How to bring a guy to orgasm with your hands

The golden rules of manual play on the “jade flute” will help to give your beloved man pleasure and enchanting orgasm. Follow these simple tips to spice up your intimate life.

Why bring him to orgasm with your hands? There are many reasons for this It happens that vaginal sex for some reason is currently unacceptable (a woman has menstruation or does not want to lose her virginity), or the guy is tired of asking for oral sex and the girl is already tired of giving him a blowjob, or the couple just want to experiment. Everyone has their own reasons, but the main rules of manual sex are the same for everyone. Let’s study them?

1. Prepare your hands

The very first step is exactly preparing your hands. If you skip this step, instead of the pleasure you both want, you might even get hurt. Well-groomed hands are important for two reasons. First, their touch is gentle and pleasant. Secondly, the man will watch your actions and the sight of untidy hands on his holy of holies will spoil all the pleasure of the poor fellow.

This step will only take a few minutes. I recommend following the steps below.

Wash your hands with soap.

 Soften your hands with moisturizer and olive oil. You can use any other oil, a cosmetic one with any aroma is well suited. You can see intimate oil in a special store.

Make sure your nails are smooth around the edges and won’t accidentally snag or scratch. It is desirable that they be cut short.

2. Create a contact

This step does not mean that you need to start small talk about the weather. Before you start showing your skills with your hands, it is advisable to first revive the moment and create the most relaxed and exciting atmosphere.

Also, if you are planning a romantic evening in advance, you can start flirting with a man in the afternoon, so that he wants to come home doubly. You can exchange intimate messages throughout the day, send several photos or videos. I recommend doing your best to spice up the conversation and prepare for a relaxed evening. However, remember that you should only send intimate photos to a reliable partner, whose honesty you have no doubt about.

3. Go to action

Don’t rush at this stage. Smooth and slow movements are one of the easiest ways to make sure your penis is firm before you start. Feel his pants around the zipper. Then slowly unbutton it and pull the pants down to slowly remove them. Gently touch his penis with your fingertips, and then very gently and slowly grasp with your whole hand and start moving. Add to that a long and sexy eye gaze, and with each passing second it will become more difficult for him to keep from moaning. At times, you can go down and do a couple of simple movements with your tongue, applying his favorite blowjob techniques.

4. Use a natural lubricant

In moments of maximum arousal in men, natural lubrication (pre-ejaculate) is released. Use it. This is a good method. Use your fingertips to spread the lubricant. This will create extra excitement.

5. Use a lubricant

There are three types of grease – water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. Water-based lubricants are not as sticky as oil-based lubricants and are compatible with condoms. This is ideal if you are about to have sex after masturbating. Oil-based lubricants can break condoms and should only be used for oral sex. It should be mentioned that water-based lubricants often contain glycerin. This can contribute to the development of various infections, so make sure your man thoroughly cleanses and wipes his private parts afterwards. Lubricants with various aromas are very popular among both men and women. They even have a stimulating effect.

6. Constantly study his reactions.

You won’t find an article on how to do the perfect masturbation, because all men are completely different. Don’t be afraid to ask him what kind of movements you should do. If the degree of your intimacy allows, ask him to show how he is satisfying himself. It will help better than half a dozen erotic treatises and instructions.

It is worth finding out how high and low you need to move your hand, the desired speed of movement and the strength of the grip. Through conversation and practice, you will be able to create your ideal technique. Also, it will not be superfluous to study various techniques on the Internet, this will definitely help to come to the ideal as quickly as possible. 

7. Learn the anatomy of the penis

Talking about giving a man pleasure, one simply cannot ignore the importance of studying the anatomy of the male genital organ. The most sensual parts of it are: the head, bridle and the so-called “crown”. If the penis is uncircumcised, then they are usually not visible, as they are hidden by the foreskin. The shaft of the penis itself is less sensitive in most cases, but there are exceptions. Some men like the stimulation of the trunk.

Since everyone has different sensitivities, it is worth playing with different movements. Slide, squeeze, make circular turns with your hands, create a ripple or tickle effect, and so on. Turn intimate affection into a game with a leisurely study of the body of a loved one. And to make the process even more fun, invite your partner to pamper you with fingering techniques at the same time.

Remember that all men are unique and there is no single method of penis stimulation. Pay attention to the desire of your loved one and he will be incredibly grateful for it. Successful experiments and violent orgasms!

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