Do you like a girl?

How to understand that a girl likes you? Criteria with 100% guarantee.

Whether you are interesting to a girl or not is an important parameter. It is from him, often, your further actions depend. Let’s say you’re talking to different girls. At some point, it becomes important for you to understand who you should stop and start getting closer to.

And in this case, there are three basic signs that will 100% let you know that she is really interested in you as a man.

  1. The girl, under any pretext , tries to keep up the conversation herself . You stop talking, she continues the conversation and often laughs at your jokes. That is, she maintains verbal contact all the time, and this contact can be designated as involved.
  2. The girl asks your positive evaluation . She asks how she looks, tries to present herself in the most favorable light. Typical questions: “Am I younger than she is? How do you like my heels? Did you like my hairstyle? She asks for praise.
  3. Access to the body . The girl removes the distance, draws closer, and it is much easier for you to touch her than others.

Well, if all these things are combined, then the easiest test for your rating is to see how quickly and in detail she answers your call or message. If you doubt whether you are in the friend zone or not, then you can just write something to the girl. If a girl immediately sends a smile or answers you in detail, then 100% you are in her cohort of those men who interest her.

Accordingly, if you are in the friend zone, she may not answer or answer dryly, constantly referring to being busy .

keeps up the conversation, answers quickly and in detail, and, most importantly, allows herself to be touched, then she is interested in you. Don’t click through this opportunity because the interest won’t last forever. So strike while the iron is hot.

Good luck!

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