How to do sexual massage?

Sexual massage is the easiest way to relax the body, as well as one of the direct methods of establishing a deep connection with another person. Massage is also a way of expressing love and compassion and plays an important role among the arts of love.

The main principle of massage is the need to create an equal balance of energy in the body: one should not massage only one part of the body, forgetting about the other parts, but stimulating one side of the body, one should not forget about the corresponding meridians of the other side.

General erotic massage is one of the best tonic, and an excellent way to learn the features of the erogenous zones of a loved one. Massage, like a love game, should be mutual. It is preferable to indicate the places where the massage will be especially pleasant, making indistinct sounds, not words, since specific instructions, such as a little down with your left hand, can weaken the erotic effect. Over time, a personal code of sounds and movements will develop. In an intimate setting, massage does not depend on the prescribed rules or techniques. Competence is largely intuitive and arises involuntarily, provided that a sense of trust prevails.

A healing and relaxing massage should be an integral part of a love relationship. Used during the initial stage of a love game, it will relieve the body of accumulated stress and bring it into a state of relaxation. Use massage in order to express their emotions: no need to be afraid to pour feelings through the tips of your fingers.

An effective massage can vary from deep muscular manipulation to the simple application of palms. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the intention, concentration and confidence of the person who performs the massage, combined with the trust of the person who is being massaged. The palms of a person emit a kind of electric charge, which can positively affect the vital energies of the patient.

Massage can be used for healing, relaxation and general toning of the bodies of partners; he is also one of the powerful means of erotic awakening. It can serve for sublimation and concentration of sexual energy, as one of the integral aspects of the preliminary game.

In the methods developed in the harem of the East, the whole body is massaged by the bodies of others. This technique is referred to today as oriental, and in it the body of the recipient is rubbed with the whole active body of the partner. Both bodies are smeared with fragrant oil or soap suds; then the masseur or masseuse lays down on top and uses his body to stimulate and revitalize the partner’s body. Elbows, knees, hips, breasts, chin, forehead, feet and other parts of the body all work. 

This method of sensual massage can end with a love game, or in itself it can be one of the acts of love service. It has long been a favorite of the ancient rulers, and today it is approved by businessmen in the East. A modern couple can successfully practice it, better in an exotic setting, to the accompaniment of music, either in turn or as a special service for their partner. Both participants will feel its benefits, no matter who plays an active role. 

During massage, slightly warmed oils should be used (especially in winter). Many types of massage oil are commercially available, but a very good effect is obtained with those that you mix yourself. Choose a non-sticky base oil, such as sesame oil, and add to it some essential oils from flowers or herbs sandalwood, pink, jasmine, thyme, lavender, rosemary and patchouli oil, the possible options depend on your individual preferences and desires.

A good basis for work is baby oil, because it is easy to get and it is completely pure (without impurities). Almond oil is good for the head, palms, feet, and especially the eyes. Indian massage oil, known as Amla, has a beneficial effect.

During the massage, you can prove yourself to be a creator and a true inventor. For a loving couple, the art of massage is a useful and enjoyable way of serving each other.

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