How does a man’s temperament affect his behavior during sex?

Depending on their temperament, men behave differently during sex. A woman needs to take this into account if she wants to satisfy her beloved in this sphere of relations, which is so important for the union with him to be strong and harmonious. A lot depends on how good a man is with a woman in bed, including the stability of the family.

It is easier for a woman who knows what her chosen one wants in intimacy to satisfy his needs and adapt to the peculiarities of her temperament than that which works at random. Thanks to such an important science as psychology, it is quite possible to get acquainted with the features of behavior during sex of men of different temperaments. It remains only to find out which of them your chosen one belongs to.   

If your loved one is a choleric , he can be described as a disturbing extrovert, strong and active, emotional, loud, energetically gesturing, not able to sit in one place for a long time, constantly in motion. You should not expect from the behavior of a man of this type a tendency to self-sacrifice or charity. But you are waiting for eccentric acts and spectacular antics. You won’t have to miss him.  

As for sex, it will be necessary to constantly surprise him. Having sex in pitch darkness or hiding under a blanket, he does not accept. The choleric has a desire to show himself in all its glory. He expects admiration and compliments from you. The more praise he will hear from you, the more he will try during intimacy. He longs to hear that you find him beautiful, gorgeous, sexy. He wants assurances that it was better than with him; you were not with anyone else.   

To win it and keep interest in yourself for a long time, you need to impress him in sex. You will have to constantly learn something new and surprise him with your extraordinary abilities in a love game. However, do not forget that the leading role should not belong to you, but to him.

Do not forget about creating the right mood. Thanks to the romantic surroundings with candles, exciting aromas, music, beautiful linen, you can tune it to the right wave. Entourage is important for him no less than sex.

Your chosen one will like it if you arrange a striptease for him before embarking on the bed scene. He wants to feel like a movie hero. Therefore, the idea of ​​having sex in an unusual place, as shown in the movie, he will take with a bang. Do it under the moon on the roof or on the seashore, arrange hot sex for him in the pool or even in the elevator car. He likes experiments with a change of scenery, with new poses or games during intimacy.

Is your favorite sanguine person? Men of this type are classified as extroverts with low anxiety. They are characterized by insensitivity to other people’s emotions. They have a sober mind, prudence, high efficiency, ambitiousness. These men make excellent leaders. These are very power-hungry individuals. 

As for sex, the sanguine man can be called a real gourmet, with a tendency to “gluttony.” You will have to work hard to win such a man. Demonstrate to him all your skills, knowledge of many tricks. 

Sanguine people like women who love oral sex and are fluent in its technique. If you lack experience and knowledge in this matter, you will have to try and learn if you want to be with your chosen one. He is very technical and hardy, can give you a sex marathon that will last more than one hour.

To impress a sanguine, you do not need extravagant antics, romantic surroundings or concern for the aesthetics of sexual intercourse. He is too practical to pay attention to such nonsense.

A sanguine man will appreciate a hardy and skillful partner. Therefore, you have to do in order to develop these qualities in yourself. Go in for sports, dancing, training intimate muscles, plasticity. This is useful to you to impress him in sex.

Since understanding it is not easy enough, as well as being understandable to it, you have to make a lot of effort. You may even need to attend a special psychological training. It is especially difficult for a woman with a moving psyche, since communication with this type of men can damage her self-esteem. 

If your chosen one is a phlegmatic person , then you should know that you are dealing with an introvert with low anxiety. Such men are not the soul of the company, but they are absolutely non-conflict and are distinguished by the fact that they are ready to take responsibility.

You should not expect decisive action against you from a phlegmatic man. If you want to connect life with him, then be prepared for the fact that you yourself will have to make him an offer and lead him to the registry office. From his beloved, he expects maternal care for him. He will be a faithful husband, especially if he feels comfortable at home with you. His conservatism and laziness prevent him from going left.

In phlegmatic sex, the most important thing is his own pleasure. He is committed to the same intimacy scenario. Change does not appeal to him. It is important for such a man to feel that having sex with him is unforgettable for you. 

The phlegmatic man is very neat. A sloppy woman is able to discourage him from having sex with her.

Is your man a rare type – melancholic ? You should know that you are dealing with a disturbing introvert. Melancholy characterizes vulnerability, sensitivity, emotionality. Outwardly, he may seem calm, while inside he is deeply experiencing an emotional storm. 

Visually, the melancholic is calm, unhurried, uncommunicative and shy. His movements and gestures seem lethargic. He has an internal fear of being offended and misunderstood, so he does not seek to get closer to strangers.

In a completely different way, he behaves in an environment where he feels confident that he is loved and accepted as he is. He feels good in a company of close people and alone with himself. This is not a very selfish person, making sure that other people around him are well and comfortable. He is easily inferior to his beloved people, shows a keen interest in them. Ready to make sacrifices for the sake of loved ones.

Most of all he wants love. Sex without love is unacceptable to him. He will appreciate intimate conversations, hugs and tender kisses. He likes a long foreplay.

Despite the calm image, he is quite capable of spontaneous actions. It differs in that it knows how to understand its chosen one and adapt to her desires. He cares about the woman’s feelings, her feelings. Getting attention and love in return, he can become an ideal partner.

You can hit him in sex not with extravagant tricks with handcuffs or a whip, but with sensuality, tenderness. He likes oral sex, intimate massage. He is tuned for romance and tenderness.

Which would be the type of attitude or your partner, do not blindly follow the advice of psychologists. Rely more on your intuition, especially if there are sincere feelings between you.

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