Carrying out the penis entrainment procedure with silicone, petroleum jelly and botox and its results

Dissatisfaction with the size of the penis and reluctance to resort to surgical intervention leads to the emergence of a variety of techniques to increase the length and volume of the phallus. Not everyone is equally safe and effective. One of the most pressing questions that interests many men is whether the enlarged penis with the help of petroleum jelly, silicone and Botox is really getting bigger or is it a myth? Is no less attention paid to how safe it is?  

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with silicone, petroleum jelly and botox?

Botox is a drug with a high content of the neurotoxin complex botulinum toxin. Once in muscle tissue, it blocks nerve signals, which allows you to get rid of expression lines and smooth the skin. The result is “fading” of some areas of the epidermis.

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This property of the substance is actively used by cosmetologists, increasing the size of women’s lips. What will happen to the penis if you get a Botox injection? The only effect will be the lack of transmission of impulses from the nerve endings. No additional volume or length can be achieved.

Silicone is a carcinogenic compound that, when found under the skin, can trigger various diseases, including cancer. Insertable silicone implants should not be confused with direct contact of the substance with soft tissues and protein membrane. This makes such a procedure at least potentially dangerous. 

Vaseline, unlike the previous remedies, is considered the most promising remedy, which is an ointment for external use. It has a softening effect. Greater “effectiveness” relative to other methods does not mean that it is safe and effective.

Attention! No specialist will agree to inject any of the listed substances into the phallus, since it is truly dangerous. With such means, men increase their penis exclusively at home.

What is the effect of this method?

The result, as is clear, depends on which of the listed means to use:

  • if you pump petroleum jelly into the penis, you can achieve a noticeable even visually increase;
  • silicone injections will give a result similar to the above, since the substance, getting under the skin, gives volume;
  • Botox will numb the muscle tissue, but the penis will not be enlarged and the nerve cells will stop transmitting signals.

The effect of the injections does not last forever, but only for a short time, that is, the procedure has to be repeated.

Indications and contraindications for penis filling

Neither botox nor silicone are suitable. The only possible option is Vaseline filling. There are no indications for the use of this technique. It is quite questionable for use and is not approved by experts. Men decide to pump it when they want to change the size of the phallus.

Filling is contraindicated in men with:

  • autoimmune diseases;
  • allergic reactions to components;
  • tendency to scar hypertrophy;
  • foci of inflammation at the injection sites.

The high sensitivity of the dermis to external influences becomes another case when injections cannot be given.

How is filling done?

The procedure is the pumping of the male genital organ with the selected means.

Head filling

The injection site must be treated with alcohol. First, it is necessary to carry out the appropriate procedures and wipe the genitals dry, and already before the direct introduction to carry out disinfection.

Important! We emphasize once again the fact that the procedure is strongly discouraged. She is dangerous and fraught with serious risks to a man’s health.

Approximately 10-15 mg of the substance is collected in a disposable syringe. When it comes to petroleum jelly, it is preheated to a consistency that allows you to easily collect the product.

The substance is injected into the head at an angle of 45 degrees. You must act very carefully, supporting the phallus with the other hand. Uniformity is provided by visual division of the area into separate areas, that is, injections are administered in small doses in a circle.

Pilling cock barrel

It is somewhat more complicated. The procedure requires special attention to several points related to the fact that the injection is carried out into the base of the penis:

  • To prevent the petroleum jelly from accumulating in a clot, it is necessary to make a constriction, but strong compression provokes damage to the blood vessels and veins, which leads to a violation of blood flow to excessive softness of the penis and erection.
  • The accumulation of matter in one area can lead to severe deformation of the penis. The recommended volume (10-12 ml), by the way, is not enough to obtain a truly impressive result, but it is dangerous to inject a large amount of the substance.
  • Another important point is the psychological factor, since a steady hand is essential. If a man is worried and worried, trembling can lead to the needle entering a vein or vessel.

The same is the case with a member inflated with silicone. The administration mechanism and problems are the same.

