How to avoid male insolvency? Tips for a woman

It happens that we, in the bustle of such an intense modern life, do not notice the feelings and anxieties of our neighbors, especially men. It seems to us that they are written to be courageous and strong – soul, body and everything else. But everything else is not iron, and he also feels uneasy … 

Ailments of the reproductive systems of our men are found all the time. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, and some of them may turn out to be the most serious. However, a strong half of humanity does not always pay due attention to their own health. Therefore, when suddenly he is faced with a practically insoluble situation “I really want, but I just can’t”, this same half in horror bulges her eyes and wonders , “why?” 

You and I also want to know the answer to such a significant question, so we will consider the phenomenon in more detail …


As always, from the ears. Rather, from the head, and to be absolutely accurate – from the brain. It is there, for the most part, that the cause of all sexual problems lies. And in vain the men (at a critical moment) look down with regret – it would be right to look under the skull box and carefully rummage there. Naturally, in order to almost certainly detect the “psychological form of erectile dysfunction.”   

Along with this, experts say, erectile dysfunction can occur due to endocrine and vascular problems, drug interventions and local effects. In this case, the man cannot manage alone (or even with you) and the only way out is to go to the doctor.


An erection (in our hard twenty-first century) is a delicate, refined phenomenon and does not happen in any situations. It can easily not have a place in a psychologically uncomfortable environment (elevator, parent’s bedroom, unlocked room, etc.). If a man has selective erectile dysfunction, that is, in cases where a young man can (even very) with all women in the world, but with his own spouse – nothing. At the first date (but at subsequent meetings is always observed). This happens all the time and poses no particular problem. You and I need to remember this and, in which case, keep our mouth shut and in vain not reproach the man with this. Remember, anyone can offend an artist … When using a condom. Indeed, many men are not able to stay in a firm position and at the same time pull on a condom. It happens that men have to abandon the use of rubber in order to get a normal erection. In labile men. If it turns out to be too vulnerable and touching, then any failure (which happened once) can cause subsequent permanent malfunctions of the reproductive system. In this case, sexologists and psychologists advise you to turn to specialists, because “accumulating, from time to time, a man’s conviction of his own inferiority can make him an absolute impotent …” 


You and I need to remember that for the most part male strength and power depends on us . We can easily revive men’s opportunities and destroy them with the same ease. And after – contemptuously we turn a nose! Do not let yourself be taken by surprise, plunge as deep as possible into the essence of the problem and timely come to the man’s help – tell, advise, suggest and, of course (if that), send to a specialist.     

And then you will be provided, at a minimum, with an excellent mood and flowering appearance.


It turns out that the morning erection is still not convincingly explained by experts. Some researchers believe that it (an erection) is the result of an action on the prostate gland of a full bladder, while others say that erotic dreams are the reason for everything (they happen to absolutely all men, whatever they tell you). Still others completely refute the first two versions, accusing colleagues of insolvency. It turns out that an erection should always be observed during the day at the first desire of a man to go to the restroom, and erotic dreams arise immediately before awakening …    

What is the reason for such an early erection? But what if this is an invitation to sex, because the latter in the morning fills with vivacity and joy better than any cup of coffee … 

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