Causes of male diseases: stress, infection

The concept of “men’s health” often has a very limited meaning, including only the reproductive sphere. Speaking on a large scale, this concept includes all possible   diseases   male body, associated not only with the genitals, but also with all the other internal organs. The development of the problems of the male body is influenced by infections, including delicate ones, as well as chronic inflammation localized in different places (nasopharynx, liver, pancreas, etc.). Bad habits, especially smoking and drinking large amounts of alcohol, as well as chronic stress, have a negative effect on men’s health. What pathologies are typical for the stronger sex?

Delicate infection: why is it dangerous?

Often, men believe that everything is in order with their health, if they do not have problems with potency, the erection is stable and they are able to have sexual intercourse. However, not only these characteristics reflect the strength of men’s health. In order for a man to lead a full life, it is important that he does not have any somatic or metabolic diseases or chronic hidden infections. Any abnormalities in the work of the internal organs, the synthesis of hormones or latent infection in the genital area negatively affect the well-being, performance and even the psyche. This is due to the formation of chronic inflammation, impaired hormone synthesis, which affects the metabolism and condition. In some cases, the infection leads to prostatitis, which causes problems with urination and, as it progresses, also sexual disorders. It forms   stress, communication problems with the opposite sex. And of course, that if hidden infections are transmitted sexually, they are dangerous not only for the man himself, but also for his partner. Such situations threaten serious discord in his personal life.

Foci of chronic inflammation

Not only in the genital area, but also in other parts of the body, there may be foci of chronic inflammation. The development of prostatitis, cystitis, bronchitis or chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis and even untreated teeth for years is a source of health hazard. Constantly sustaining inflammation undermines the body’s defenses, lowers immunity, which leads to frequent morbidity, reduced efficiency, provocation of allergies. In addition, chronic inflammation is a time bomb inside the body. Any stressful impact can threaten a relapse with the appearance of a bright and pronounced exacerbation. It can get out of the rut for a long time, sometimes even requires hospitalization in order to give inflammation and reintroduce the process into the remission stage.

Diseases of men and the effect on male power

Often, problems in the sexual sphere do not arise from scratch, but become the result of various somatic or metabolic diseases and disorders in the work of the nervous system. Diseases such as atherosclerosis with hypertension are the result of unhealthy lifestyles, poor nutrition and lack of activity. They make significant changes in the blood circulation of the pelvic area, having a negative effect on the male genital area. Metabolic diseases can seriously affect – diabetes mellitus, urolithiasis, gout and many others, and endocrine metabolism plays a significant role. The formation ofobesity in men – one of the most serious endocrine diseases of our time, also negatively affects the potency and libido. Many of these pathologies require medication in order to monitor the condition and prevent deterioration. These side effects may also include problems with sexual function.

Bad habits and health

For many men, the presence of bad habits is typical, often from youth. Their detrimental effects are gradually reflected in appearance and health in general, and male strength, in particular. The hypoxia of tissues, the negative effect on the vessels as a result of such unhealthy habits as smoking, leads to impaired blood circulation in the region of the heart, lungs, and small pelvis. This is reflected in the quality of personal life. Even more detrimental effect of another bad habit – alcohol intake. Moreover, the effect on the potency and hormonal metabolism is not only strong alcohol, but also its light options, wine or beer. Men often consume a large amount of foamy drink, it is high in calories and contains alcohol, which is reflected in water-salt, fat metabolism and leads to impotence. If you add to this company and such habits as eating in front of the TV, sitting at a computer and eating fast food, the results will be even more deplorable.

Stress and its aftermath

For a man and his health, stress is extremely dangerous, affecting the nervous system and all the tissues and organs of the body from day to day. If this is a short-term, physiological or positive emotional stress, it is only useful, it allows you to cheer up and activate. But often such influences as hard physical labor, overwork, constant experiences and negative emotions, especially long-term restraint in oneself, lead to a depletion of body reserves. In this case, chronic stress threatens sleep disorders and insomnia, apathy, decreased performance, depression. It invariably affects the sexual sphere, leading to annoying misfires, which are even more unnerving. If there is no understanding and tactful partner, such problems can result in serious illness, impotence.

In addition, stress leads to increased pressure, the risk of a heart attack or stroke at a relatively young and working age. Such pathologies threaten with disability, which is why a man can no longer fully work, provide for his family, and is forced to constantly limit himself in exertion.

All these facts should be a reason to think about your health as early as possible, to visit a doctor, to undergo a full examination. It is necessary to identify and cure existing infections, control somatic diseases, give up bad habits in favor of a healthy lifestyle. This will help preserve and male power.

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