How many times can a man cum?

In order to feel the beauty of sex, you need to experience an orgasm, because this is what sexual intercourse is for most people. However, partners cannot always enjoy each other as much as they want, because the abilities of the human body are not infinite. What is the maximum number of times a man can finish? How many orgasms are normal?

In each individual case, the number of orgasms a man has depends on his physical and psychological characteristics, age, as well as on the woman with whom he has sex. So let’s look at the main parameters that affect the number of male ejaculations.

What affects the number of orgasms in a man

  • 1. Probably the most important factor that influences the number of orgasms in one day is the age of the sexual partner. For example, the most active men are within 20 years. They can cum more than 20 times a day, which is a very large indicator. The norm is no more than 10 orgasms per day, which is a common indicator among young guys. With age, they lose the opportunity to make love many times. After 40 years, the male sex can have an average of 3-4 intercourse per day.
  • 2. Recovery during rest between intercourse is important. There are several dependencies here. The first addiction connects a man’s temperament. The more sexual energy it contains, the less time it will take between “approaches”.
  • 3. Also not unimportant is the state of health and sexual partner. If a man has good health, normal physical form, healthy diet, then he will behave much better in bed than those who have any problems. Also hormonal background is an important factor.
  • 4. As practice shows, with each new orgasm, sensations and emotions are dulled. The most palpable is the first ejaculation, which brings more pleasure to the man. It should also be noted that having sex several times a day for a week can greatly deplete the body, and sperm will not have time to be produced. All energy and strength will be directed towards creating a seed for sex.
  • 5. An important factor is the sexuality and attractiveness of the partner. Men love with their eyes, so the beauty of a woman is a very important component of good sex. A sexy lady can greatly excite a partner, so the number of intercourse will increase.
  • 6. Lack of sex for a long time can also affect a man’s activity. If he has not made love for more than a week, then the number of intercourse in one night can exceed 3 times. Excitability in this case increases significantly, and the guy can finish more times.
  • 7. Also, everything depends on the feelings that a man has for his sexual partner. For example, if it is strong love, then he can experience much more pleasure than just during sex with a stranger. Moreover, during casual sex with a new lady, a man may not experience an orgasm at all.

Recovery from orgasm

An important indicator of male arousal is not only orgasm, but also the speed of recovery after it. There are several recovery options:

  • The man rests for 5 to 30 minutes and can make love again. He’s ready to orgasm again. But after the next finish, the recovery time increases. This is a common option.
  • After an orgasm, a man is able to get aroused again, but cannot finish again. He can give pleasure to a lady, but an orgasm is no longer possible for him. This option is not a pathology, it is not common.
  • A man after the first ejaculation can no longer be aroused. This is also a matter of time, the next act can take place only in 5-6 hours. Again, such a thing is also rare, but again, this is not a disease, but an individual feature.

Every man knows his capabilities. It is not worth asking more from a person than he can. And even a long recovery is not a disease. It is worth contacting a doctor only if suddenly some sudden changes occur, and this worries a person.

As you can see, the number of sexual acts that a man can perform in one day depends on many life factors. However, on average, this indicator fluctuates within 3-5 times a day without much impact on the body. For the rest, the age, health and emotional state of the man play a role.

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