How to Dating on Mamba and Tinder

Who is suitable for online dating.

If you are embarrassed to meet girls on the streets, in cafes or anywhere else, then dating sites are a great alternative. Now they have become the most popular way to meet the opposite sex.

Among the obvious advantages of such communication: you can not be embarrassed by anyone, write from anywhere – even from the toilet and at the same time make a minimum of effort.

Dating Rules On ” Mamba ” And ” Tinder “

The best dating sites according to the male school are Mamba and Tinder . These two platforms are the most successful way to get beautiful girls on dates, and with the right communication, those dates will end in a horizontal plane.

To do this, you need to follow a few rules:

1) Photos

85% of success on the Internet depends on photos. Therefore, your photos should be of high quality and attractive. On them you must reflect your strengths and cover your weaknesses.

What we show in the photos:

  • good figure;
  • sports hobbies;
  • travels;
  • interesting vacation;
  • wealth;

2) Filling out the Questionnaire

Here it is necessary to focus on the fact that dating sites are of two types:

like Tinder , and old fashioned sites like Mamba and LovePlanet .

And for different types there are different options for filling out the questionnaire.

For sites like Tinder , a description like this would work:

  • joke
  • description of requirements for a girl (not rigid)
  • description of your strengths

For sites like Mamba :

– for dating purposes, do not indicate extremes (sex, marriage)

– description as on tinder 

– indicate education

– indicate the physique only athletic

– indicate housing only if own apartment

3) First Message

Your first message that you write to the girl you like should contain a neutral open-ended question and a greeting.

Further, depending on the goals, you can start a dialogue and turn in the right direction. The main thing is not to slide into vulgarities and extremes.

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