Helping Women: The Best Tools to Achieve Sweet Orgasms

Whatever the stereotypes and opinions that the main thing is the process and not the result, it is difficult to dispute the importance of such a sacred moment as a woman receiving not only emotional, but also physiological sexual release. Moreover, the latter is of much greater importance. After all, a lot depends on how much a woman was able to realize her sexual needs. For example, how well she will feel after intimacy, what impression she will have of her partner, and especially whether she will have a desire to continue the relationship with him. There is a lot of useful and relevant information on this topic, so we will not dwell on why there are real “champions” among men who can reach the finish line in a matter of seconds, or why girls need much more time to reach the peak of pleasure. We will pay attention to devices such as clitoris stimulants, as well as their features.

The sex shop is full of vibrators, or the size doesn’t matter 

No matter how trite it may sound, a vibrator or a dildo is still the main association with intimate toys or a sex shop. However, the world is much more diverse, and besides dildos, there are other sex toys that (despite their relatively small size) are capable of delivering great and incomparable pleasure. We are talking specifically about clitoral stimulants, which can be fully characterized by one popular wisdom – “the spool is small and expensive.” These indispensable assistants can help many girls to get physical and emotional relaxation, both during sex with a partner and during masturbation. Each of them has its own individual feature, but at the same time, and much in common, since it is aimed at point stimulation of the clitoris, which (in the vast majority of cases) is capable of such a real miracle as guaranteed orgasm.

How to choose the right clitoral stimulator 

Despite the fact that almost all women have the clitoris – this is the most erogenous zone, and it is his caresses that help to achieve orgasm or bring it closer, do not forget about individuality. For example, even the most exquisite dish in an expensive restaurant can cause delight and a lot of pleasant emotions for one person, while for another it can simply be inedible due to the intolerance of some ingredients: the amount of spices, pungency, etc. With the body, and even more so with the soul of a woman, everything is much more complicated and delicate. Each of the fair sex has its own uniqueness, and even the seeming simplicity of fondling the clitoris is a real art. Some people like intense stimulation, while other girls prefer subtle touch and tenderness. Therefore, today clitoral stimulants are presented in such a huge variety, and each of them is not inferior to the other, but is able to give exactly those sensations that you want to get. Therefore, we will dwell on each of them in detail, and show the advantages and features of each. Thanks to them, you can not only achieve the ideal in intimate life, but also raise its quality to a completely new level, because as they say – there is no limit to perfection. And sex is generally a place for endless experiments and discoveries! · Vacuum-wave clitoris stimulators, which are relatively new in the world of adult toys. Their main feature is that they have a non-contact effect on the clitoris, creating a vacuum around it and, accordingly, delivering unique pleasure. Especially suitable for sensual natures, or those who do not stop experimenting, looking for new opportunities to satisfy their sexual needs. · Unique stimulators of the clitoris, combining vacuum caresses and the G-spot, the effect on which can lead to a jet orgasm, which can be experienced many times over even several minutes. · Did you think that oral sex with your tongue could not be replaced by anything? In vain! The Sqweel clitoris stimulators , which perfectly mimic the touch of the tongue or lips, will open up completely new dimensions of pleasure with their rotating soft silicone petals. Moreover, by choosing the desired speed, you can choose the optimal level of stimulation for yourself, and understand how bright and varied oral sex can be. · Svakom clitoris stimulators have an original, laconic design, and two antennae can tightly wrap not only the clitoris, but also the nipples, thereby doubling the pleasure. Ideal for both masturbation and foreplay. · A more advanced version than the previous one, since it has three petals for fondling the clitoris, which means that the stimulation will be much more intense.


· The V-shaped clitoris stimulator is a real boon for couples as it can be used not only for foreplay, but also during sex. It is securely fixed in the vagina, and two powerful motors give special pleasure to two partners at once.   

· But the most unique and unsurpassed are clitoral stimulator for couples, which can be operated even at a great distance from your smartphone on any operating system. A man may even be on another continent, but (thanks to a special application) he can turn the toy on and off at any time, and also adjust the vibration intensity or select one of the possible ” playlists “. Such a stimulant made a real sensation and revolution in the world of intimate devices, and the manufacturing company has managed to release more than one generation of such devices, each of which surpasses the previous ones in its capabilities.  

And finally, one friendly piece of advice: when you want to buy a clitoral stimulator, rely not on the reviews or opinions of other people, but only on your desires and knowledge of your “I”. After all, as mentioned above, we are all individual, and you can deliver incredible pleasure to yourself and your partner only by focusing on the preferences of each. It will also not be superfluous to use a lubricant , especially during prolonged use of such devices. We wish you a lot of positive emotions and new discoveries for both!

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