How to give a woman pleasure with the tongue: words and affection

Despite the free access to literature on sexology, sex-enlightenment lectures and specialized films, ordinary cunnilingus seems to many to be a super-science. However, it is not surprising, because adequate materials still need to be looked for, and in the cinema “category X” you can roughly imagine how everything looks, but not learn the technique.

Men go all the way: someone enrolls in the courses “How to caress a girl”, who train on tomatoes, others go into deep denial “this is not a king’s business.” Let’s talk frankly how to caress a woman with the tongue and give her pleasure, about the main function of the tongue in sex, about the techniques of oral sex, which parts of her body also need touching. 

The main function of language in sex

  • Perhaps this information will become a revelation for someone, but the main function of language in an intimate life is to speak affectionate words. Well-known sex gurus, the authors of the trainings “How to caress a woman to bring her to 100 orgasms per minute” perfectly work with language (literally and figuratively), but even they are not psychics. Therefore, before hone on your girlfriend the whole arsenal of carefully learned techniques and beautiful caresses, ask her – does she need it?  
  • Revelation number 2 . There are no universal techniques. Sex trainers can brag about their experience as much as they want, but they cannot know how your girlfriend likes it. This means that they cannot give any guarantees that their technique will work.
  • Revelation number 3 . Talking about it before sex is not ashamed. After all, this is in your interests and in the interests of the girl. None of you are psychic, so conversation remains the best way to communicate. In a calm and confidential atmosphere, ask her what she likes and what she would like to try with you. With the appropriate mood for both, such a conversation may well develop into a pleasant prelude.
  • What if a girl doesn’t have much experience in this and doesn’t know how she might like it? Then revelation number 4 will help : do not be ashamed to ask questions during sex. 

Talk to her about your preferences.

The question may arise: “But what about the art of reading the reactions of the body, which they love to talk about at trainings?” In fact, this only works for partners with long-term sexual relationships, when some of the questions can be omitted and guided by feelings. If you are just starting your journey, it is worth remembering that there are no universal techniques and universal reactions. 

There is another argument in favor of having a frank conversation. When everything passes in proud silence, the girl can fake an orgasm so as not to offend her partner. When she sees that he cares and it is important to know how pleasant she will be, then the need to portray something disappears.

Last point: why talk about anything after sex? Of course, so that the next one is even better! After all, no one canceled the work on the errors. Your assistants – again questions: “Did you like it when I did this?” … Maybe she wants to experiment?

And there, perhaps, the learned techniques will come in handy.

Is there something on top too?

Cunnilingus is a great way to diversify your sex life, but you also need to come to it. Speaking of oral sex, the most popular is the trajectory that leads to its “holy of holies”, but then other parts of the body, where many important erogenous zones are located, are ignored.

To incorporate a woman’s entire body into the process, start with a gentle massage of the feet, gently lifting higher, but depriving attention of the most intimate part of her body. Invite her to roll over onto her stomach and massage her hands (from her fingertips to her shoulders), back, and buttocks in a gentle, relaxing massage. In the process, you can lean over to her ear and whisper something pleasant (and do not forget about the right questions).      

Then you can invite the girl to roll over onto her back again and kiss her on the lips. Further, the standard, beloved by many scheme: neck, chest, abdomen.

The details make this process really exciting, intimate . Firstly, this is the time that is devoted to each part of the body.  

It can be turned into a fun game: the girl can control your speed using the words “further” and “stop”. Play a couple of times and then you will already know exactly what should be paid more attention, and what you can safely skip. 

Second is consistency. Nothing prevents you from changing her, and even returning back to the previous part of her body.

What everyone’s been waiting for: technology

So we got to the desired place. But first, a micro course of anatomy.

The clitoris is the only part of a girl’s body that was created by nature only for her pleasure. It is he and only he who is responsible for the orgasm. Moreover, there is only one orgasm, no “vaginal”, “anal”, and even more so “oral” and “nipple” does not exist. 

The clitoris is a whole system that surrounds the vagina from the inside, and only a small part of it comes out. Whether you act directly on it, or from inside the vagina (with the help of the penis, fingers or sexual accessories), in any case, you stimulate the clitoris.

There is a small percentage of girls who have other erogenous zones that are so sensitive (for example, nipples) that they do not need to touch their clitoris to orgasm. But in this case, the sensations that a woman experiences during oral sex are answered by the same clitoris, even if it is intact.

Not all girls are aroused and experience orgasms from internal stimulation of the clitoris through the vagina. There is no pathology in this, it is a common and fairly common physiological feature. For most, the most important part of sex is external stimulation. Therefore, it is on this small tubercle that it is worth directing the movements of the tongue.   

What to do next? Tongue caresses can be different: up and down movements, from side to side, in a circle, patting movements. Here you can also remember the techniques from sex trainers, for example, the popular “alphabet”, when the language writes letters in alphabetical order. You can caress at different speeds and with varying degrees of intensity. Here, as in the whole process, everything is purely individual.    

The only thing worth mentioning is that you should not believe porn films in which girls get orgasm after orgasm from aggressive exposure to the clitoris. It looks spectacular and cinematic, but in life for most girls it will just hurt and unpleasant. Most often, a point effect is sufficient, without a wide amplitude.


Obviously, on the one hand, there is nothing difficult in this kind of caress: the techniques are simple and it is not at all necessary to memorize them all, because they may not suit your girlfriend. On the other hand, the main difficulty is to remember what she likes. It is in this moment that the real intimacy and uniqueness of sexual relations is born.

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