Female sex tourism – against or for?

The phrase “sex tourism” makes us strong associations with the unearthly beauty of Thai transvestites, legends of local shows with flying needles and smoking not intended for this purpose, fragile Asian girls in an embrace with a big white gentleman who arrived on a white bird.

And also, what to hide with the activities of the Ukrainian group Femen, which opens the eyes of Ukrainians to the bitter truth about their country, whose reputation as a Mecca of developed sex tourism is now booming throughout the world.

But now we will talk about the other side of sex tourism: in fact, this pleasure is the prerogative of not only the stronger sex. I hope that I will not cause anyone a cultural shock if I say that our women also enjoy the widest opportunities for self-expression in this area. For this they only travel to other countries – Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and so on – where, for obvious reasons, local customs limit sexual life, and the climate, on the contrary, promotes it.   

There, our women come off to the fullest, shrouded in the attention and peculiar adoration of local men. The purpose of such trips is often not far from sex, but, most likely, the very atmosphere of courtship and admiration for a woman. They fly to distant hot countries again and again, sitting down on burning eyes and hypocritical words about love as a drug, they become directly dependent on this carnal holiday and literally hardly spend time from trip to trip.

There are many special forums on the Internet where especially advanced sex tourists even pass on hot relay lovers to each other and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. And also, it happens, they quarrel with each other over men who, of course, do not differ in either constancy or fidelity to their temporary resort lovers. A special topic for discussion is the disease: in a relaxed seaside atmosphere, one somehow does not believe in the ubiquitous microbes, which then have to be long and stubbornly removed already in the cold homeland. 

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the idea of ​​female sex tourism – free, adult women have the right to manage their time and body in the way they like. Spa novels are considered and sung repeatedly in the glossy press, and in life sometimes even end in long relationships and weddings. Another question is that, as a rule, the southern countries are not famous for respectful attitude to women health-resort women who enjoy the notoriety of easily accessible. The lust with which local men look at women often does not speak of passion or admiration – it is usually based on the desire to assert oneself at the expense of women, which is typical for local culture.  

As for women, in fact, they assert themselves, enjoying the illusion of demand, love and care. Many of them admit that the conditions in which foreign cavaliers accept them are far from ideal: there are even shabby local slums, because locals are not allowed in hotels. And men themselves are not examples of beauty or masculinity and often have an active wife and a bunch of children. And it’s good if you don’t beg for money yet – and even that happens. Or quite glaring cases of violence!  

The most offensive is why women do not find all this at home? Trips abroad, and even regular ones, can be afforded to women with a certain level of income – that is, oddly enough, just successful, achieved something, usually well-groomed and attractive.  

The reason, most likely, lies in the low self-esteem of sex tourists – they need so much attention and acceptance of themselves that they are ready for this for any sacrifice, expenses and even risk health and safety. Of course , this is their misfortune, not their fault. But maybe it’s worth trying other ways to increase self-esteem, other than dubious pleasure in the form of sex in the heat with random and low-quality men?  

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