How to enter through the back door?

Will anal sex be painful and can this be avoided?

Why do we need butt plugs before anal sex and which ones (from this whole ocean) to take?

And wear a condom? Who else, if not us – masters of the use of intimate cosmetics and sex toys – can normally and briefly tell everyone about it?

Yes we are. Nobody else. 🙂

Let’s get started!

But will it be dirty?

Yes, who knows!

The thing is that in the rectum it is very clean – even without rinsing, just as an anatomical feature – but it doesn’t. It also depends on the composition of the diet, diet, the state of the digestive system “right now” and the degree of excitement.

And it also depends on the intensity of actions! Because it can be “added from somewhere above” right in the process.

Therefore, one should not neglect hygienic procedures and it is very advisable to take an anal shower about half an hour before the events.

It can be a real shower – special nozzles are issued to hoses.

There may be a large pear, which is convenient to use independently.

In the first case, it’s more convenient, faster and more efficient, in the second – much safer. Because the composition of tap water is usually known only approximately, and for syringing fluid can be specially prepared.

How to relax the sphincter?

So that nothing accidentally falls out of a person, the digestive tract is equipped with ring muscles – sphincters. One such is exactly at the exit.

It normally unclenches if you tickle it from the inside (and you know how this daily process looks).

And if you take it with an attack from the outside, it will shrink even more so as not to let aliens enter the body.

What to do?

Use the principle of gradualness. “The road to a thousand leagues begins with a small step” and other proverbs – they seem to be written about anal sex.

Take a smooth cork of variable diameter with your thumb, grease its surface and begin to insert and output. The muscle ring will relax – here the fortress, count, has fallen.

If you think that soon the conquest of one peak will not calm down, and Everest looms on the horizon, take a training kit.

Are you sure that the records are useless? Try thin dildos. They are good both with the correct “transitional” to the real size, and the “preparatory” relief: palpable, but without fanaticism.

And if at all without pain?

Generally without pain – it is generally without feelings!

In anal sex, almost half of the charm is that at first it’s not at all, then it hurts very closely, and from some point on – complete relaxation and bestowal.

By the way, the maximum of pleasure is somewhere in between. So take your time.

But if the request still exists, it must be satisfied. Than?

Anything with a relaxing effect.

Lubrication is usually weaker, but you do not need to buy a separate lubricant.

Special grease – “gel” or “serum” – is stronger. But for a good glide “on top” you still need a lubricant.

Spray – maximum strength and speed. And yes, of course: the “top” is again lubricated.

But isn’t it so dangerous?

In the last century, even movie heroes wrote lines of the form “pain is good, only pain gives one hundred percent certainty that you are still alive”.

And without suffering, you will not understand when you tear everything to shreds and damage the sphincter or mucous membrane.

But today we have the 21st century. Modern cosmetics is therefore safe because it acts slightly. Slightly rejuvenates, slightly disinfects and relaxes the sphincter also slightly. Do not miss anything terrible. What to take?


All the same, it does not live up to expectations: it’s not local anesthesia (admit it: you think it will work in about the same way), which even in a pharmacy just can’t be sold.

If for the first time, be sure to check on the inside of the forearm the composition of the allergenic remedy is for you.

Is “hypoallergenic lubricant with anesthetic effect” written? Lies. Almost everything that at least somehow works, by this very ability can annoy the body and cause its hypertrophic immune response – an allergy.

By the way: if it says “prolongator” and “prolongation of sexual intercourse”, then this tool can also be used as an anal relaxant. Because the composition there is similar, only the market positioning is different.

And one more thing: they used a relaxing agent for the anus – put a condom on the penis, especially if it does not need to reduce sensitivity. Because active substances act on everything they touch. So an erection can disappear: after all, just give it a reason!

And no: “the spray is already dry” and “the cream has absorbed” is not an excuse. Intimate lubrication (without it you can’t) will “get” them back.

Is it possible without a condom?

Anal sex is good because it is a great contraceptive.

Someone tells stories that, after ejaculation, one of the participants lay on her stomach, sperm flowed out, followed the perineum, then flowed into the vagina – and overcame more than a decimeter before entering the uterus, penetrated there, and then split into two fallopian tubes , and in one of them I met a vigorous egg. Yes, so it merged with her there. And these half a liter of semen were poured into the anus exactly in the vicinity of the day of ovulation.

If you do not have such fantastic lucky people and prolific inseminals among the participants, then you don’t need to worry about it.
But what makes sense:

with anal sex, many sexually transmitted infections are perfectly transmitted; not all, but some even faster;
non-genital infections also occur during anal sex: microflora that is not well removed from the rectum can penetrate the male urethra, climb up to important organs, and cause inflammation there;
anal sex is not so easy to mix with vaginal: after the back door you can enter the front door only after washing the visitor. With soap. Or dressing him in a new condom, because otherwise – again the resettlement of microflora, infection and inflammation. Moreover, they are weak and inconspicuous than incredibly scary, because they will affect later. Sometimes even on posterity.

What, I don’t really want to ? It’s a pity, of course.

But we are prepared for such a case!

We have amazing anus masturbators. Here, just holes. Or copies of actresses! Madison Ivy, Brandy Love, Tori Black, Adriana Chechik, Nicky Benz, Christy Mack, Teagan Presley and Riley Reid. Or copies of the actors. This is not even the same “once” that does not count. That’s because without witnesses – we have an anonymous package! Brent Everett is at your service in two ways! But still want the present? And really. I agree. Do not pull the wolf over the mustache – it’s also no pleasure from walking through the woods, only mosquitoes! 

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