Bright ideas for fun sex

Many couples get bored with boring and routine sex, so they want variety, passion, stormy impressions of intimacy, so that they can feel dizzy with desire in anticipation of unforgettable pleasure. Bright ideas for delightful and magnificent sex will make intimacy rich and exciting, any couple can use them to realize their wildest fantasies.  

Instant striptease

Want to turn on your partner? Then, while walking, look for a corner with instant photos , such are in department stores, shops. It is desirable that the place be deserted. Climb into the booth together, pull the curtain and put on a passionate show in front of the camera. In addition to pleasure, you can get a few piquant photos that will excite and tease, encourage new sexual exploits. 

Nude style

Tired of fashion stores and just sick of them, do not rush to pass by if you are overcome by the desire to have sex. In the fitting room, you can arrange an erotic fitting together. You can bring underwear, stockings, negligees, leather items, lace clothes and other exciting outfits with you. The woman will try on clothes, and the guy, watching this, passionately desire intimacy. This will give new emotions and impressions. But before experimenting, it is important to make sure there are no cameras in the fitting room.  


For a variety of intimacy, you can invite your partner to paint on your body . It’s incredibly exciting. Patterns can be made with chocolate, jam, or ordinary paints. Such erotic fun will not leave anyone indifferent and the intimacy will be delightful. Sweet sex, in which you can feast on each other’s delicious body and tickle with a brush, will become incredible and stormy. 


To excite intimacy, we suggest making a temporary tattoo on an intimate place. This could be:

  • Inner side of the thigh.
  • Pubis.
  • Ass.
  • Bust.
  • Tummy.

The drawing can be any. Young ladies choose fruits, cute animals. For men, we offer tattoos in the form of sex positions that you want to try with your beloved woman for a variety of sex. The image will not only decorate the body, but will also appeal, excite and entice. And after 1-2 months it will be completely washed off without leaving a trace.  


Have you done yourself an intimate haircut ? Try to excite your partner with an erotic triangle, bright berry, cute square, or other figurine. This will surely please your loved one, he wants to caress an intimate place, give bliss and pleasure. A man can also decorate the pubis, but it is better for him to use simple geometric patterns or completely shave everything. 

Passion path

We blindfold our beloved and give an erotic surprise. You can go to your favorite cafe or restaurant for a romantic dinner, to a hotel for a passionate night, or just spend an evening together in an apartment, enjoying caresses and passionate kisses. Let the person not know that we are waiting for him. Take him to where the surprise will take place. Do not remove the bandage beforehand. During the night, give pleasure to each other, forgetting about embarrassment, fulfilling all wishes and fantasies, dreams. 

Erotic movie

Watch a porn movie together , and the most juicy moments that you liked and aroused can be put into practice. And then you can still discuss vivid scenes, which will again excite the imagination. Why not remind each other in SMS about the spicy scenes when your loved one is at work? After that, the meeting will be even more welcome.

Playing dress up

This is not only funny, but also interesting. A girl can put on a man’s shirt on a naked body, or just go out in one tie, without underwear. Having met a guy from work, a woman, right in the corridor, begins to take off his clothes. Spontaneous sex is beautiful, she turns on, pleasure is guaranteed. You can try on something for him, for example, a plumber’s suit.

Role-playing games are possible with more dramatic dressing up. Choosing a beautiful costume, it is easy to turn into a bunny, a paramedic, a unique animal or your favorite fairy-tale character. 

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