How to do Kegel exercises for men with prostatitis

The appearance of the first signs of inflammation of the prostate requires immediate medical attention. The doctor diagnoses the disease, prescribes treatment. The healing complex consists of drug therapy, physiotherapy, non-traditional methods, physical education. Kegel exercises for prostatitis are an effective way to prevent, eliminate symptoms in the first stage of the disease.

The method is named after the famous American gynecologist of the 20th century. He was the first in the history of medicine to introduce into practice a method of non-surgical strengthening of the pelvic muscles.

Kegel exercises – an effective method of therapeutic exercises

Prostatitis occurs in men over 40 who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The Kegel gymnastic complex was created to train the hip muscles in women after childbirth. Subsequently, it was modified, began to be used for prostate adenoma.
Prostatitis is dangerous for its consequences: impotence, infertility, cancer. Simple exercises will help improve the condition. They stimulate blood circulation in the gland, relieving symptoms.

The effectiveness of the method directly depends on the regularity. Kegel exercises for men with diagnosed prostatitis are focused on training the muscles of the perineum. Classes perform two important functions:

  1. erection improvement;
  2. control of tension in the muscles of the perineum – the occurrence of ejaculation at the request of a man.

To prevent prostate disease, there are simple workouts that everyone can do on their own, without outside help. Significantly reduces the likelihood of developing non-infectious prostatitis.

After the age of 40, men need to be examined by a urologist once a year.

Essence of classes

The medical complex Kegel is aimed at eliminating congestion in the prostate gland, improving the blood supply to the pelvic organs. The main goal is to strengthen the muscles of the perineum. Performing gymnastics is recommended:

  • patients with diagnosed prostatitis;
  • persons constituting a risk group – transport drivers, employees of offices, banks.

Reviews of doctors testify to the effectiveness of Kegel exercises for prostatitis and as a prevention of hemorrhoids.

Execution technique

To cure prostate adenoma, it is not necessary to go to the gym every day. Charging according to the Kegel system is performed at home. Compression of the sphincter, the urogenital canal is the main movement in the medical complex. Before performing the Kegel complex, you should empty your bladder.

The optimal time for treatment is in the morning before breakfast, in the evening 2 hours before bedtime. Performing any exercise, it is worth considering the sensations. With pain syndrome, physical activity should be reduced. Kegel exercises for men with prostatitis should be discontinued if discomfort continues.


The treatment complex helps to cope with congestion in the male gland. The effectiveness of classes:

  • increase in blood circulation;
  • stimulation of the functional activity of the adrenal glands;
  • getting a massage;
  • elimination of residual effects of adenoma.

Gymnastics is contraindicated for pronounced pain syndromes, during an exacerbation. A period of remission is considered suitable for implementation.


The starting position for doing exercises is standing. Spread your legs to the sides wider than your shoulders. Perform soft, unhurried squats, directing your knees left and right. Keep your back straight, keep your feet flat on the floor. Starting with five squats, triple the number. Go down as you inhale. Fix the tense position for 2 – 3 seconds. Straighten up on the exhale.

touching the floor

Sit down, spread your legs shoulder-width apart. As you inhale, touch the floor with your knees. First left, then right. As you exhale, return to the starting position. Run 15 times.

Leg extension to the side

The main position is lying with your back down. Raise your legs. Plastically dilute in different directions. Fix for 5 seconds. Connect together. Such movements are performed with legs bent at the knees.

Rolling on the ball

Effective simple exercise. To commit, you need a ball (gymnastic, football). Lower your belly onto a round object. Support on hands, move for 5 minutes.
You can influence the perineum with a tennis ball, gradually increasing tension. The duration of the therapeutic massage is 7 minutes. The lessons of Sergei Bubnovsky contribute to the strengthening of general male health.

Work with the muscles of the pelvic floor

Normalization of blood circulation requires an improvement in the outflow of venous blood. To do this, raise the pelvis above the level of the heart. To perform the exercise, you will need a floor mat on which to lie with your back down.

Begins a small medical complex warm-up. Legs bent at the knees, put on the width of the pelvis. Take your hands to the sides. While inhaling, squeezing the buttocks, raise the pelvis up. Hold 5 seconds. As you exhale, lower your lower back.

Warm-up exercises to perform vigorously for 3 minutes. Actively working gluteal muscles improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs. For the next exercise, you will need a small roller. It is placed under the sacrum.

Straight legs, brought together, lift up. In this position, perform deep diaphragmatic breathing. As you exhale, pull your belly under your ribs. Due to this, the pressure in the abdominal cavity decreases, contributing to the outflow of venous blood. Exercise reduces congestion.
The next exercise is “bicycle”. Movement with legs raised up is similar to pedaling. Duration – 3 minutes.

Three simple exercises are a worthy investment of time in order to prevent stagnant processes in the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs. Do gymnastics daily. The treatment complex is especially relevant for men over 40 years old.

Will Kegel exercises help with prostate adenoma?

Diseases of the prostate gland, decreased sexual function in men are often associated with poor blood circulation in the pelvic area. You can improve it with simple Kegel exercises. It takes 5 – 10 minutes a day, does not require special simulators.

Vigorous exercise reduces the likelihood of developing benign hyperplasia of an important male gland. Their help in maintaining an overall healthy state of the prostate is tangible. Daily classes according to the Kegel method solve the problem of urinary incontinence, improve the quality of sexual life.

Contraindications for carrying out

Before using Kegel exercises, you should consult a urologist. Exercise can create tension in the pelvic region. It leads to an increase in the symptoms of prostatitis, an increase in pain. Under the prohibition of holding falls chronic disease of the prostate gland.

Contraindications for doing gymnastics:

  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • vascular diseases of the pelvic organs, lower extremities;
  • the presence of bleeding, malignant tumors.

In case of pain, classes should be canceled.

A properly selected set of therapeutic exercises will strengthen physical health, quickly cope with an unpleasant ailment. The introduction of such training into the daily routine prevents problems with prostate adenoma, including urinary incontinence. This greatly improves sex life.

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