Drunk sex. What will happen if you always drink alcohol before sex?

A lot of couples like to skip a glass or two before intimacy. It helps to relax, they say. But what happens if you drink with every sex? How will this affect sexuality? Are there any negative consequences of such an experiment?

How does alcohol affect health?

The consequences of consumption do not appear immediately, it will take 3-7 years to begin to notice changes that cannot be fixed. And although they do not appear immediately, they begin to appear gradually, a person discovers them too late.

  • Alcohol-containing drinks are anesthetics, they reduce sensitivity . That is why some men after drinking alcohol can not finish. They feel pleasure, but it is not so strong as to experience an orgasm. And if you drink constantly, then the nerve endings atrophy, it is impossible to restore sensations. 
  • Alcohol relaxes. It’s really easier to tune in with him. He turns off the process of “thinking” of what is happening. A person is immersed in sensations without analyzing what is happening. And this is a positive point. But then, if you stop drinking, it will be very difficult to relax. This is more noticeable on women, nor can they finish or orgasms happen much less often than with alcohol. 
  • Relaxation is too intense. And then there is no control, which means the risk of pregnancy or infection increases. Drunk sex can lead to various diseases if partners change and there is no proper protection. And not everything can be cured. 

What is drunk sex?

There are people who believe that sex while intoxicated is a holiday. In this state, it is much easier to decide on some experiments. And it is really so. But here it is very difficult not to cross the line from emancipation to insensibility.

A drunk person does not always control his reactions, and cannot fully monitor his partner. Therefore, alcohol is prohibited in BDSM practices. Slowness, carelessness can cause injuries.

Why is alcohol dangerous?

The drinker does not have the necessary stamina . Over time, he loses strength, the body feels weakened. If you drink several years in a row, physical activity will cause difficulties. And sex requires activity. Alcoholics are not capable of long games, as they lack the strength to maintain them in the right rhythm. Shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle tension become unbearable for 2-3 minutes of active frictions. And to reach the finals or bring a partner is difficult. Sex becomes “lazy”, often vaginal and anal contacts are replaced by caresses with hands and mouth. Over time, sexual intercourse does not seem to be a welcome event, but a serious test. The sexual activity of an alcoholic does not last long. After 10-12 years of use, there is a complete rejection of sex. Men have difficulty with an erection. At first it weakens or does not happen every time, then the excitement ceases to occur at all. A woman does not feel desire, sensations in the process simply do not give joy. Physically, she can make love, but she does not do it for her own feelings. 

How much can I drink?

How much alcohol causes such negative consequences? Will it be so bad if you do not drink hard liquor? Doctors answer this question.

A small dose of alcohol is enough to start a negative effect. A glass of beer, 200 grams of wine will not cause problems. But if the use occurs no more than 4 times a month. If the use occurs more often and in large volumes, there will certainly be problems.
To drink or not to drink? Everyone decides for himself, there is no universal answer. But it is important to understand the consequences of the danger of regular experiments with toxic substances.

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