How sex changes in women after menopause

Many women after menopause are active in bed. During this period, sex is possible, just the body is rebuilding, so it is necessary to take into account some factors so that intimacy brings pleasure, and not a burden. What changes are taking place? Should you be afraid of this segment of your life? Sexual attraction in women decreases with the onset of menopause, they also feel dryness, and sometimes discomfort in the genital area. Young ladies begin to worry about their appearance, think about the compatibility of intimacy and menopause. But sex during this period does not end , it changes a little. But the pleasure remains the same or increases.  


Intimacy after menopause

It is curious that sexual relations after menopause become more intense. Women have more free time, she is not worried about an unwanted pregnancy, she takes more care of herself.

During menopause, having sex is not only possible, but also necessary. Constant intimacy has a positive effect on the tone of the uterus and vagina, which decreases during menopause.

The fair sex, if they want to experience pleasure, should pay attention to foreplay. If a woman does not have problems with moisturizing the intimate zone during arousal at childbearing age, then with menopause, the sexual partner will have to take care of moisturizing the mucous membrane.

Foreplay, romance, relaxing massage, lubricants will help moisturize the intimate area and influence the enjoyment of sex. The main thing is that the intimacy is enjoyable, it has a positive effect on the body, mood.

Self-confidence and sex after menopause

After the female body has lost its fertility properties, it will become even more pleasant to enjoy intimacy. But this is true when the critical days have stopped completely. Representatives of the fair sex can give themselves up to their erotic desires and sensations in full. Some women note that after menopause they experienced a surge of intimate activity. Sometimes young ladies, on the contrary, cannot relax, life seems to them insipid, boring. Self-confidence and all the delights of sex will help bring back a few recommendations:

  • 1. Go in for sports. Physical activity will make the figure fit, slim, and it also has a great effect on well-being. You can swim, go to aerobics, yoga, fitness and sports dancing, choose what you like.  
  • 2. Diet. Sexual appetite and desire will depend on nutrition. Eat light meals, and reduce the amount of meat to maintain libido. It is worth giving up fatty and fried foods, eating vegetables and fruits regularly. Healthy cheeses and dietary meats, carrots, parsley, as well as dairy products, legumes, nuts, dried fruits, eggs, cereals, cranberries and others.  
  • 3. Take care of yourself. It is necessary to put the appearance in order. A well-groomed woman will be confident in her attractiveness, and this arouses sexual desire.  
  • 4. Contact a specialist who will recommend the necessary drugs that can improve your well-being, vaginal moisturizers. And also vitamins will not be superfluous, and their composition differs from complexes for young people. 
  • 5. Use sex toys that diversify the relationship, make it rich. Experiment in bed, discover new facets of pleasure. 

Do not worry if the intimacy after menopause is not the same as it was before. Sometimes you need to take a break. Talk to your partner, tell us about your feelings, go for walks with him, visit exhibitions, watch erotic films, so that the relationship becomes sensual and intimacy desired. This will allow you to bring intimacy to a new sensual level. After menopause, it is the relationship that will change. Other goals and objectives, a new look at the world will affect communication. But sex will not be worse at the same time, it will be qualitatively improved significantly.

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