Female Sex Tourism: Where To Go In Search Of A Romantic Adventure

In Soviet times, the concept of “sex” was not, in any case, it was not spoken about aloud. If a person went to rest, it meant visiting museums and art galleries, spending time on the beach and swimming in the sea, walking in the woods. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot has changed. One of the most significant events was the “sexual revolution”. We began to openly discuss intimate preferences, experiment, try something new, and not so long ago sex tourism became fashionable.

At first, only men were fond of this direction, but today women have taken over this baton from the stronger sex and are learning with great interest the advantages of this type of travel. We’ll talk about the most popular destinations for a spicy vacation today.

What is sex tourism

Most women today continue to live in accordance with the generally accepted rules of behavior of our ancestors. They are afraid of gossip, avoid gossip and try to maintain their reputation as a respectable lady. However, nobody canceled physical needs. This is precisely the reason that during the trip they do not deny themselves the pleasure of fully receiving male attention, realizing their sexual fantasies with a passionate foreigner, even if it is necessary to pay for it.
Sex tourism involves visiting various countries for the purpose of intimate acquaintance with members of the opposite sex. At first, only men were fond of sexual tourism , but today women have taken over this baton from the stronger sex and are learning with great interest the advantages of spicy travel. As a rule, this is an accidental communication for one or two times, without obligations and opportunities for further continuation of the relationship . Experienced tourists recommend paying attention to such countries. 

Popular destinations for female sex tourism


This exotic country has a well-developed tourism industry, but the living standards of the local population are quite low. Therefore, local macho do not miss the opportunity to earn an extra penny selling their body. If you do not know who to contact or where to look for rent-boys , here they will be happy to advise and tell you everything. As soon as you step off the plane, you will be greeted by escorts who will offer intimate services and announce the prices for a pleasant pastime.

Latin America

The main advantage of this country is local men with strong charisma and unbridled temperament. If you decide to visit Mexico, Brazil or Argentina, get ready to swim in the endless ocean of compliments and male attention. Falling to your knees in the middle of the street in front of a woman you like and begging her for a date is a common thing for the local macho. You will not be allowed to be bored in your hotel room alone in the evenings. A rich entertainment program is always prepared for tourists. If you dream of learning how to dance salsa , go to the disco, where you will definitely find yourself a partner and an instructor in one person.
However, local men have one unpleasant character trait – jealousy. Therefore, before indulging in carnal pleasures with any of the passionate handsome men, think over all the options for the development of events. Flirting with several boyfriends at the same time is dangerous there. Latin Americans do not hesitate to charge for sexual services, but they protect their source of income like the apple of their eye. Meet
local guys at the best bars and dance floors. Of course, you can also find a young man on the beach. But be careful: after a stormy night, ardent lovers often leave “in English”, taking valuable property and money.


Men love to visit this island in search of inexpensive sex. But there are also options for women. As a rule, male escort services are much cheaper than the society of priestesses of love. But you don’t have to look for intimate adventures on a paid basis. If you do not sit in your room and go for a walk on the beach in the evening, you will definitely meet a handsome man who will not mind “on a charitable basis” to give you sexual pleasure, since passion and love are in the air in Cuba.

Gambia, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia

Male prostitution in these countries is official income. The low incomes of the local population made their moral standards more flexible. The strong sex positions its easy availability and venality as superiority over its European counterparts. Good looking guys, well educated and fluent in European languages, will gladly brighten up your days and nights for a modest fee.


Most ladies are sure that Italians are the most temperamental representatives of the opposite sex. They try their best to match this image. Local men do not care how old a woman is, what appearance she has. It’s a matter of honor for them to get your attention and put you to bed. These Don Juans are very sensitive to rejection. To prove to himself and those around him his irresistibility, the Italian will shower you with compliments, persecute, seek favor until you change your anger to mercy and throw away the white flag. However, experienced ladies are not advised to resist such an onslaught for a long time. After all, these southern Europeans have an insanely passionate temperament, thanks to which you can realize the most secret and most daring erotic fantasies.


Turkey is a Muslim country with rather strict rules of conduct for both sexes. The future keepers of the family hearth here are not entitled to sexual relations before the wedding, and a man cannot declare his intentions or make an offer until he has sufficient capital. It is this factor that is decisive in the issue of abstinence. However, the well-developed tourist infrastructure began to attract many European women with more relaxed views on sex. Is it any wonder that any woman without a veil like a magnet attracts local men who yearn for forbidden love and non-binding relationships. Turks are ready to seek the location of a woman by any means, therefore, if you want to feel desirable and bathe in male attention , you will not have to travel far.


Women with a Slavic appearance are especially popular with local men. Of particular admiration are the curvaceous forms (in particular, the chest). If you have blonde hair, white skin and a size 3 chest, you will be idolized. The only thing worth being vigilant about is the age of a potential lover. The appearance of Thais is very deceiving: it is easy to confuse a grown man with a teenager and vice versa. If you do not want to become a child molester, it is better to ask your sex partner for documents confirming his age before intimacy.

Rules for sex tourism lovers

  • Control your emotions. Remember that this is just sex, not a prerequisite for developing a relationship;
  • Be carefull. Do not leave money, passport, valuables in easily accessible places. One-night stand lovers can be crooks;
  • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages and food suggested by a passing gentleman – there may be psychotropic drugs; 
  • Always carry good quality contraceptives with you;
  • Do not share real contacts. Remember: this is just a holiday romance, and you don’t need any consequences.
    Female sex tourism is a relatively young direction. However, this type of travel is becoming more and more popular every year. If you want to feel loved and desired, realize your sexual desires, swim in the sea of ​​adoration and affection (even if for a fee), consider the opportunity to go to distant countries where no one knows you, and therefore you can relax and indulge in everything grave. But no matter how you are carried away by love joys with strangers, never forget about personal safety.

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