Possible negative consequences

Knowing how to start a penis with Vaseline, you should not rush to carry out this procedure. She is fraught with problems with men’s health, which will require serious and long-term treatment.

Attention! An increased temperature due to an elementary cold, a visit to a bath, a sauna or a shower / bath that is too hot leads to the spreading of petroleum jelly under the skin and serious negative consequences. 

Men who decide to pump up their penis should be prepared for the following complications:

  • Oleogranuloma. This is the death of genital cells. Foreign matter “wanders” and cannot be removed by the body without outside intervention, that is, surgical removal. The pathological condition accompanies the appearance of cystic cavities, inflammation, suppuration, and fatty benign tumors. The process can begin both a few months and years after the injection.
  • Scars and inflammation. The member is insignificant, but increases in size. A man can remain quite satisfied with the result, but pathological changes cannot be avoided. Injected oily substances always cause inflammation. They appear sooner or later, but they make themselves felt. Soft areas begin to be replaced by connecting ones. This causes the spongy tissue to scar, compressing the urethra, making ejaculation impossible.
  • Constriction of cavernous bodies. If a man decides to pump a penis with any substance, he must understand that an injury is formed at the injection site. It is microscopic, but it leads to sclerotic changes. The distribution of the substance occurs in such a way that the cavernous bodies are pulled, squeezing the cavernous. This disrupts the blood supply to the organ.
  • Sensory impairment. Botox is not recommended because it does not allow nerve signals to pass through. Vaseline or silicone has a similar effect gradually or almost immediately. It can accumulate in a clot and press on nerve endings. The conductivity and sensitivity of the phallus is impaired. The man begins to feel severe pain, his health worsens. Innervation leads to uncontrolled ejaculation, stagnation of sperm, inflammation of the seminal ducts.

Erectile dysfunction is the most harmless consequence of these experimental injections. If, ignoring the negative reviews and warnings of doctors, a man makes injections, finding the slightest deviations from the norm, you should immediately go to a specialist.

Victoria Soklakova

Plastic surgeon

Petroleum jelly and other substances are removed through surgery. It is usually accompanied by plastic, since deformation changes cannot be avoided. The genitals are washed with immunomodulators and antibiotics. A man is prescribed a course of drugs and a special diet that involves the rejection of fatty foods. For several months, until the doctor gives permission, you cannot have sex or masturbate.

Alternative methods of penis enlargement without health risks

Don’t put yourself at risk. There are many techniques that allow you to increase the size of the phallus without negative consequences not only for an erection, but also for health:

  • Operational increase. The length is increased by tissue released between the pubis and scrotum. The head literally stretches out. The procedure is considered relatively safe, it allows the phallus to increase by 2-5 cm. The exact parameter depends on the anatomical features of the structure of the penis. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.
  • Tissue autotransplantation. It is more complex and requires the use of a man’s own muscle or adipose tissue. They are sewn under the skin. The cost of such surgery is high. The rehabilitation period is long.
  • Lipolyfilling. It is carried out on an outpatient basis and involves the introduction of a man’s own fat, which takes root and is not rejected. Unlike home experimental injections, it practically has no complications and allows you to guaranteed to increase the volume of the phallus.
  • Hyaluronic acid injections. The safest and relatively inexpensive way to add a few centimeters in diameter. It should be understood that such a substance cannot be simply purchased at a pharmacy. The resulting effect lasts 1-2 years and the procedure, if necessary, can be repeated.

When, for medical reasons, the sizes are normal, experts advise the latter option. It makes it possible to “test” reversible increase.

Experts’ opinions

No doctor will ever advise or approve the injection of petroleum jelly, botox, silicone. A professional will definitely discourage such procedures. It is impossible to find a doctor’s office in which a man would inject any of these substances into his penis.

Experts advise to resort to qualified assistance and proven techniques. Any manipulations of this nature should be performed exclusively by professional surgeons. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences with complications.

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