Folk recipes for using onion peel for prostatitis

With an increase in the standard of living and an increase in the number of professions that do not require physical activity, the percentage of people suffering from diseases due to its absence is also growing. One of these diseases is prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland.

Of course, in acute stages, the disease is treated strictly in a hospital setting, but the treatment of the chronic stage of the disease can proceed faster if you connect the help of folk methods. Will simple onion peel help with prostatitis? The recipe for a possible treatment is worth considering in more detail.

Basic operating principles

Onion peel is used in the treatment of diseases, and not only prostatitis, due to its internal composition. This simple, it would seem, component, which goes into the trash for almost kilograms during cooking, contains substances useful for the human body:

  • vitamins;
  • vitamin PP;
  • calcium and potassium salts;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • flavonoids;
  • phytoncides;
  • carotenoids.

With inflammation of the prostate, vitamins are traditionally prescribed for general strengthening of the body – it is not surprising that the husk containing so many vitamins can have a positive effect. However, the general strengthening effect is not the only useful property of onion peel.

The content of fintocides and antioxidants causes anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects on the body. Onion decoction is an excellent natural antiseptic that has both antimicrobial and mild antiviral properties.

Onions are widely used in folk and “home” medicine: remember who in childhood was not fed onions when symptoms of a cold or flu began? There is some logic in this: such treatment has an antimicrobial effect, not destroying, but weakening the infection, and if the disease is caused by an infectious disease, including STDs (the reason is not rare, although it does not compare with the number of “victims” of a sedentary lifestyle ), then the treatment of prostatitis with onion peel makes sense: it will somewhat enhance the effect of antibiotics.

It must be remembered that the onion in the treatment should play a supporting role. Starting a disease or skipping an adenoma without a physical examination is as easy as shelling pears. Therefore – only an auxiliary function or prevention. A full-fledged treatment is carried out by a specialist in a complex, it includes both medication and physiotherapy, including the use of folk recipes.

Treatment at home

All of the above, however, does not negate the benefits of onion peel products. It is mainly used in the form of decoctions, infusions and solutions that can be drunk or used for microclysters.

Folk recipes

There are at least a dozen ways to use onion peel. All are easily implemented and do not require special costs either in time or in terms of funds.

The simplest and most beloved way is to prepare decoctions and infusions from the husk, you can also make an ointment or oil from it. Several recipes are well worth considering.

How to prepare decoctions

The preparation of the simplest decoction is the boiling of onion peels in water. The ratio of ingredients is three tablespoons of raw materials to half a liter of boiling (this is important!) Water; boil for about five minutes, then remove from heat, let stand for a while, strain and leave to infuse for an hour. You can drink two or three times a day for a teaspoon.

There is a similar recipe with a slightly different ratio of ingredients and cooking method. On a mug of chopped onion peel, you need to take a liter of boiling water, brew and put on a quiet fire for a period of fifteen minutes to half an hour. You can drink it in a cup twice a day for a month.

A slightly more complex recipe contains an additional ingredient – hazelnut shells. You need to take three spoons of onion peel, a couple of glasses of nut shells, pour everything with two liters of water and put it on a boil over low heat for an hour.

Then everything is about the same as in the first recipe – remove from the stove, let stand a little, strain. The time of infusion after straining is already three hours. Take with the same frequency, but in larger quantities, about a third of a glass.

How to prepare infusions and tinctures

The simplest infusion differs from a decoction in that the husk does not need to be boiled;

An infusion with the addition of hazel is prepared in a different way. You should take a glass of chopped husks and half as many hazel leaves, pour cold water and cook for seven minutes. Take the infusion before meals and no more than four times a day.

Tincture, which is clear from the name, stands on alcohol. The husk is placed in a glass container with alcohol with a strength of seventy degrees (vodka will do, despite the low degree) in a ratio of one to six and infused for a week, after which the onion is filtered.

Store the tincture in a dark place, preferably in a dark glass. Remember: if the doctor has prescribed antibiotics, you can not use this tincture, antibiotics and alcohol are incompatible.

How to prepare an extract

The easiest thing to describe is the preparation of the extract. Take a decoction recipe, make this decoction, and then leave it to boil. Half of the water will evaporate – that’s it, the extract is ready.

Less common ways

The ointment is prepared by mixing chopped onion peel into any ointment base (ordinary petroleum jelly is suitable). Onion skin tea is made in the same way as any other tea: the husk is poured with boiling water and infused.

What procedures to combine for greater effect

When combined with traditional methods, the treatment of prostatitis with onions will give a much more noticeable effect. You can combine it with Kegel exercises, prostate massage (a procedure that is quite feasible at home, especially with a massager), microclysters from other decoctions.

Are there any contraindications to onion treatment?

The only contraindication is that if the patient is allergic to onions, of course, this treatment should not be used. With caution, onion “medicine” is used for:

  • exacerbated gastric ulcer:
  • acute pancreatitis.

Other than that, it’s as harmless as it gets.

If the patient is taking strong drugs, then he should warn the doctor about the parallel use of folk remedies from onions, any additional therapy should be agreed with the attending physician.

The opinion of doctors about the method

The opinion of medicine is this: medicinal decoctions and tinctures will not bring harm, however, they are able to help the main treatment, therefore husk therapy has the right to exist. It should be combined with a full-fledged treatment by a doctor.


Like most folk and “non-traditional” methods, this one will not bring instant healing, but at least it will make it no worse, or even alleviate the course of the disease. It is also quite possible to use it for prevention, the main thing is not to try to be cured with onion peel alone, in any case, you need to contact a specialist.

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