you should seek the advice of your doctor. Exercise with a tennis ball can only partially replace prostate massage, because. sometimes, according to the doctor’s indications, a direct method of massaging the peripheral zone of the gland is necessary.

How massage affects the course of the disease

Studies conducted in groups of men who independently massaged the prostate with a tennis ball showed a number of positive changes:

  • improvement of blood flow in the prostate area;
  • removal of congestion in capillaries;
  • slowing down the inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system;
  • normalization of the process of urination;
  • removal of pain in the genital area;
  • increased sexual desire.

This impressive list clearly illustrates the importance of manipulative influence in preventive and therapeutic measures.

Sex – cure or aggravate?

The most common question from patients is whether it is possible to have sex during treatment. The answer of the scientific community is unequivocal – an active sexual life stimulates the work of the prostate gland and has a beneficial effect on its condition. The withdrawal of seminal fluid helps to relieve congestion and slow down inflammatory processes.

The recommendations of doctors – to have sex at least twice a week, avoiding delayed ejaculation and the practice of coitus interruptus.

Summarizing the issue under consideration, an obvious conclusion suggests itself: prevention is the best treatment. And regular examinations by the attending physician and timely detection of problems are the key to a healthy life and longevity.

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