Better than sex: men said they really enjoyed them

“They only think about sex,” some women are sure. But it was not there! The more versatile your man, the more temptations he has besides carnal pleasures.

Sergey, 39 years old, engineer, lives with his beloved woman

“Yes, much more interesting than sex: sports, travel, new places, study. I would even say that by 40, sex is boring, or something, very much seems to be more interesting. I will say even more: you begin to regret that it took you so much time of a conscious life. Brains did not think this is the worst. And he could do something useful.

For men, sex is just hormones, and nothing more. Emotions from sports, travels, achievements in life are much brighter and have no aftertaste – feelings of guilt, emptiness, or something, the perishability of being. In general, expressing emotions after sex can be something like “Lord, and for what is it? Damned hormones, brains in a fog. It would be better … ”- and then follows the thinking that it would be possible to make interesting and useful.

Sex does not warm. But caring, participation, the warmth of the hand of the person who needs you, the voice that calls you by name – it warms. But definitely not sex.

The Japanese have the expression kenja taimu , which literally translates as “time of wisdom.” This time does not last long for men, and it comes immediately after an orgasm, when you are finally completely free from the power of sexual desire and can give birth to truly wise thoughts.

In general, it’s good that I’m finally not 15. But it’s a pity that it’s almost 40. ”

Egor, 33 years old, marketing director, dating a girl

“What do I love most and more than sex?” Imagine a small group of friends, 3-4 people with whom you are really interested. And now to take them, get together, drink cognac and conduct metaphysical conversations – this is my favorite, and not at all sex, honestly.

Before, I often preferred a sex game to Tanki. After all, here cares if you are a long time in a relationship, you have a woman is always at hand, so to speak, and, in fact, you can have sex with her at all times – this activity has already, in principle, loses its edge. And you are either looking for disturbing emotions on the side, which is a sin to hide, or, since you spend the evening at home again, you are engaging in something more interesting and less energy-intensive . After all, sex is a waste of energy, and for this action there must be a reason – attraction. Keeping him paired when you’ve been together for more than five years and accumulated mutual grievances is not so simple.

What I still love more than sex (already in a new relationship): get enough sleep after a busy week, one; recently fell in love with skiing. In general, sports are very similar to sex. Some people like to work, probably more than sex: sometimes I come to work at 8 in the morning, and there someone is already sitting, programming, for example, well, he likes to code , you know! Although, maybe he is watching a porno , who knows. Just kidding, of course. But in general, someone like masturbation more than sex. As for work, for most true entrepreneurs the excitement of business and achievements more often than not overlaps the pleasure of sex. ”

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