How to diversify sex life, or On the dangers of candles in an intimate life

Sex doesn’t place

What is, dear ladies? Do not agree with this statement, do you think that the place is painted by sex? All sorts of rooms with candles, waterfalls in aquariums and other rubbish … But who needs it? Especially if you did not wait for pleasure.

Pull what I’ll tell you right now. Perhaps this will confuse you and seem somewhat depraved … But aren’t you such relaxed cats that you see yourself in your wildest dreams? 

Caution Doors Open

My neighbor-grandmother was almost brought to a heart attack by the opened elevator doors. She looked almost naked girl, who passionately hugged a young man. Moaning passionately, the cheeky smile smiled at the discouraged granny. Iron doors smoothly covered the shameful picture, and my grandmother was still baptized for a long time on the landing.

Now imagine that you would be in the place of this very girl . Just don’t have to roll your eyes and puff indignantly, as I could and never would! And so is this true? Do you, dear girlfriends, really not want to feel the excitement from random prying eyes? You can confess to me.    

Higher, deeper, stronger

I hope the inhabitants of the surrounding high-rise buildings have never noticed what my best girlfriend is doing with her boyfriend on the roof of their house. Otherwise, they would be very surprised that the exemplary boy and girl use all the poses of the Kama Sutra, relying on attic houses. In addition to possible views from the windows, they are insanely excited by the height and spaciousness that opens from the height of a twelve-story building. 

If you really don’t want a clear extreme in the elevator, try at least sex on the expanses of city roofs, height, you know , turns on.  

The city smells only of you, the lower abdomen fills with love

In addition to urban buildings for sex, you can use a personal car. Still, we do not have a metro, and portraying the passion in minibuses is somehow completely not handy. One of my friends so wanted intimate communication that she stopped the car right in the center of the city, since the young man was in the next seat. Passing cars slowed past the staggering Audi and cheered lovers loudly: “Come on, come on!” Needless to say, young people were happy to try! 

From the city epics I can throw you another little idea. One dancer in our city loves to have sex on the banks of the river. The conditions should be the same: twilight, green foliage and birdsong. And of course, a beautiful girl. Perhaps this is one of the types of exhibitionism, because in the evening in the parks often walk mothers with children and grandfathers with dogs. How excited are his indignant eyes! 

These are just a few stories that you can put into practice. Believe me, but rather check, new sensations are guaranteed to you. And I dare to say that the sensations will be extremely pleasant and positive. After all, how can someone else’s random eyes sometimes make! And aquariums with fish … Well, you can bring them to the roof of the house, if you don’t.

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