“Fifty Shades of Gray”. Who will the girls choose – a vampire or a dominant?

The network has recently appeared the long-awaited trailer for the film adaptation of the acclaimed book “Fifty Shades of Gray.” And many fans are waiting, they won’t wait when they can see the heroes they love on the screen. But there are those who know nothing about the film or the book. For example, who is the author of this book, what is narrated in it? To these questions, and at the same time to many others, I want to answer …

The idea of ​​the book originated with the beginning writer Erica Leonard James, but initially it was not an idea about a book with just such a plot. Like everything then, James was very impressed by the books and films of the Twilight series and, like many fans, wrote “fanfiction”. A few words about the phenomenon of this phenomenon.

Fanfiction (jargon) is an amateur essay based on original and very popular works. They can be written both on the basis of series and movies, as well as anime books, including in the form of comics. The authors of such articles are called fixers, who are true fans of the original works. Naturally, fan fiction is created just for reading, not on a commercial basis, especially for other lovers of such works, and published on the forums of fans of a particular work. Particularly popular now are Harry Potter fanfiction. Many fans write in their works what they would like to see in the future life of their favorite characters. 

But I was a little distracted, back to the story of the creation of the book “Fifty Shades of Gray” based on the Twilight fan fiction. James proposed this scenario: according to her version, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan acted as lovers of relationships in the BDSM character. The reviews were both positive and negative. Then she deleted her work from the forum and posted on her official website, gradually starting to rewrite fanfiction into a book. And so this strange love story happened. Many fans notice some similarities and draw an analogy between Twilight and Hue. 

The plot of the book is simple. A simple student, Anastacia Steele, helping her friend Kate, interviews millionaire Christian Gray, and they have a complicated, but obviously attractive, relationship for both of them. But they are disturbed by his past, his dominant habits and many more reasons. This “impossibility” of realization of attraction is the main analogy with Twilight.  

Comparison: Ana and Bella

Both girls, in my opinion, are the most ordinary average American women who live an ordinary life. One goes to high school, the other graduates from college. Both of them at first sight are attracted to the main character, and natural girlish fantasies prevail over them.

After revelations and heart-to-heart talks, relationships begin to develop at a frantic speed, which is unconventional for such novels. Christian confesses his masochistic inclinations and his desire to “spank” Anna harder. Edward, this beautiful and mysterious young man, admits to Bella that she is a vampire. Yeah, no luck girls! One wants to drink the blood of his girlfriend, and the other wants to hurt her.

Both are not confident in themselves, they believe that they are not suitable for their soul mates, they always raise this issue, become depressed and argue about their appearance until they are assured of their irresistibility to the chosen one. What Well, the girls complexes are present. Moreover, they should worry when they have rivals. Anastacia even has several. 

The first is Christian’s former subwoofer, the beautiful Leila, who went crazy on her love for Christian and ran around the second book in the city behind Anna, with a “gun” at the ready. It is not difficult to draw an analogy with the vampire Victoria, who for two books also hunted for Bella. Match on match.   

The second rival of Ana is the beautiful Elena Lincoln, whom Ana calls Mrs. Robinson for the eyes. The latter had a long relationship with Christian, it was she who taught him to the kind of relationship with which he was trying to captivate Anu. Vicious circle. 

Bella, however, has one rival, whom Edward secretly jealous of. A relative from Denali, Tanya, whom Bella met in the fourth book, at her wedding. The fates of the heroines are very similar. 


Both girls are not selfish and could easily sacrifice their safety and interests for the benefit of others. So, Ana goes to a meeting with Jack Hyde, her former boss, blackmail forcing the girl to bring him money in exchange for Mia, Christian’s sister. Jack forbids to disclose his plans to anyone, otherwise he will kill the hostage. Ana escapes from the guard, takes money from the bank and, having arrived at the meeting, of course, falls under the “blow” in the literal sense of the word. Jack beats her up. But the handsome Christian comes to the rescue with his personal security guard Taylor.

Bella has a similar situation in Twilight. Bloodhound James calls Bella and claims that her mother is with him and that he wants to meet Bella in private. Bella, like the bold Ana, escapes from her personal security guard – Alice and Jasper, and falls into the trap of a bloodhound. Edward, of course, saves his girlfriend, but without a couple of injuries and bruises, Bell can not do. Again , fans of the Twilight Saga were able to easily draw an analogy of these storylines in the works.   

Perhaps it’s time to summarize the article?

First of all, I in no way tried to captivate you, to make you fans of these works or, conversely, to show you how terrible each of them is. On the contrary, the books are written wonderful, and many will be interested to get acquainted with the book and the film and get their own idea.

Secondly, beautiful and mysterious love stories are fascinating, giving rise to many fanfics and a desire to read them in order to prolong the impression. By the way, the erotic scenes in “Fifty Shades of Gray”, although they are the main lines of the plot, do not tell us that the writer is a pervert and is not something to read, but to watch is not recommended. 

The book, first of all, shows very complex phenomena of life and intricate relationships. A person who has survived such a Christian cannot help but forget this. He was beaten by the mother’s pimp, he was starving, was unloved and unloved. He fought a lot, it helped him to drown out the pain when it was very hard. This is a book about the versatility of man, that relations are not always simple, and happiness is cloudless.

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