How to become the sexiest? The seven laws of Aphrodite

Sexuality is the energy of life itself, the ability to enjoy and give pleasure to a partner, the ability to attract attention (and not only) of others with its own special energy that cannot be resisted – it is always useful for each of us to refresh the secrets of the most seductive women in the world.  

1. Preparation: first and most important

How many times have the world been told … Sex, it is in our head. And all the most skilled lovers in the world know about it. The right attitude is what you should pay attention to first of all. 

Modern life is filled with many events that inevitably lead us to stress. Fatigue, jerking, picky – and now there is no trace of sexuality. However, if you think that your sexuality is important and necessary for you, it makes sense to pay special attention to this aspect of your life. 

Professionals devote as much time to proper setup as they personally need in each case. If you need “an eternity” to meet a special man, you need cards in your hands. 

A relaxing atmosphere, subdued light, sensual sounds of music and aromas in a space that gently envelops you. Body oil with an erotic smell and a pleasant texture – your secret fetish may also enter your ritual. Your goal: forget about worries, include a playful and sensual mood, restore contact with the body and feel its desire and natural call. And now the eyes are burning, feelings and sensations have gained special urgency – this will work just fine before the most love date.  

By the way, in everyday life, you can maintain a “sexual tone”. Nobody bothers to “play a trick” a little, mentally undressing an attractive manager from the neighboring department, or imagine what your boss will be like if he and you are in silk sheets or on warm sand by the sea under a starry southern sky …

2. Your fantasies are your resource. 

Sexual fantasies are a precious source of knowledge about what drives our desires. This is a way to understand your unique sexuality that is unique to you. In these imaginary scenarios that easily arouse our desire, we can find many tips for realizing them. 

Recall now what paintings you most often draw in your imagination. Some may surprise, some even frighten, some are so brave that you will never admit to anyone.

It’s clear that it’s not at all necessary to put all your fantasies into practice, the choice is yours.

And yet with fantasies you can (and in some cases even need to) play in your imagination, connecting your partner to this. Even the partial inclusion of fantasy in the space of sexuality will give your intimate relationships unprecedented before discoveries, giving your action a special sharpness and dynamism. 

3. Awaken your instincts

The age of computer technology, food from cans, hopeless physical inactivity and the pursuit of social conformity completely deprived us of the opportunity to use our instincts. Opportunities to communicate with nature are ever less, and we are keenly aware of how difficult it is to return to our true nature.

Appropriate music will help you turn to your animal source. Relax mental control. This will help you relax and relax. Now remember which animal you think is the most sexual. Maybe it’s a graceful panther? Or are you attracted by the strong and free beauty of a wild horse?

Play your sexy animal, try to reproduce its manner of behavior, try to feel what an excited cat feels.

In this process, it is important to listen to the most subtle impulses of the body, which open in you a primitive, wild woman. For this woman, the impulses of desire are understandable and unambiguous, she is deeply connected with Nature and easily responds to the call of her desires …

4. In search of treasure!

A calm attitude without false bashfulness towards intimate sensitive places of her body indicates a woman’s well-known maturity. After all, if you know and understand yourself well , you are first of all able to deliver the desired pleasure to yourself. Another important aspect: you can easily help someone else understand your preferences for sexual pleasure. 

A deep understanding of your intimate anatomy helps you free yourself from the shackles of constraint and clamping to a partner and gain your sexuality to the fullest. You can go on a research path with a mirror or with a partner. Clitoris, point G – explore everything slowly and with pleasure. This new acquaintance will bring you a new understanding of yourself and the richness of your sexuality. 

5. Divided pleasure – double pleasure! 

Undoubtedly, to know and love your body is very important. However, your interaction with the body of a sexual partner is just as important. Learn to understand, accept, know and love his precious body. 

Only practice will help you to comprehend this science. And the best part is that all the methods in this process are good: blindfolded and not, with or without changing clothes, accompanied by music, chocolate, champagne and striptease, with guiding words and quiet moans without words – you can use any method. 

The main thing in this process is to have fun by discarding any factors that limit you. Down with modesty! Stand in front of him as the Beautiful Temptress, which can be sexier! This idea gives you the opportunity to play with existing prohibitions and conventions. She gives a pass to the territory where sexuality turns into creativity. And in this space there are no boundaries. 

6. Stop, a moment!

The ability to prolong the enjoyment of the gentle and affectionate after receiving an orgasm characterizes you as a particularly skilled sexual sorceress. The widespread stereotype of perceiving an orgasm as the target and peak part of sex devalues ​​those unique moments of the final stage, when, having reached Everest of passion, two can feel truly one, discover a new level of mutual understanding and closeness in this unity.

The next time you have sex, pay particular attention to the moments when passionate passions and larynx sobs gradually turn into a deep tenderness of satisfaction and silent silence. What feelings and sensations are with you at this moment? The severity of the sensations of these minutes will open you another facet of your sexuality.

7. Your life, the fulfillment of sexuality

To once and for all cease to depend on the routine of life, learn to add a touch of sexuality to everything you do. Cooking, taking a bath, your hair and make – up – in every everyday activity you can find sexual connotations. Comparisons and images to help you. Imagine and play sexual games, “forgetting” to put on your underwear and send playful SMS to your lover. All means are good to bring as many spicy situations as possible on weekdays. Such a lifestyle perfectly coaches imagination and creativity! 

If your relationship is set for playfulness, sexual adventure and sincerity, sex becomes a precious gift of life itself.

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